Graham Martin
United States
Ellicott City
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I recently got back into these games and bought the two boxes I was missing. I am thinking about starting to play with combined games, but I thought I would get some input first.

Is it advisable to combine all the games into one big monstrous game or does it "break" the game? (I am not that concerned about theme, but I assume it ruins the theme, yes?) Which campaign is best to play this way?

I search for threads on this topic but most seem to be focused on combining just 2 games while I am thinking about all 4.

I think I will play through each of them separately one more time before attempting the combination, but if it is recommended, maybe I will jump in with both feet!

Thanks in advance. I am off to to the Bass Pro shops to find some bag-ass plano boxes for all fo this stuff!
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Mark Campo
United Kingdom
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with just game specific monster deck you have a nice spread of themed 1.2.3 xp monsters

if you mix them all the monsters deck you might get a bad shuffle all 1 xp monsters or all 3 xp monsters.

also your less likely to get the "double" activation on monsters.. for have 2 of the same out

encounter deck the same thing applies
Drizzit and Temple had "Curse" card that did more damage the more often they where drawn .. they will be lost if mixed in in with another 50-100 cards..

also "Drizzit" encounter deck has power that trigger based on lava on tiles..
temples has card that trigger on Cult symbols etc..

treasures should be ok to mix, might water the deck down and make it harder..

i thinking keep encounter decks separate
eg however your playing for a night choose if its a
Raven= haunted crypt
Ash =Mines
Drizzit = Caves
Temple = Temple

monster be a little freer on..mixing maybe keep the deck the same constancy but swap around monsters e.g swap flaming skeletons for bugbears wolves for fire cultists or some such......

hero powers mix as you like.. you might impose some restrictions depending on how easy you feel it is...

I prefer to play with out a cleric for instance...and tend to stay away from most of the drizzit stance type powers..

I went a little mad..
i layed out both Ash and ravens tiles and kept the tiles number the same.. but tryed to replace say a "raven" hard corner with ash corner with a door... also i defaced some Raven tiles to give them new "lava" points

creating my own dungeon tile stack that had doors and lava points but still was constant in giving dead ends and twisting tunnels.

if you go for a large monster could give each monster a colored spot, so e.g 2 blue dot monsters will cause a "double" activation even if they are not the same monster..
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