Merric Blackman
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Ramping up my reviewing.
Happily playing games for many, many years.
In my solo games so far (of which I've played quite a number), Hastur has been one of the most difficult GOOs to face. The terror level climbs quickly in solo play, and sealing gates is almost impossible. Until today, I'd never defeated him.

I was lucky in my choice of investigator and starting equipment. Mandy Thompson, Marksman, Axe, .38 Revolver, and Enchanted Blade. All of those things together made a great combination. All I had to do was keep the terror level down, and things should be ok. Hmm. It'd never worked before.

Funnily enough, the Curse of the Dark Pharoah set made this easier. The very first Mythos card didn't open a gate, instead adding two doom counters. That's good. That's what I wanted. The terror level went up 1, though, from the same card (Murderer at Large; Victims' Brains Missing), so it wasn't all good.

However, Mandy also got Blessed in the first turn as she got 2 clue tokens from the Science Building. Nice.

Mandy went through a gate to Yuggoth, then closed it. Another two-doom counter Mythos card came up, this time not increasing the terror level. The doom track was climbing!

The Blessing ended, however. A monster surge and another Mythos card sent the terror level up to 3. Then the rumour appeared: Good Work Undone. Best possible result: I couldn't seal gates, so it wouldn't do anything, and it'd prevent other rumours from appearing.

As it turned out, two rumours *were* discarded as a result: Return to the Old Ways, and The Great Ritual. What a relief!

The gates kept appearing, but nicely distributed around the board. Mandy went and closed a gate to The City of the Great Race in the Woods, and took the trophy to the Church to be Blessed. She also used an Ancient Tablet (taken from the corpse of a Mi-Go) to draw two spells, and as a result stayed in the Church... the resulting encounter saw her Anointed, which really doesn't mean anything in a solo game.

At this point, with the doom track on 11 (of 13), and the terror level at 3, she was Blessed, armed with a .38 Revolver and an Enchanted Blade, and had 5 clue tokens. She went through another gate, but before she could finished exploring it, two more gates opened and Hastur awakened. Fantastic!

Mandy Thompson can rerolled failed successes. Marksman allows her to reroll the entire combat roll. She was Blessed, had a lot of clue tokens, and Hastur was only a -3.

The combination means a 75% success rate (or possibly better) with each die, and basically 6 dice a turn, not including Clue tokens. It took her three combat rounds, failing no luck checks against Hastur, to stop his entry into Arkham. Arkham was saved!

I was lucky, definitely, but that's part of Arkham Horror - it's the random component that makes it such a good solitare game. You can do quite a bit with skill, but eventually there is a random component.

The game took under half-an-hour to play, with 13 Mythos cards being drawn (12 turns + 3 rounds of end combat).
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Carla Harper
United States
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Another fine report, Merric. Well done!
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