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Subject: Rematch: Bird of Prey vs. I.K.S. Negh'Var (Martok's Revenge?) rss

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Charles Rankin
United States
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Martok was not pleased with being so easily outmaneuvered during our last encounter, and he has vowed to avenge his defeat.

For those that have read my previous session reports, I'm going to try and capture complete details so that you can completely follow along. Before we get to the details, here are a few quick notes.

1) I orient the warp tile such that its right edge orients straight up and the left edge orients to the NW. Thus, all move references will be either NE, NW, E, W, SE, or SW.

2) I reference Data as follows <color>(location), where color is one of R = Red, G = Gold, B = Blue, P = Purple, D = Dark, and W = White, and where "location" is one of I = Inventory, T = Token, S = Source, D = Die (used to represent a die previously pulled from the source, almost exclusively used to represent how a die went back to the source at the end of the round, e.g., R(D)->B(S) ).

3) A few glossary terms: RSB = Romulan Starbase, DSB = Dominion Starbase, RWB = Romulan Warbird, [R|G|B]RS = [Red | Green | Blue] Research Station, SW = sideways, LRA = Long Range Attack, L&B = Lursa and B'Etor.

4) I will reference all tokens by their order on the back of the Game Walkthrough (from top to bottom). For example, the Romulan Warbird with Attack 3, Defense 4, and XP 2 would be referred to as RWB-2 as it is the second token from the top of the list of Romulan Warbirds. If someone has a better scheme, let me know.

5) Advanced Action Offer and Undiscovered Offer are listed top to bottom, so the last card is what would rotate off at the end of the round.

6) Where necessary, the hexes of a sector are numbered from 1 to 7 with one being the hex with the sector number on it, 2 through 6 going clockwise from there, and 7 being in the middle. Hexes will be referenced as S<sector number>-<hex number> for a normal sector and CS<sector number>-<hex number> for a core sector.

7) Where not otherwise specified, I take all crew members on Away Missions.

Round 1:

Crew Offer: Federation Officer, Medical Officer, Gowron
Advanced Action Offer: Ingenuity, Experience, Diplomatic Skill
Undiscovered Offer: Advanced Scan, Unknown Weapon, Empathy
Data inventory: <None>
Dummy data inventory: RG
Source: GRP
Our hand: L&B, Open Hailing Frequencies, Full Speed Ahead, Engage, Intimidate

Out of the wormhole we scan Sector 10 to the North and Sector 8 to the NorthWest. We see RWB-2 in the center of Sector 8.

This is fairly dreadful start to our mission. The nearby RWB does not provide enough XP on its own to level up. The crew offer is lackluster and the one standout, Gorwon, is only recruitable at a Class-M planet, of which none are in sight. The Undiscovered offer is full of good stuff with no DSB from which to obtain them. The entire Advanced Action offer is Red, which means Martok is going to increase his supply of Red data. And, L&B is in our hand, but we have no source of Blue data.

Not many great options. My two initial thoughts are to head to the nearby Outpost and recruit the Federation Officer, with an eye towards taking out the RWB and then exploring to level up. The other alternative is to head towards the Class-L planet on S10-3. We have enough diplomacy in hand to handle anything we find there, and we'll level up and get some data crystals, while also seeing what is in the RSB. I like the latter option the best (although we'll still want to do some exploration in the hopes of finding a DSB or a Class-M planet). I take Planning to increase our hand size for the rest of the round.

Tactics: Us -> Planning, Martok -> Fortune

1) We head off through the nebulas to steer clear of provoking the RWB and to position ourselves next to both the Class-L planet and the RSB.
Full Speed Ahead w/ G(S) + Engage -> Move 6. NW, NW. Reveal RSB-1 on S10-1.

New Hand: L&B, Open Hailing Frequencies, Intimidate, Synthesize Data, Battle Stations, Power to Shields
New Source: BRP
Martok: Draws 3 (13 left)

2) We've got sufficient Diplomacy to take out whatever we find on the Class-L planet. Let's have at it.
Class-L Away Mission: Class-L-6
Intimidate w/ R(S) + Open Hailing Frequencies + 2 SW (Synthesize Data, Power to Shields) -> Dip 9.
+6 XP (6), -1 Rep (0-), R(D)->D(S)

We got a little unlucky to draw one of the Dip 9 tokens, but we still have 2 cards in hand to trigger Planning, and we only need two more XP to level up again.
Reward: +B(I) + B(I)
Level up: Manipulation (over Motivation) + Ingenuity. Martok contributes Never Surrender to Common Skill Offer.
It was a close call on skill selection, but I decided I'd rather have the Red data production than the extra cards. Ingenuity also gives a lot of flexibility with our data, and there are still two diplomacy-related cards in the AA offer.

