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Subject: Great Filler Fun Game from the Philippines! rss

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Raymond Ganancial
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Initially I have very low expectation for the game. Knowing that this was designed in the Philippines and just thinking that this is just capitalizing on the political trends lately, I am about to dismiss it. But seeing that it is for sale on the Gaming Lounge we are usually playing, for a Philippines Peso worth P600 ($12.5) I gave it a try.
Having played it multiple times I can now say that this is a great filler game and really great gateway game and one that is best played with highly sociable people. This is a blend of Monopoly Deal Card game and a very little bit of Dominion. The Dominion flavor goes in where you are able to buy the Vote card.

The mechanics is very similar to Monopoly Deal Card game wherein you have cash and action cards. The difference in the mechanics lies in that you can buy Votes (which is the Victory Points and the end game condition is when the vote pile runs out) and the Bribery cards where every player can bribe and when you win, gets the benefit of the card.

The usually mechanic goes as: draw two cards. You have 3 possible actions: First, if you got the Bribery cards you need to play it immediately and resolve the condition. Every one that has cash (in hand) can play and bid, the winner of the bid is obviously the one that has the highest amount, in the case of tie no one gets the benefit of the card. Second, is to put the cash in your hand to the table which becomes the 'money in the bank'. And lastly, is to play the action cards resolving the action on the card, there multiple actions: like get the cash or votes from other players, buy votes on a discounted value, get votes freely etc. (the discard draw pile gets reshuffled if it runs out). This goes on and on until the vote draw pile runs out (which is not reshuffled), and if it does you count all the vote cards the players got. Whoever has the highest count (like in an election) wins and if there is a tie, do a toss coin to determine the winner !

Overall a very fun and enjoyable game , not what I was really expecting.

Breaking it down to categories:

Components: 3/5
Good components enough for the theme and light game. Nothing fancy here, the components are just cards. The negative things here are the art work which are too simple for my taste (subjective) and the rule book which needs more clarification for some items like if you get money from other players where does it immediately go to the hand or the bank (we house rule that it goes to the bank)? But given that this is a first game from the designers, having low expectations, I can say that this is good enough for what it is. After playing more than 3x you'll forget about the negative things and the gameplay will take over.

Replayability: 3/5
Gametime usually ranges from 15-20mins. There can be multiple plays, probably more than 20+ depending on your group. But after awhile it will feel samey. But nevertheless a fun game while it last. Good game to bring out while drinking and can last you more than 2hours of fun!

Fun Factor: 4/5
Very fun and highly politically thematic game. I have fun getting into the theme of the game. A very political game but very playable even if you are not that deep into Poitics.

Value: 4/5
Really for its low price of $12 with a replayability of 20+ games. This is a highly valuable game that is worthy of being over and over again. All in all a great gift and highly recommended as a gateway game!

Verdict: Politricks, Highly Recommended, BUY! thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup
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