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Subject: Trisk - A game of trivia and strategy rss

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Viktor Bugatti
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We have been working for some time on a boardgame we plan to release on Kickstarter. It is a combination of strategy and trivia game, where you conquer territories by answering questions. This is the first time we ask people online for feedback, so honest feedback on couple of things would be highly appreciated:
1. Title: We have come up with the name Trisk, which is combination of Trivia and Risk, but we might get into trouble with Hasbro, so we are looking for something else.

2. Theme: We came up with Steam Punk or Minimalist design, but we are open for more suggestions. Here are two examples:

3. Board: Here is some early prototype of the board(map) of the game:

4. Rules: Here is how the game is played and the draft rules: Trisk is a combination of a strategy and trivia game. It can be played by 3 people or teams at the same time. The aim of the game is to occupy as much territories as possible. In order to occupy a territory, the players need to answer multiple choice or guess questions correctly. There are different ways to play the game (Long game (30-40 min) or Short game (20 min)).

Beat your friends and conquer their territories by answering correctly questions like “Which company first introduced the smartphone?”, “80% of the world’s population wears shoes made in what country?” or “Guess the band from these initials VA / MB / MC / EB / GH?” and 1000 more questions that will make you play with your friends for hours.

Planned Equipment:
- 1x Game board (World map)
- 1x die (Not final)
- 1x Rulebook
- 1x Pencil (Not final)
- 57x tokens for the factions
- 9x tokens for the castle( 3x 3-towered castle, 3x 2-towered castle 3x 1-towered caste)
- 4x tokens that keep track of the round
- 60x cards: multiple choice questions which contain 1000 questions
- 1000x possible answers for the multiple choice questions.
- 30x cards: quick questions with 480 questions - 16x "answer" game cards for the multiple answer questions
- 4x "answer" game cards for the quick questions
- 4x lifelines: 50/50, Choose 2 answers, Draw another question, No lifeline

I. Teams
The game can be played by 2 or 3 people or 2 or 3 teams. There are 3 factions in the game: Red, Yellow and Green. Players choose faction by throwing the die and the player with the highest die picks faction first and etc. Once decided players take their faction tokens.

II. Territories
There are 18 territories in the game. Some territories are exposed to bigger risk than others, because they can be approached from more angles. Player pick their base by putting 18 green tokens randomly on the map with the numbers facing downwards. Every player/team picks a token and the number they get represents where their base territory will be build. If two teams pick neighboring territories, the one to have picked later draws another token until there are no neighboring territories. Players put their 3-towered tokens on their bases.

III. Expansion
This stage of the game has 5 rounds (6 rounds, if 2 players/teams). All players/teams answer guess question per round. The player that answer closest to the right question gets to conquer two neighboring territories, the second closest player 1 territory and the 3rd none. This is placed until all territories are distributed among the players. If there are no neighboring territory the player picks random territory.

IV. War
This stage consists of 3 or 6 rounds (Short and long game) and every player has the chance to attack during each round. The order to attack in all the 6 rounds is the following: 1st: Red, Yellow, Green, 2nd: Yellow, Green, Red, 3rd: Green, Red, Yellow, 4th: Red, Green, Yellow, 5th: Yellow, Red, Green, 6th: Green, Yellow, Red. The Attacker and the attacked player (Defender) battle one another, while the third player follows the action. The Attacker puts his/her token on neighboring enemy territory, he/she would wish to conquer. The Attacker and the Defender are asked the same multiple-choice question: - The Attacker wins the territory if she/he gets the right answer and the Defender does not - The Defender keeps his/her territory if the Attacker does not get the correct answer - If both Attacker and Defender get the right answer, the battle is decided by a guess question. If the Attacker wins, he/she gets the contested territory, if the Defender guess the correct answer or is closer keeps his/her territory.
In the beginning of the 3rd Round players get to choose from lifelines (50/50, Choose 2 answers, Draw another question, No lifeline) that they can use till round 5.
In round 5 each player can attack 2 territories simultaneously and conquer them, but if he fails to answer correctly and the defender gets the right answer, the attacker will lose 1 territory.
In the 6th Round every player has the chance to attack the base territory of 1 of the rivals. When attacking a base territory, the Attacker must knock down all 3 castle towers on that territory. If the Attacker wins the battle, one tower falls and the battle continues for the towers that are still standing. As soon as the attacker loses, the attack ends. If the Attacker knocks down the last tower, he/she gets all of the Defender’s territories, and the Defender drops out of the game. When the base territory is attacked, the towers that have already fallen do not need to be attacked again.

V. End of the game
At the end of Round 6 in the War stage, the player with the most territories wins the game. Every token represents 1 point and every tower from the base represents 1 point. In the event where 2 players end up with 9 territories or 3 players with 6, players play draw round. Players answer guess question and decide, who is 1st, 2nd and 3rd by comparing who is closest to the right answer. Notes
Guess questions cards have 6 Guess questions on the A side, with answers being on side B. On side B you have another 6 questions with the answers from side A on the bottom. Guess question example: How long was Nelson Mandela in prison? Answer: 27 years. The player who answers correctly or is closer to the right answer is the winner.
Multiple choice question cards have 6 Questions on the A side, with the answers being on side B. On side B you have another 6 questions with answers from side A on the bottom. Multiple Choice Question: An Olympic-size swimming pool is how long? A) 50 meters (164 ft.) B) 25 meters (82 ft.) C) 61 meters (200 ft.) D) 40 meters (130 ft.)

Sorry for the long post here's a question: A woman in Saudi Arabia can get a divorce, if she is not given? A) Coffee B) Children C) Money D) Water
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