New AA offer: Riker Maneuver, Experience, Diplomatic Skill
New Hand: L&B, Battle Stations, Ingenuity, Explore x2, Full Speed Ahead
New Data Inventory: BB
New Source: BDP
Martok: Draws 4 (9 left)

3) We've got a bunch of movement cards and plenty of data to fuel them, so time to explore. It's a little wasteful, but we are going to head over the Class-L planet so we can explore without potentially trapping ourselves. Since we have plenty Blue in inventory, we use Blue from the source so that we can re-roll it at end of turn.
Explore w/ B(S) + Explore w/ B(I) -> Move 8. NW, Explore NW -> Reveal Sector 5 (RWB-5 on hex 5). +1 XP (7). Move 3 remaining.
Excellent, we've found a Class-M planet, so we can hopefully recruit Gowron. Seasoned Away Team is added to the Crew Offer. We can either head up to the BRS, kill the RWB-5 and then recruit Gowron, or we can head around the west side of Sector 5 and do some exploration as well. I'd rather open up the map a bit two better plan for next round.
Remaining Move 3 + 1 SW (Battle Stations) -> Move 4. W, W (ending up on Drydock).

New Hand: L&B, Ingenuity, Full Speed Ahead, Improvise, Repair Hull, Battle Stations
New Data Inventory: B
New Source: WDP
Martok: Draws 4 (5 left)

4) Now to get up by the Class-M planet.
+W(T) from Drydock. Full Speed Ahead w/ W(T) -> Move 4. NW, Explore SW -> Reveal Sector 4 (RWB-6 on hex 2). +1 XP (8).
L&B w/ B(I) + Improvise (discarding Repair Hull) -> Dip 8. Interact Class-M -> Recruit Gowron.

Level up: New command token

Revealing Sector 4 was pretty good for us, as there is a DSB there which we can hopefully acquire one or two good cards next round.

New Hand: Battle Stations, Ingenuity, Insight, Engage
New Data Inventory: <empty>
Martok: Draws 3 (2 left)

5) Not much left to do. I'd like to explore to the NW, both to see what is there and plan for next round, but also in the hopes that there is something right next to us that we can take out with all of our LRA. But, if we save up our all our LRA, we forego the possibility of acquiring the Medical Officer if there isn't anything there. I don't think we really need the Medical Officer.
2 SW (Ingenuity, Insight) -> Move 2. Explore NW -> Reveal Sector 1 (RWB-5 on hex 3). +1 XP (9).
Well, that was disappointing. Let's move up a bit so that we can explore some more at the beginning of next round.
Engage -> Move 2. NW. Manipulation -> +B(I) + R(T)

New Data Inventory: B

And, that effectively ends the round. We didn't power up a lot, but we did grab some extra LRA, some data versatility, and opened up the map quite a bit. We'll have to see how things look with the various offers at the beginning of the next round.

Martok acquires Diplomatic Skill. Empathy goes to the bottom of the Undiscovered deck and Martok gets red crystal.

Round 2:

Crew Offer: Federation Officer, Mirok, Riker, Flexibility
Advanced Action Offer: Compassion, Riker Maneuver, Experience
Undiscovered Offer: System Access, Advanced Scan, Unknown Weapon
Data inventory: B
Dummy data inventory: RRG
Source: GGR
Our hand: Explore, Engage, Ingenuity, Battle Stations, Synthesize Data

The Undiscovered Offer still looks amazing, and while I'd love all of the cards there, I really want Advanced Scan. The AA Offer isn't great, but Compassion gives more data options, allows us to take some damage, and can help our Rep as well, so all-in-all a decent card (plus it uses Blue data, which tends to be easier for us to generate). Riker Maneuver could also be excellent, but tends to be more situational for me, as I tend to shoot for LRA. In the Crew Offer, Riker is multi-talented and is likely worth acquiring, and Flexibility would provide us some, well, flexibility.

I think the best Tactics option is to take Evaluation, keep Explore and Engage and discard Ingenuity, Battle Stations, and Synthesize Data. The hope is that we either get some diplomatic cards, L&B to improve our LRA, or some more movement so we can explore NE before committing to a course of action.

