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The I.K.S. Rotarran, the hard-luck ship in the Klingon fleet before Martok and Worf turned it around. A standard B’rel Bird of Prey, she was a fast attack vessel in Deep Space Nine. Nothing more, nothing less. Great for raiding behind enemy lines and for attacks along the flanks, she would quickly run from heavier opponents because she was outgunned. Costing $15 and coming with 1 model, a base and stand, 3 token sheets, and 14 cards, does her luck change in Attack Wing or is she still the hard-luck ship of the fleet?

Here is a picture thanks to quantumsheep

The I.K.S. Rotarran will set you back 22 points. Her ability is that for an action is that you may perform a 2nd maneuver that has speed 1 or 2 this turn. You gain an auxiliary power token and cannot attack this turn. She has 4 attack, 1 evade, 3 hull, and 3 shields, and has the evade, target lock, cloak, and sensor echo actions. She has 1 tech upgrade, 1 weapons upgrade, and 2 crew upgrade slots. The generic costs 20 points and loses 1 shield, 1 crew upgrade, and 1 tech upgrade, but gains an additional weapon upgrade. It has a versatile maneuver dial, with straights at 1-4 (1-2 green), banks at 1-3 (with only 1 being green), and turns at 2-3, with a red comeabout at 3. She has a 90 degree forward and rear firing arc. The Rotarran is a great ship for certain scenarios where speed is of the essence. If you need to get somewhere fast and hold the line the line, she will serve you well. With 4 attack and the ability to cloak, the Rotarran will get you around. The generic isn’t even that bad of a ship, though losing the tech slot might leave you in a quandary if you want to use something like advanced weapons systems on her. That being said, I like either the Rotarran or the generic B’rel. You aren’t getting a much better ship for the cost. She has the ability to survive, deals as much damage as a Galaxy class, and she can survive quite effectively while cloaked. I wish she had 2 evade, but settling for 1 is not the end of the universe. This is a cheap, effective ship that is definitely worth the cost and can easily provide major support to a larger Klingon fleet. Throw 3 of the generics and a Negh’Var together you have a 90 point fleet with 30 points for upgrades. Not a bad deal there.

The Rotarran comes with 2 captains (technically 3, but we will discuss that in crew). One is the generic and one is another copy of Martok. He costs 4 point, an elite talent slot, and has a skill value of 7, making him a cheaper alternative to the one in the Negh’Var. He makes all Klingon upgrades costs -1 and his action is that when attacking you may roll 2 less attack dice to get a guaranteed normal hit. If you only have Klingon cards assigned to your ship, you roll 1 less die and get a guaranteed normal hit. While not a bad ability, it’s not amazing either. You do get a hit for sure, but sometimes it is better to evade this round. However, he works well on most Klingon ships since they don’t have the battlestations action anyways, and the fact that you get a guaranteed hit is a good deal Depending on your fleet value and what ship you put him on, he is a great fit. He works well on most generic Klingon vessels, and if you want to run a fleet that is more mobile and spread out, he is a better option vs. the Martok that comes in the Negh’Var. It all depends on how you want to run your fleet. If you want to run Martok on a larger ship that supports your smaller ships, I’d run Martok 8 from the Negh’Var. If you want a more mobile fleet that slashes at your opponent from multiple directions, I’d run this Martok. It all comes down to preference, but both are good captains to use.

There are 5 crew upgrades with the expansion. Jadzia Dax is a 5 point Federation crew upgrade that doesn’t incur a faction penalty when put on a Klingon ship. You can disable her and spend your scan token to change a battlestations result into a normal hit or an evade result. A situational ability, I think she is too pricey for what she does and isn’t worth anything for the Federation. You have to find the right ship for her since a lot of Klingon options ALSO don’t have the scan ability, and those that do usually have the battlestations action as well, so she just sits in the box. I don’t see myself using her for either fleet honestly.

Tavana costs 5 points and costs you an action. You disable her to repair 1 shield and, if you are cloaked, 1 hull as well, but you get -2 attack dice this turn. An action hog, she is one of the best cards for healing available to the Klingons. You can take the Rotarran, fly away quickly, and spend a few turns healing while cloaked to have a brand new ship. I try to find a way to include her in my fleet if I have a larger ship that I know will be a target, but she does fine in many fleets. She can keep a fast attacker alive or keep your heavy hitter going for a few more rounds. Not an auto include, but at least something I consider for every Klingon fleet I assemble.

