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So, the first thing I want to talk about with this expansion is the price, which is usually around $20.00, give or take. So let's all try to keep this in mind as I review the product.

Battle for Zendikar is the first expansion to AotP, and I plan to review it as one, however, just like my review of the Master Set, I will also look at it as a Heroscape expansion, and see what it offers to both games, let's begin!

So, what do we get that's new in Battle for Zendikar?
2 Painted Planeswalker Figures.
3 Hero Figures
11 Squad Figures
15 New Spell Cards
9 Army Cards
A New Multiplayer Scenario

So, this expansion contains much less content than the original master set, but does the quality of what we get make up for the difference in content? Well, that depends on your opinion, let's talk about what we get in this set.

The new Planeswalkers are Kiora and Ob Nixilis, and both introduce some new elements to the game, let's start with the paint quality of the figures, which in my opinion, are MUCH better than the original 5 Planeswalkers in AotP Master Set, these 2 figures have a significantly better paint job, rather than being generic and deformed, they actually show off the characters features quite well, what about their use during game play?

Well, Kiora brings the most to the table by allowed you to draft both blue and green figures for your army and spells for your spell deck, this is a game changer in my opinion, considering the extreme power of blue and green in the Master Set, gaining access to both can seriously put you at an advantage, her only issue is that he abilities require her to be in water, this is a big issue when we consider how little water was on the original AotP board, however she becomes significantly better when played on a Heroscape map, since you can build your side of the map to accommodate her.

Ob Nixilis doesn't offer as much as Kiora in terms of versatility, but he does allow for something we haven't had before, a flying Planeswalker, being able to elevate your Planeswalker away from ground units can be amazing, however again, we face the issues of the old AotP board, elevation offers nothing more than +1 die when attacking or defending lower elevation figures. But, just like with Kiora, Ob Nixilis gets much better when on a Heroscape map, imagine flying this bad boy up to the castle where your opponents Sonlen is hiding and smacking him around a bit.

The introduction of heroes is great for AotP, and the hero units in this set are actually pretty strong and mix well with both the original AotP units and older Heroscape units.

The new squads are decent as well, once again they mix well with both to original AotP units and Heroscape units, some synergizing better than others, but overall, very balanced. The quality on these also seems to be higher, particularly on the red squad. I won't talk about the individual squads and heroes here, but I will on another thread.

Another new feature we see is the introduction of colorless units, colorless units can be placed into any Planeswalkers army, while you would typically want to play the included colorless squad and hero together from this set, they could just serve as a way to use extra points you may have had.

The new spells are also nice and balanced, they don't seem to outclass or be outclassed by spells from the original, however I did notice one issue, and that's that my cards were a completely different cut than my cards from the Master Set, not an issue while sleeved, but I felt it was worth noting.

Last but not least, we have the new scenario, in which 3-4 players face the Eldrazi Ruiner hero while it receives an incredible boost in health and abilities, the scenario provides a great challenge to both AotP armies as well as Heroscape armies and I feel is a great scenario to play with friends.

Overall, I'm a big fan of Battle for Zendikar, while we may not get any new terrain or glyphs, we do receive some great new content that make the AotP game much more interesting to play, however, I still feel AotP needs much more, if it has any chance of sticking around, still as both an AotP expansion and a Heroscape expansion, Battle for Zendikar gets a passing grade, 6.5 out of 10 for AotP, and 7.5 out of 10 for Heroscape.

Just as I did for the Master Set, look below to see the included Planeswalkers converted into Heroscape heroes!
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