Tactics: Us -> Evaluation, Martok -> Ambition

It's a bit of a bummer that Martok is acting before us, but that just means we'll have to be aggressive in our turns. We discard as indicated above.

New hand: Explore, Engage x2, Intimidate, Improvise
Martok: Draws 4 (13 left)

1) Getting both Engages in our hand is a bit of a bummer, but let's head off to the DSB and see what we are up against.
Explore w/ B(I) -> Move 4. SW, SW. Reveals DSB-4
This works out ok for us. Things could have been tricky if we turned over one of the tokens with resistance to normal phaser. As is, we've got this covered.
Manipulation -> +B(I) + R(T). Attack DSB -> -1 Rep (-1 plus).
Gowron w/ R(T) + Engage w/ R(S) -> LRA 7.
+5 XP (14). Auto-move to DSB. R(D)->G(S)

Reward: Advanced Scan

New Undiscovered Offer: Q, System Access, Unknown Weapon
New Hand: Engage, Intimidate, Improvise, Advanced Scan, Battle Stations
New Source: GGG
Martok: Draws 4 (9 left)

2) Well, that die roll was rough, as we now have 3 Gold data in the source. I see two routes at this point. We can spend most of the cards in our hand to take out the RWB-6 in hex 2, or we can spend almost our whole hand to explore to the NW. My main concern is that we will likely have to spend Improvise and/or Intimidate for either of those, which severely limits our ability to acquire crew or Advanced Actions. However, we really need to spend one of the Gold data in the source to free up our data options in the future. Either route will level us up, which could help. After substantial deliberation, I've decided to take out the RWB.
Attack RWB-6. Advanced Scan w/ G(S) -> Ignore resistances, Def -1.
Battle Stations -> Shields 2. Take 3 damage -> 1 Damage Card to hand.
2 SW (Improvise, Intimidate) -> Attack 2.
+4 XP (18). +1 Rep (0-). G(D)->B(S)

Level up: Retreat (over Forbidden Practices) + Experience. Martok contributes Opening Salvo to Common Skills Offer.

I'm really unsure about the choice of Advanced Action. I'm already a bit heavy on the need for Red data, but I think I need the Diplomacy a bit more overall.

New Hand: Engage, Experience, Insight, Repair Hull, Damage Card
New Source: GGB
New AA Offer: Picard Maneuver, Compassion, Riker Maneuver
Martok: Draws 5 (4 left)

3) We've got either 3 or 4 turns left. This is shaping up to be a rough round. As painful as it is, I think I'm going to spend a turn repairing and hope for some good cards. Note, I'm going to "overspend" on Repair Hull just to get to reroll one of the Gold data dia.
Repair Hull w/ G(S) -> Remove 1 Damage Card from hand.

Ok. The source wants to be Gold.

New Hand: Engage, Experience, Insight, Full Speed Ahead, Explore
New Source: GGB
Martok: Draws his deck (0 left)

4) At this point, I think it's time to move on. My initial thoughts are to head back up towards the Class-M planet and see what we can do for Diplomacy on our last turn. But, we'll scope out the sector to the NW on the way.
Full Speed Ahead w/ G(S) -> Move 4. NW, Explore W -> Reveal Sector 7 (RWB-4 on hex 4).
Full Impulse added to Crew Offer.

The adjacent Class-K planet is pulling me in its direction, as it will allow us to obtain Unknown Weapon, which I'm keen on. If we can draw L&B, I think we will be in good shape to take out most any defender. I think it's worth the risk. But, this could go sideways on us. Time to maneuver into position.
Insight -> Use an additional die.
Explore w/ B(S) -> Move 4. Retreat -> W, NW (on Drydock), Explore NW -> Reveal Sector 3. +1 XP (19). B(D)->B(S).

New Hand: Engage, Experience, Synthesize Data, Open Hailing Frequencies, Ingenuity
New Source: GGB
Martok: Declares end of round

5) I would really have liked to draw L&B. Nontheless, with cards in hand we can diplomatically end any threat we find on the planet's surface. With any luck (and we haven't had any this round), we can Synthesize data to stash some Gold data in our inventory. At least we are on a Drydock, so we start with a White token.
+W(T) from Drydock. Away Mission to Class-K planet -> Reveal Class-K-2 token.
Ingenuity -> W(T). Open Hailing Frequencies w/ W(T) + Experience w/ W(T) -> Dip 8. Situation resolved. +4 XP (23)
Synthesize Data w/ G(S) -> +G(I)

Reward: Unknown Weapon

New Data Inventory: BG
New Undiscovered Offer: Restoration, Q, System Access

Well, this round was a bit of a downer. We seemed thwarted at all opportunity. On the bright side, we did nab two great Undiscovered cards. But, we are really fueling Martok's Red affinity.

