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Subject: [WIP] Enderion Realms 0.1 rss

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Andrew J.
United States
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Hi all!
I'm a recent board game Enthusiast and as I've reskinned my PNP games I've been bitten by the itch to develop my own game -- more for fun than anything else, and not something I really foresee selling (except as a PNP), but I wanted to post some initial ideas on here for feedback.

The Pitch
Enderion REALMS is a medium-weight civilization conquest game that will bring you from the earliest days of your civilization into a glorious future. You will draft abilities, race for valuable cities, deploy your troops, and take on other players to emerge as the lord of Enderion.
Time: 30-60 minutes
Players 3-5
Age 12+

Realms is lightly asymmetric in that each civilization has a unique power that corresponds with its placement on the board and its unique play style.

Each turn, you will earn income (for each settlement you have on the board -- settlements closer to the center are more valuable), take an action, and reorder your empire. As your action, you can move, attack, and purchase (Troops, city upgrades, and extra cards to draw). Reordering is simply a bit of housekeeping to swap city ownerships (if you've invaded any cities), and move some units around. Conquering cities is crucial because that is how the PROGRESS TRACK moves, which controls the end of the game (one conquer = one space on progress track -- 30 spaces to the end)

The part of this game that gets me excited is the combat. It's deterministic (played through Fight cards that are very similar to the same cards found in Shadows over Camelot). From the temp ruleset:

"Your opponent may choose to battle you to defend the city. This will take place using the Fight cards in your hand. First, count off the defensive advantages your opponent enjoys. These can come through 1) City Upgrades that provide a defensive bonus, 2) +1 defensive bonus for each unit your opponent has in the city, or 3) a city’s built-in ability (some abilities may also benefit the attacker). Next, prepare for battle. Choose any number of Fight cards (at least one) from your hand and lay them face down on the table in front of you; your opponent will do the same. Reveal them simultaneously, and add the defensive bonuses to the defender’s total. Highest total wins, and ties break for the defender."

The idea behind this game is that it's a mostly defensive expansion game, where you're trying to solidify your control over your own cities, but also be forced to move forward to invade cities (what will ultimately end the game by moving the progress track up). At the end of the game, in order for a player to win they must first have the highest total gold value (gold = victory points) but ALSO have completed their victory condition as specified on their faction card.

Tentative prettyboard -- note this is a repurposing of another project's map and not final at all -- I've sketched out six or seven different ideas for maps with varying numbers of cities/landmasses and haven't settled yet. Each player doesn't start with everything of their color, but just their starting city (as of now)


So that's the game, and the full rules (as I have them) can be downloaded here:!AuHrpfP9GurIx68zuQw6kXDmKyLhUA -- I've since learned it's a bad idea to fully draft the rules before even testing some of the mechanics. Most of the game has been (solo) tested by me just to see if things basically work (despite not having all the city upgrades planned out yet) but it desperately needs some eyes on it and I need to kick off some hardcore testing. For now, here are my questions to y'all:

1) Do the mechanics seem original enough?
2) Do the mechanics seem fresh? Does it look fun?
3) Should I ditch the preset board/preset factions (could get stale quickly) and go for more of an exploration feel with undiscovered territory? Or should I embrace the asymmetry and give certain states a slight starting bonus, but a weaker power, or something like that?
4) any gaping holes in the rules/ideas?

Any help would be appreciated! Tear it apart, make me answer questions I haven't thought of Thanks
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