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Subject: FIRST game: any commonly overlooked rules?? rss

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jerry baker
United States
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see subject line.

playing for the first time with new group
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Brett Petersen
United States
Salt Lake City
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What are those!
Every rule

Seriously, we screw up so many rules every time we play. I recommend using a timer for each commando maybe five minutes, which can be paused for combat.

A few rules we have screwed up:

When moving (see p. 13), a figure or marker can use only one diagonal movement in a turn

When measuring the shortest path for determining line of sight (see
p. 14), you can count any number of diagonals, but they must be in the same direction. A shortest path cannot use two diagonals in a row unless it uses only diagonals

EMI rules

A downed commando can be attacked only after the Crisis Point of the mission has been triggered.

The overseer can activate each enemy on the map once during the Activate Enemies step.

A combat activation allows an enemy to move and attack. In many cases,
the amount of adrenaline the overseer must spend from his energy pool
is greater than the cost to perform only a move activation.

When an enemy targets a commando with a melee attack who is at or
above the Max Adrenaline of his stance, add a red die to that enemy’s attack dice pool

When a clone attacks a target that was attacked by another clone of the
same type during the same Activating Enemies step, the overseer rolls an additional black die during the attack roll.

At the end of the Overseer Phase, if there are more than ten adrenaline
tokens in the overseer’s energy pool
he returns adrenaline tokens to the
bank until his energy pool has ten tokens, regardless of the energy pool
minimum number for the mission.

There are many more, I am sure but these are a few that stood out to me based on past games.
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Bryce K. Nielsen
United States
Elk Ridge
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Downed Commandos was a tricky one for us to understand, particularly after another Commando revives him, he's still technically "Downed" until he gains a new stance card.

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Mark P
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I haven't played this game since January, possibly because of how fiddly it can be. We had lots of issues and I did lots of research to answer things we came across. Here's my jot notes of them. Hope they help and make sense. They were found mostly in these forums and a few other sources.

Level 7: Omega Protocol
-Cautious stance interrupt: in LOS AND with range 3.
-units can do a heal action, med packs not needed
-units can turn before or after any action (not free, spend adrenaline to do action)
-use clones stealth ability, range 4, only counter measures can shoot behind range 4
-aliens get extra black die if attacking same target
-commandos can die after crisis point
-dodge overseer ability doesn't work on drone
-drone not effected by gas
-Explosives and Hazards can kill downed commandos before the Crisis Point.
-don't get cover bonus against seeker (seeker only used if alien doesn't move)
-"increase adrenaline by 1" means add it to your commando pool of adrenaline.
-Strafing only allows for second attack in the same action, second target has to be within 2 spaces and within LOS, remove 1 black die from second roll
-kit cards do not work when you are downed
-you cannot go above max adrenaline
-fear hunter can move, open a door, and then finish it’s remaining move points
-clones can travel from vent to vent counting room spaces as normal move spaces
-instant dashboard Refresh when a Commando goes down.
-commandos can only interrupt an action once
-if commando at max adrenaline, alien get extra red die for melee attacks on it
-cant’ stack effects with the same name e.g. can’t boost defence twice with the same kit or ability by paying double the adrenaline
-Fear hunter aura’s do stack as they don’t have a specific name, just an AOE
-Any ability that affects the defence of a target must be used before dice are rolled for the attack
-for overseer, 1 adrenaline to move any unit, but activation cost to activate (move + attack) e.g.: Fear hunter only pays 1 adrenaline to move, not 3, but 3 to move + attack.
-Once you start combat, you can no longer move that figure. e.g. Fear hunter can’t move 1, attack, then move the rest of his movement allowance.
-“move one space” let’s you move one space, be it rubble or otherwise
-"When spawning an enemy from a vent or passage, place that enemy on or in a space adjacent to that vent or passage. That enemy counts as having moved into that space."
-you can move diagonally between a hazard(gas) and a wall and not suffer consequences.
-entrance ways for overseer are reveal upon room exploration
-a fear hunter uses knock back to knock a commando into the gas, the commando gets a total of 2 damage because of this. (One for entering the gas, and another for starting his next turn while still in the gas)
-a surprise attack for the fear hunter is just one attack, not 2. It can make 2 attacks in it’s attack activation
-remember attack vs activation
-If the Heavy moves after using the servos, he's breaking the rules

-cave-ins now 3 spaces apart
-gas does not kill a downed commando after crisis point
-a Downed Commando cannot be wounded by gas, since they only affect active commandos (downed commandos can move out of gas to get revived, or they could get downed again upon starting their revived turn in the gas)

House rules
-limit all explosives to three uses, possibly to taunter drone as well, to avoid OP

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