Martok acquires Riker Maneuver. System Access goes to the bottom of the Undiscovered deck and Martok gets a red crystal.

Round 3:

Crew Offer: N'Vek, Weyoun, Data, Inventiveness, Photonic Shockwave
Advanced Action Offer: Experimental Defenses, Picard Maneuver, Compassion
Undiscovered Offer: Penetrate Shields, Restoration, Q
Data inventory: BG
Dummy data inventory: RRRG
Source: BBD
Our hand: Open Hailing Frequencies, Intimidate, Engage, Full Speed Ahead, Explore

So, let's start with the good news… Penetrate Shields (in the Undiscovered Offer) is excellent and would be a great addition to our deck (and it uses Blue data, which is easier for us to get), and Inventiveness is in the Crew Offer, which is a nice-to-have. On the bad side, if we don't get Q out of the Undiscovered Offer, Martok is going to have 4 Red cystals, which could be devastating. Of immediate concern is that we don't have a great opening hand given we have two RWB bearing down on us. And, we really need just 1 more XP so that we can start getting 6 cards per turn. If we take Planning, we'd have 7 cards per turn for the rest of the round, and we'd still have a 2/3 chance of going first, which is likely to be critical. I think I'd like to take out one of these RWB. We'd likely use Gowron to do so, which means we'd have to discard a card, which would net us 3 new cards to our hand. Depending on what we get, I might just get up to the nearby RRS and explore our first Core tile while grabbing some red data. Sounds like a plan.

Tactics: Us -> Planning, Martok -> Timing

1) A plan's a plan. Let's go ahead and take out this weaker RWB-4 on hex 4.
+W(T) from Drydock. Attack RWB-4. Gowron w/ W(T) -> LRA 4. Dead RWB.
+3 XP (26). +1 Rep (0). Discard Initmidate.

Since we didn't use a card we had to discard one. We had two diplomacy cards, so I ditch the one that doesn't lose us Rep.
Level up: New command token (giving us a hand size of 6)
New Hand: Open Hailing Frequencies, Engage, Full Speed Ahead, Explore, Repair Hull, Ingenuity, L&B
Martok: Draws 6 (12 left)

2) I'm really tempted by the RRS nearby, however, I've got a hair-brained idea. I can easily get back to the DSB we visited last round and grab Q (mostly to prevent Martok from getting yet another Red crystal). And, with Ingenuity in hand, we should be able to activate it's more powerful version to grab either Inventiveness or another crew member (maybe both if we get some good hands). This may be my downfall, but I'm going to see how this goes. I'll still have a few turns to reveal a Core Sector.
+W(T) from Drydock. Repair Hull -> Draw 1 Card (Experience)
We are unlikely to need Repair Hull, so I just use it to cycle cards.
Full Speed Ahead w/ W(T) -> Move 4. Retreat -> E, SE (doesn't provoke RWB). Move 2 left. SE (on DSB).
L&B w/ B(I) + Open Hailing Frequencies -> Dip 7. Interact w/ D(S) -> Acquire Q.
D(D) -> W(S).

New Undiscovered Offer: Advanced Engineering, Penetrate Shields, Restoration
New Hand: Engage, Explore, Ingenuity, Experience, Q, Full Speed Ahead, Power to Shields
New Data Inventory: G
New Source: BBW
Martok: Draws 3 (9 left)

We got lucky with Martok's draw. That gives us at least 4 more turns, which we'll need.

3) I think my greed is getting out of hand. I think I'm going to go ahead and grab Penetrate Shields while I can. That should give us sufficient cards to deal with almost any threat. We just then need to focus on leveling and crewing up.
Ingenuity w/ W(S) -> W(T) + D(T).
Q w/ W(T) + Experience + 1 SW (Power to Shields) -> Dip 7.
Interact w/ D(T) -> Acquire Penetrate Shields.
W(D) -> W(S).