Kornan costs 5 points and an action .You discard him to acquire a target lock on an enemy ship within range 1-3 and can perform a non-target lock action from your action bar as a free action. Basically you spend 5 points to get a target lock and either cloak or evade. Since the Klingons don’t really have anything worth getting a target lock for, and having a target lock without a torpedo or other weapon that uses a target lock is relatively ineffective, it’s not worth using him. He stays in the box for me.

Leskit costs 3 points and, after you reveal a red maneuver you can discard him to count the maneuver as a green maneuver. Additionally, if your ship is cloaked you may immediately perform a sensor echo action as well. A useful card for other ships, Leskit doesn’t have a whole lot to do on the Rotarran. With only one red maneuver and lots of green maneuvers, he doesn’t see a lot of play. Throw him on a Vor’cha or a Negh’Var, however, and Leskit can be a serious boost, letting you gain position on the enemy at least once and hopefully hit them with a devastating attack. I like to use him on my slower ships because he can help you complete the turn you need to fire at them again and he doesn’t cost an action to use.

Worf costs 2 points and is a very useful card. He automatically increases the skill value of your captain by +1 (+3 if it is a Klingon captain). It doesn’t affect him. If your captain is killed or disabled or affected by a critical damage card, he takes over as a captain with a skill value of 5 until the other captain is returned. This really is essentially an auto-include crew member. He costs 2 points, and can make a weaker captain shoot a lot earlier, or give someone like Martok 8 one of the highest skill values on the board. He’s cheap and has so many different options. I throw him into every Klingon fleet. He’s that good and really worth the 2 point investment. You can run a generic B’rel and him for the same point cost as the Rotarran if it comes down to it, and it is definitely worth the value. Auto-include 100% of the time for me.

There is only 1 weapons upgrade. Photon torpedoes. Uses the time mechanic, so it takes 3 turns before you can use it again, and lets you change 1 battlestations result into a critical hit result. It’s a better weapon vs. normal torpedoes without the time mechanic, so if you want to run torpedoes I would use these instead. 5 dice, range 2-3.

There are no tech upgrades and 3 elite talent upgrades. The first talent is Supreme Commander. It costs 5 points and as an action you discard the card to target a friendly ship at range 1-3 that immediately performs a free action from its action bar. If it is a Klingon ship, it can perform any action as a free action. This card may have a place in your fleet if you are going with a Martok 8 close-quarters action fleet, but at 5 points it is a bit costly to use your action to give another ship a different action. If it was cheaper, like 3 points, I would consider using it, but right now the Klingon’s don’t have enough action variety to really make this worth using. I don’t take this card due to the cost and the fact that it’s not a worthwhile trade for your action under most circumstances. Certainly, there are times you’d like a ship to have one more action, but most of the time I’d rather let each of my ships have an action.

The Day is Ours! costs 4 points and lets you discard it during the roll attack dice step to add 1 critical hit to your attack roll. It can only be assigned to a Klingon ship with a Klingon captain. Getting a guaranteed crit is very useful, but I wish you could use it after you rolled to see how your roll turned out. If you roll all useless rolls, 1 crit isn’t very helpful, but if you roll 4 hits, this is great. This card can be worthwhile on the right build, and can get that extra hit in you need to take down a ship, but I don’t normally use it unless I have a ship that already can heavily mod dice results so I get the most bang for my buck with the 4 points I spend on this.

Alert Status One costs three points costs an action to discard the card and give you a battlestations token. You cannot perform the battlestations action as a free action this round. Useful for the Klingons since most of their ships lack the battlestations action, and costing the same as using the battlestations action, I take this upgrade with semi-regularity since it isn’t too expensive and can be used at the right moment to get some extra damage in, or to avoid the killing blow. A useful card.

Final Thoughts:
The Rotarran is a great ship with a few quality upgrades. Worf is amazing, the ship and the generic are almost insane, and Martok 7 has a great place in your fleet if you want to run a slash and run almost swarm fleet. If you want multiple B’rel’s there are multiple different named B’rel’s out there like the Ch’Tang and Korok’s Bird of Prey, but those are both from organized prize rewards so you might not be able to find them. If you want to run a 2-3 B’rel ship fleet, you can pick up as many as you need, but for casual play you’ll probably just want the one. Most of the cards in here are unique, so they aren’t worth getting multiple copies of anyways, but man the B’rel is a heavy hitter and a survivor at the same time, something the Klingons need and something that can take down a major vessel in a quick, coordinated strike with 2-3 other B’rels. This ship takes the escort class to another level, and could almost take down another escort in one lucky pass. Throw into your fleet whenever possible and watch as your enemies quake in terror!

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