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The Negh’Var, flagship of the Klingon fleet, the symbol of the Empire, and the most powerful ship available to the Klingon Empire. She fought in the Dominion War and started a new class of Klingon vessels. Costing $15 and coming with 1 miniature, 1 base and stand, 3 token sheets, and 11 cards, is she truly the flagship of the Empire or is she better left on the sidelines?

Here is a picture of the first edition ship. There is a reprint that has the exact same cards etc, just a different paint job. Thanks to capnginger for the photo.

The Negh’Var costs 30 points and lets you use your action to target a ship within your firing arc at range 1-2 and roll 3 dice. For each hit result (just hit, nor critical hit) you disable one of their shields and if they have no shields you can use Klingon Boarding Party as a free action. It has 5 attack, 1 evade, 6 hull, and 3 shields, and the evade, target lock, cloak, and sensor echo actions. It has 1 tech, 1 weapon, and 2 crew upgrades. The generic costs 28 points and loses 1 shield and 1 crew upgrade. It has straight maneuvers at 1-4 (1-2 green), banks at 1-3 (1 green), turns at 2-3 (3 red), and a red comeabout at 3, and a 90 degree firing arc. All in all, the named Negh’Var is not worth it. She has a rather limited ability and unless you really find yourself needing an extra crew or want that +1 shield, I would stick with the generic which hits hard, has some survivability, and can cloak. It attacks with a lot of umph and can easily destroy smaller ships, but it is a bit fragile and the lack of shields can be a problem in a longer game. While cloaking is a useful ability, you are still subject to the luck of the dice and can find yourself out a ship quickly if a lucky roll or two gets through. All in all, the generic Negh’Var is a good ship to have in your fleet, but as with all cloaking ships you’ll want to be a wee bit careful with your action economy and with how fragile your ship can be while cloaked. The lack of shields is a big factor in longer fights, but I still use the Negh’Var regularly in my Klingon fleets. She is a good flagship for the fleet.

There is only one captain for this ship besides the generic and that is Martok. He costs 5 points, has an elite talent slot, and has skill of 8. His ability is that after he moves you can pick any friendly ship within range 1-2 that has a lower skill value and his ship may perform an immediate free action. A really useful ability, it suffers from limited range and from the fact that you’ll need to keep your fleet relatively compact to make it efficient, or at least keep one ship close to Martok and the other(s) as independent vessels or a strike force to one side. It also limits what maneuvers you can make but the trade-off of a free action of any kind is worth it. It is also thematic in the sense that the Klingons usually worked in concert with 3 to 6 ships when attacking others. Martok is a solid captain, especially for the Klingons, but you’ll need to adjust your fleet strategy to get the best out of him. He is the best non-Admiral version of Martok available right now.

You have 2 crew upgrades. The first is Klingon Boarding Party which costs 5 points. For your action and if your ship is not cloaked you can target a ship at range 1-2 that is not cloaked and has no active shields to discard this card and disable all upgrades and discard any battlestations tokens on that ship. This is a really specific and really overpriced card. I see myself doing better things with 5 points, my action, and without disabling all my active shields (i.e., cloaking, anything else…) and this card stays in the box. It’s too specific for what it does, and if a ship has no active shields you should just shoot it to kill it anyways, not leave it able to shoot back at you a few more times.

Drex costs 4 points and costs an action. He lets you convert 1 battlestation result into a critical hit result and the rest into normal hits when attacking. That’s not a bad ability for many Klingon ships since none of the cloaking ships have the battlestations action, and he is great for the offensively minded Klingons. I usually find room for him in my fleet because he helps generate that offense you’ll need to quickly take down your opponent since in a prolonged fight you may run into some trouble. He’s definitely worth taking and fights in great on most Klingon ships.

There is one weapons upgrade. Surprise- Photon torpedoes again! Gives you +1 die fi fired from a Negh’Var. It can stay in the box. The Klingons don’t need to fire torpedoes. They need to attack in more effective ways!

There is 1 elite talent and 1 tech upgrade. The elite talent is In’cha. It cost 5 points and your action. You discard it to perform 1 additional maneuver this round. While useful on a slower ship like the Negh’Var to get int an additional turn, it’s a one-trick pony. It’s a situational card. If you know your opponent has a bunch of cheap, fast ships, I’d probably take it since you know that you will need the extra turn to fire at your enemy. If you are going up against a normal fleet, I’d use the five points for something else.

Tractor Beam is the tech upgrade and it costs 3 points. For your action you target a ship at range 1-2 and roll 2 attack dice. Each normal hit causes them to roll 1 less defense die against your next attack. If this was more reliable, this card would be great. Since it only works on normal hits and not anything else, it’s a gamble. You can spend your action for nothing, or for a great boost, but the fact that it’s a gamble and only limited to the attack that your ship makes means that this stays in the box. Again, if you are going up against a fast, nimble fleet with a lot of cheap ships I would consider this, but that’s it.

Final Thoughts:
The Negh’Var is a solid ship for the Klingons. While not as intimidating as she was in Deep Space Nine, the generic is a great flagship for the Empire. Throw Martok on and you have a nice mini-fleet you can build around and use to increase the action economy and damage of your entire fleet. It’s built to be supported by other ships and not go off solo, but adding a couple B’rel Birds of Prey or D7 Battlescruisers will let this ship last a lot longer while providing the support your ships need to survive. I definitely recommend one for every Klingon fleet because it is a definite flagship, something the Empire needs.

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