New Undiscovered Offer: Warp Manipulation, Advanced Engineering, Restoration
New Hand: Engage x2, Explore, Full Speed Ahead, Penetrate Shields, Unknown Weapon, Advanced Scan
New Source: BBW
Martok: Draws 3 (6 left)

4) For those that have read my session reports before, you know I love Warp Manipulation, but we don't have any way to get at that at the moment, and we really need to get on the move. Let's go get a core tile visible and go from there.
Explore w/ B(S) + Full Speed Ahead + Engage -> Move 8. NW, NE, NE, Explore NE -> Reveal Core Sector 3.
+1 XP (27). B(D)->B(S).

We've had a lot of dice that didn't really want to change their side. I like this core sector. We've got a RRS close by and a Distress Class-K Planet that could be really helpful. We'll have to see how our hands progress.

New Hand: Engage, Penetrate Shields, Unknown Weapon, Advanced Scan, Explore, Insight, Battle Stations
New Source: BBW
Martok: Draws 3 (3 left). He's been extremely kind to us this round. We've still got 3 turns.

5) With 3 more turns, let's not rush into things. With some basic bookkeeping, we know that the last three cards in our deck are Improvise, Synthesize Data, and Battle Stations. So, we can completely plan these turns. With cards in hand, and using all available data sources, we can decidedly beat this Distressed Class-K planet. But, I'd like to get to the RRS first and accumulate some data.
Explore w/ B(S) + 1 SW (Advanced Scan) -> Move 5. NE, E.
B(D)->G(S). +R(I) from RRS

New Hand: Engage, Penetrate Shields, Unknown Weapon, Battle Stations, Insight, Synthesize Data, Improvise
New Data Inventory: RG
New Source: GBW
Martok: Draws the rest of his deck.

6) Time to tackle this distress signal.
Manipulation -> +B(I) + R(T). Away Mission to Distressed Class-K planet.
Reveal Class-K-3 and Class-K-4 -> Total Defense is 9.
Penetrate Shields w/ B(S) -> All enemies Def -2. New Total Defense is 5.
Insight -> Use additional source die.
Unknown Weapon w/ G(S) + Engage w/ R(T) -> LRA 6. Dead Class-K planet tokens.
+ 10 XP (37). +R(I) from RRS. B(D)->G(S). G(D)->P(S).

Reward: Warp Manipulation, revealing Open Negotiations, and then take Open Negotiations, revealing Meditation.
Level up: Technical Advance (over Stolen Formula) + Picard Maneuver. Martok contributes Endurance to the Common Skills Offer.

None of AA cards looked great to me. I took Picard Maneuver mostly to guarantee a Blue card for Martok's deck. For our reward, Warp Manipulation is an obvious choice. The other choice was the best of mediocre choices, and ensured one less potential Red crystal for Martok. I take the Technical Advance skill over Stolen Formula for the guaranteed Gold data generation.

New Hand: Battle Stations x2, Synthesize Data, Improvise, Picard Maneuver, Open Negotiations, Warp Manipulation
New Data Inventory: RRBG
New Source: GWP
Martok: Declares end of round

7) I'm going to pick up Inventiveness from the Crew Offer, grab some data, and explore another Core Sector to our east.
Technical Advance -> +B(I) + G(T).
2 SW (Picard Maneuver, Battle Stations) -> Move 2.
Explore E -> Reveal Core Sector 1 (Superior Navigation added to Crew Offer). +1 XP (38).
Sythesize Data w/ G(T) -> +G(I).
Improvise w/ P(S) (discarding Open Negotiations) + 1 SW (Battle Stations) -> Dip 6.
Interact w/ Class-M Planet -> Acquire Inventiveness.
P(D)->R(S). +R(I) from RRS.

New Data Inventory: RRRBBGG

I like the new Core Sector, as it has two distressed planets for us to potentially exploit. However, we'll need to find the Borg soon enough. As for this round, I was skeptical early on (particularly after Round 2), however Martok gave us lots of breathing room, and we picked up some nice cards and have a great Data inventory. I'm pleased with how this round turned out.

Martok acquires Compassion. Restoration goes to the bottom of the Undiscovered deck and Martok gets a blue crystal.

