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Subject: Master version is much more fun!!!! rss

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Hazar Ilhan
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We all start as apprentices, yes, but here's an advice: upgrade to Master asap!

I found out that Master version has a little more hidden content in it other than just `difficult debunking`, and rules are actually set out in a way thinking about how the master debunking would work.

First of all, Conflicts are game changer!

Suppose you published a 100% theory. Now I go on and publish a wrong theory. Then Player 3 goes on an demonstrates a conflict between you and I.

This give P3 reputation, and eliminates both our theories! You had published a 100% theory and now it is in conflict and you are angry because you need your 5star seal for both end-game and conferences

So, you immediately start working on debunking my theory (since you cannot disprove yours). You try to find an experiment that would break my seal. You are working against me! And that is a completely different game experience then I had in apprentice mode! Also during that time, I am working on other ingredients.

Now suppose you found a way to break my seal. Now, you breaking my seal means that you are effectively showing me the true solution of that ingredient (I had gone 50% 50%, and now I know the true one). Not only that, you debunk attempt also gives information about a second ingredient, which would clear out a possibility for someone, so you may be pinpointing the solution of 2 ingredients with your debunking. Or, your debunk attempt may debunk 2 theories at once. Therefore, as soon as debunking, you immediately need to publish more than ever now! (and possibly follow up with a second publication)

Moreover, I'd say that starting with 2 ingredients is much better, because now the game punishes players who go for immediate transmutation + artifact in the very first round. Thats because you need the experiments a lot! because you need to have published 2 theories in second round.

Finally, being forced to publish 3 theories make the game much more fun, because having your theory endorsed is a wonderful feeling Money out of nowhere! In 3p and 4p games, endorsement is pretty much guaranteed (with 5star seals). In Apprentice games, I found out that I endorsed only when all is gone and I have everything for sure, so I went for a couple of extra points with ? seals or 3 star seals.

In conclusion, Master version has definitely a different edge than Apprentice version, and it is really a lot more fun when there are wrong theories on the board (e.g when your 50% guess goes wrong). I think the gameplay is designed mainly for the master version, and we should not be frightened to switch master and use master version asap!
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David Goldfarb
United States
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I agree that Master variant is the real game.

I disagree that you are "forced" to publish two theories in either round 2 or round 3. It's very possible not to have enough information by then. Quite often I'll just suck up the two-reputation hit, and expect to do most of my publishing in rounds 4 and 5.
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batilc wrote:

This give P3 reputation, and eliminates both our theories!

Strange never happen to us.
I can sum up master debunk this way:

Take, as examples, gamemaster board alchemicals A(R+ G+ B+) and D(r- G+ b+)

Situation 1: I debunk only 1 theory (I prove that A make Red- so theory about A is wrong)

Situation 2: I debunk 2 theories (I prove that A and D make Green- so both theories are wrong)

Situation 3: conflict! (I prove that A and D make Green+ so one of the 2 theories is wrong but we don't know wich one.
U mark them with conflict tokens and the seals remains.
(see manual page 15 to understand what happen in this case)

Note that in situation 1, second ingredient can be one that is nt not on the theory board already.

so I think that U are talking about situation 3 or am I wrong?
let me know
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