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Subject: MIND - The Fall of Paradise launches THIS month! rss

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Vladimir Teneslav
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Hi there, you beautiful Citizens of the Solar System. News is spreading fast in the colonies about the up and coming sci-fi strategy MIND - The Fall of Paradise and rumor has it that the huge campaign is going to launch on the 27th of September. That’s THIS month!

But is this interesting news to you? Well, let’s see:

1. Do you like sci-fi themed games?
2. Do you value a good production and nice miniatures?
3. Does managing your own colony under dire circumstances sound intriguing?
4. Does dealing with crises and solving problems sound challenging?
5. Does meddling with other player’s colonies sound fun?
6. Can you handle having your colony meddled with by other players?
7. Can you handle looking into the eyes of your friend while you change alliance?

If you answered “yes” 7 times then you might be interested in reading forward.

My name is Vladimir Teneslav and I’ve been working on this project for a total of 4 years. Time flies and to be honest when I started the project I really didn’t think it would become this monster of a task. However, the more time passed the more the game got better and the prouder I was.

I have designed the game by myself during this whole period and also did everything else this project required from the game art to the website design. Doing it all in the spare time after work is very hard, but somehow I managed to do it. From time to time though,I really wish I could have a team of 5 people helping me but life is all about work...or luck.

I am here to inform you about the existence of this project and of this guy (me) that worked like a madman for so long to make his dream game come true. In this day of age where Kickstarter is filled with amazing games from big companies the bar is set extremely high for indie developers like myself. I am very intimidated by all of this because I also had very high standards in my mind when I made the project but the fact that I am a single person still is a fact. But enough talking, what is MIND - The Fall of Paradise?


Well, it’s not a game, but a game world (or universe). The concept of “Game World” refers to the actual game being made out of multiple individual and inter playable game modules instead of a single core game box that can be acquired. Modules differ from the usual “Expansions” because, while they expand the world, they do not add on top of a core game. The modules brought to the table represent the core game and this allows for variety and lots of replay value.

The game is designed this way to create the following long term advantages:

- To allow players to customize their purchase and not be forced to acquire more content than their gaming group desires, for instance, collecting a game box with content for 4 players when in reality there are only three friends.

- To create a flexible gaming environment where depending on what game modules are brought to a session the game experience is different. Making the modules inter playable is a huge factor in the replay value of the game.

- To create a platform that is open to adding more content with ease, content that can have great impact on the replay value.

- To create a world that is not defined by a single type of gameplay, game modules having the ability to change how the known game works, transforming the game from a strategy into a dungeon crawler. Everything is possible, creativity is the limit.

I am here to announce the first stage of the game world, “The Darkest Hour” that brings 4 game modules that each represent a playable human Faction. Stage I is lighter and brings 4 similar (yet not the same) game modules to have a cheaper initial manufacturing cost and easier time getting new players into the game. Next stages of the game world will introduce wackier game modules.


"The Darkest Hour" represents the first stage in the world of MIND and is about the war between the inner planets in the Solar System and the downfall of the Terrestrial empire. The war culminates with the rise of MIND, that leads to stage two called "I AM MIND".

"The Darkest Hour" brings 4 game modules that each represent a playable Faction in a different color: Earth (blue), Mars (orange), Venus (purple) and Mercury (green). Factions are similar but with some distinct differences: their art, their Leader and their Superpower.

If stage one is successfully funded the game will support 1-8 players and solo play. The game will feature 5 Scenarios but the kickstarter campaign may greatly enhance the content.


Each Faction Module has the same type and number of components but some content may vary, like the text on the Event cards for example. Each module can be played solo and when paired with other modules the game becomes a multiplayer and/or coop experience. Ideally, each player brings his own module to game night.

Even though there are only 4 different Factions each Faction can appear twice at a table as each module is made in such way that players can tell their own items apart. This means that the maximum players supported by the game after Stage I is 8. While the game doesn’t have downtime resulted from the design I do not recommend going above 5 or 6 players because it can introduce AP as the game can become quite strategic and different people think slower or faster.


The game is played over a maximum of 7 turns (players choose the length) and is individually won by the player that has gained the most achievements by the end of the last turn or, if players cooperate, all players win if they all got the 5 Achievements in the game. However, cooperation is something that needs to not be taken for granted in MIND - The Fall of Paradise, as the game encourages interesting diplomacy tactics.

There are 5 different Achievements and they are updated real time, so once an Achievement is gained it can still be lost if the requirements are not met anymore. This makes players fight to defend achievements and force enemies to engage in conflict when behind.

Players use Credits to buy most of the things inside their Colony and Influence to buff their structures and citizens. Equipment cards are used to increase the base attributes of the Citizens, that are: Strength, Durability, Utility, Resistance and Mobility.

Most of the actions are resolved by rolling dice and there are different factors that affect the amount of dice a player rolls. A big gameplay element represent the Overpower cards that are dice modifiers, and are cards that can directly add or remove dice from any player’s roll. These cards can be played at all times, even during another’s player turn.

Players expand their colonies with new sectors and structures and train new citizens to do the hard work inside the base. Citizens build, put down fires, repair broken doors, find bonuses on the map and many more interesting things. Citizens can also be teleported inside other colonies to aid or assault and sabotage the enemy. Interaction is made also from a distance with hacking mechanics and events that can disturb other players.

Each Faction has a Leader that is a special citizen with different abilities and better stats. Each Leader is unique to the Faction. Each Faction also has an unique Superpower that is always related to the action of rolling dice. The Superpowers protect dice from Overpower cards, can increase roll numbers, can merge dice values together and can reroll bad rolls.


Thanks for reading guys, hope it all sounds interesting to you! The Kickstarter campaign has lots of cool stuff prepared and you can check some news about it on the official website and learn about the game from video tutorials.

Offical Website:




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Vladimir Teneslav
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I am organizing this contest that will run till the campaign starts on the 27th. You can join now, the sooner the better, and get a chance to win a free faction box. Just choose the side you want to join in and then share the facebook post.

You can join here:

Thanks and let's have some fun and ... war.
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