Round 4:

Crew Offer: Omet'Iklan, Donatra, Axum, Unconventional Tactics, Agilty, Special Maneuvers
Advanced Action Offer: Innovative Weaponry, Swift Action, Experimental Defenses
Undiscovered Offer: Changeling, Meditation, Advanced Engineering
Data inventory: RRRBBGG
Dummy data inventory: RRRBG
Source: BBD
Our hand: L&B, Explore, Warp Manipulation, Inventiveness, Synthesize Data, Ingenuity

The AA offer has a couple of nice cards for LRA and data generation, but there is no real way to get those right now, unless we level up a lot. The Undiscovered Offer is pretty lackluster. I'm almost anti-each of these (at least for this session). The crew in the Crew Offer are underwhelming as well. I actually like Donatra the most, as at least she gives us a little more LRA, and she's inexpensive. Axum is ok, and the high Shields could potentially be useful, but we'd have to find and defeat a Borg Cube. There are lots of movement cards in the Crew Offer. I like Special Maneuvers the best, as it gives the ability to generate LRA, but Unconventional Tactics can be nice in a pinch.

Ideally, I'd like to increase our crew, but that may end up having to wait until next round. Normally, I'd be fairly inclined to Tackle the Distressed Class-K planet on CS1-4 or the DSB on CS3-5, but our deck is already getting big and I don't really like the cards in the Undiscovered Offer. But, that may be our best option, as from the DSB, we can reveal both of the remaining Core Sector tiles and see what we are up against. Note, it isn't mandatory that we take out one of the Borg cubes this round, but it would be beneficial. If the opportunity presents itself, we'll jump on it.

As to Tactics, I think we should use Evaluation to get a bit better starting hand and see if that influences our decision. It also gives us a two-thirds chance to go first, which would be useful. I think I'll discard Ingenuity (as we have plenty of data at the moment, and there is Dark in the source if we need it), Warp Manipulation (as we don't need that much movement at the moment), and Synthesize Data (which might be more useful later if we have to drain our data inventory).

Tactics: Us -> Evaluation (discarding Ingenuity, Synthesize Data, and Warp Manipulation), Martok -> Secret Plot
New Hand: L&B, Explore, Inventiveness, Repair Hull, Explore, Open Hailing Frequencies, Open Negotiations

1) Well, that wasn't the perfect draw, but we do have some diplomacy in our hand. Let's go see what's hiding in the DSB.
Explore w/ B(S) -> Move 4. NE (Reveals DSB-5), Explore NE -> Reveal Core Sector 6 (Blue Borg Cube with BS-3 on hex 2). +1 XP (39)
The Class-M Planet on CS6-4 adds Repair In Transit to the Crew Offer (yet another movement card).

I think I'm going to cycle Repair Hull before making a decision here.
Repair Hull -> Draw 1 Card ( Battle Stations)
Not much help here. Let's take on the DSB and figure it out next turn.
Attack DSB. L&B w/ B(I) + Inventiveness -> Long Range Photon Torpedo Attack. Dead DSB. Auto-move to DSB.
+5 XP (44). -1 Rep (0-). B(D)->R(S). Discard Battle Stations.

Reward: Meditation.

New Undiscovered Offer: Advanced Range, Changeling, Advanced Engineering
New Hand: Open Negotiations, Open Hailing Frequencies, Meditation, Advanced Scan, Full Speed Ahead, Q.
New Data Inventory: RRRGGB
New Source: RBD
Martok: Draws 4 (15 left)

First of all, I discarded Battle Stations, as it didn't seem like it was going to help us, and we've got better cards in our deck. Two, I chose Meditation, as we might actually use it to get back at least L&B and also possibly Inventiveness, or some other powerful card (or card combo) we might need later in the round. Finally, Ding Ding Ding, Advanced Scan is in the Undiscovered Offer. We need this card. We don't have to get it immediately, but soon.

2) We've got a weird hand that is really wanting us to use some Diplomacy, but is requiring a lot of Dark data and/or a lot of Red data to use optimally. Let's explore the last Core Sector and see if that influences us in any way.
Full Speed Ahead -> Move 2. Explore NW -> Reveal Core Sector 8 (Red Borg Cube with BS-1 on hex 2 and BS-4 on hex 6). +1 XP (45)
I think we're going to use some Diplomacy along with Q's influence to grab Donatra from the nearby outpost. That will set us up to take out the adjacent Borg Sphere next turn (unless we draw other cards that point us a different direction).
Q w/ R(I) + Open Hailing Frequencies -> Dip 6 + ability to recruit from any Outposts -> Recruit Donatra.
Discard Open Negotiations.

I discarded Open Negotiations, as we really need to get through our deck and get the more powerful cards into play.

New Hand: Meditation, Advanced Scan, Penetrate Shields, Power to Shields, Experience, Engage
New Data Inventory: RRGGB
Martok: Draws 4 (11 left)

3) Martok seems to be giving us some breathing room this round. We've got this turn and at least 3 more turns, so we aren't too rushed right now. Believe it or not, we are actually in a position to take out the Borg Cube next turn. I'm going to leave you in a bit of suspense for the moment.
Manipulation -> +B(I) + R(T).
Trance w/ R(T) + D(S) -> Take L&B and Inventiveness from discard pile and place on top of deck.
D(D)->W(S). Discard Power to Shields.

New Hand: Advanced Scan, Penetrate Shields, Experience, Engage, Inventiveness, L&B, Warp Manipulation, Full Speed Ahead
New Data Inventory: RRGGBB
New Source: RBW
Martok: Draws 4 (7 left)

4) For reasons unknown, Martok is taking pity on us. That shall be his downfall. Before the big reveal, let's use Retreat to get next to the cube to see exactly what we are up against.
Retreat -> Move 1 space without provoking enemies. NW.
Reveal Blue Borg tokens -> BC-4, DSB-1, DSB-5

Let's have some fun!
Technical Advance -> +B(I) + G(T).
Attack Blue Borg Sphere and challenge BS on CS6-2.
Combined enemy defense is 8 + 5 + 6 + 7 = 26.
Advanced Scan w/ G(T) -> Ignore all enemy resistances. All enemies Def -1. Total enemy defense is now 22.
Penetrate Shields w/ B(I) -> All enemies Def -2. Total enemy defense is now 14 with no resistances.
L&B w/ B(S) w/ Engage + Inventiveness w/ G(I) + Gowron w/ R(I) + Donatra -> LRA 15. Many scattered bodies.
+25 XP (70). +2 Rep (0+). B(D)->P(S). Auto-move to Blue Borg Cube.

Level up: New Command Token
Level up: Secret Craft (over Opening Salvo) + Swift Action. Martok contributes Increase Speed to the Common Skill Offer.

And that is where our earlier diligence in acquiring powerful Undiscovered Cards and building up our data inventory really paid off. I also have to apologize to Meditate, as it turned out to be particularly useful this round. Note, as much as I like LRA, I took Secret Craft because we are going to need that Dark data both this round and when we assault the other Borg cube. Swift Action was a no-brainer, as it provides maximal LRA. It's possible we should have looked at Innovative Weaponry given that we can more readily generate Blue data. But, I don't think this will hurt us in the long run.

New AA Offer: Honor, Innovative Weaponry, Experimental Defenses
New Hand: Experience, Warp Manipulation, Full Speed Ahead, Swift Action, Unknown Weapon, Engage, Improvise, Battle Stations
New Data Inventory: RGBB
New Source: RWP
Martok: Draws 4 (3 left)

5) Given that Martok just seems lethargic this round, I think we should get Advanced Range out of the Undiscovered offer.
Secret Craft -> +B(I) + D(T).
Experience w/ R(S) + 3 Borg Cube Faction Tokens -> Dip 7.
Interact w/ Blue Borg Cube w/ D(T) -> Acquire Advanced Scan.
R(D)->R(S). Discard Warp Manipulation and Battle Stations.

I discarded a couple extra cards to help ensure we draw our whole deck.

New Undiscovered Offer: Advanced Research, Changeling, Advanced Engineering
New Hand: Full Speed Ahead, Swift Action, Unknown Weapon, Engage, Improvise, Advanced Range, Intimidate, Ingenuity
New Data Inventory: RGBBB
New Source: RWP
Martok: Draws the rest of his deck

6) I've got three things I'd like to do, but only two turns to do them in. First, I'd like to grab the new Advanced Research card from the Undiscovered Offer. Second, I'd like to get Special Maneuver and/or Unconventional Tactics from the Crew Offer. Third, I'd like to try and take out one or both of the Borg Spheres next to the Red Borg Cube. I think this turn I'm going to grab Advanced Research and see if that leaves me in a good place to take on the Spheres next turn. If not, we'll look to grab one of the AA cards in the Crew Offer.
Ingenuity w/ R(S) -> +W(T) + D(T)
Intimidate + 2 SW (Improvise, Full Speed Ahead) + 3 Borg Cube Faction Tokens -> Dip 7
Interact w/ Blue Borg Cube w/ D(T) -> Acquire Advanced Research
R(D)->R(S). Discard Unknown Weapon.

I discarded Unknown Weapon so that we could draw the remainder of our deck.

New Undiscovered Offer: Stasis Field, Changeling, Advanced Engineering
New Hand: Swift Action, Engage, Advanced Range, Advanced Research, Picard Maneuver, Insight, Synthesize Data, Explore
New Source: RWP
Martok: Declares end of round

7) Ok. We can end this round by taking out the closest Borg Sphere, so we might as well do that.
Synthesize Data w/ R(S) -> +R(I).
Explore + Engage -> Move 4. W. Attack BS-4.
Advanced Research w/ B(I) -> Play advanced version of two actions for free.
Picard Maneuver w/ Free -> Attack -2, Def -2
Swift Action w/ Free -> LRA 4
Insight -> Use additional source die.
Advanced Range w/ W(S) -> Double LRA -> LRA 8. Dead BS-4.
+9 XP (79). +2 Rep (+1 plus)

New Data Inventory: RRGBB

Oh so close to that next command token (and a 7-card hand size). But, we should be rather happy. We had a great round. We took out one of the Borg cubes and obtained some great cards. We should have little trouble taking out the other Borg Cube next round, but I'm hoping that the Crew Offer is a bit better and we can improve our crew first.

Martok acquires Experimental Defenses. Advanced Engineering goes to the bottom of the Undiscovered deck and Martok gets a Gold crystal.

Round 5:

Crew Offer: Movar, Tomalak, Mendak, Teamwork, Change of Strategy, Isolytic Burst, Quantum Torpedoes
Advanced Action Offer: Engineering Breakthrough, Honor, Innovative Weaponry
Undiscovered Offer: Advanced Shields, Stasis Field, Changeling
Data inventory: RRGBB
Dummy data inventory: RRRBGG
Source: GGR
Our hand: Q, Experience, Open Hailing Frequencies, Engage, Advanced Scan, Repair Hull, Warp Manipulation, Insight

The general goal for this round is to improve our holdings a bit and then take on the remaining Borg Cube. We should have more than enough fire power. We just need to get into our hands with enough data to operate it. Two wortwhile additions for us look to be Movar in the Crew Offer (which is just an awesome amount of LRA for a cheap price) and Isolytic Burst (also in the Crew Offer) which is effectively free LRA as we aren't particularly concerned with our reputation.

We'll take Planning to help boost our hand size this round, and that still gives us a 2/3 chance to go first.

Tactics: Us -> Planning, Martok -> Fortune

1) I think are going to use Repair Hull to dig deeper into our deck, and spend some diplomacy to acquire Isolytic Burst and also dig a bit deeper into our deck.
Repair Hull w/ G(S) -> Draw 2 (Unknown Weapon, Swift Action)
Yay, more LRA!
Engage -> Move 2. E (to Blue Borg Sphere). Insight w/ B(I) -> Take R(S) and set to R(D) + 2 R(T).
Open Hailing Frequencies w/ R(T) + Experience w/ R(T) + 1 SW (Warp Manipulation) -> Dip 9.
Use Experience ability to draw 2 cards at a cost of 4 Dip -> Draw 2 (Advanced Research, Power to Shields), Dip 5.
Interact w/ Class M w/ Dip 5 + 1 (Rep) -> Acquire Isolytic Burst.
R(D)->R(S). G(D)->D(S). Discard Power to Shields.

Playing Repair Hull not only gets us deeper into our deck, but also gives us a chance to improve the colors in the source. We use Engage as that's really our only movement in our hand, and we should have plenty of LRA without it. Also, I'm not 100% sure if the rules allow us to use the Movement after generating Diplomacy.

New Hand: Q, Swift Action, Unknown Weapon, Advanced Scan, Advanced Research, Isolytic Burst, Improvise, Battle Stations, Inventiveness
New Data Inventory: RRGB
New Source: GRD
Martok: Draws 5 (15 left)

2) Time to get Movar and then head off to the Red Borg Cube.
Q w/ R(S) -> Dip 4. Interact w/ Blue Borg Cube w/ Dip 4 + 1 (Rep) + 3 (Faction Tokens) -> Acquire Movar.
R(D)->G(S). Discard Battle Stations.

New Hand: Swift Action, Unknown Weapon, Advanced Scan, Advanced Research, Isolytic Burst, Improvise, Inventiveness, Meditation, L&B
New Source: GGD
Martok: Draws 6 (9 left)

3) Time to go see what's what.
Improvise (discarding Meditation) -> Move 3. Retreat -> W, W -> Reveal Red Borg Cube (BC-3 x2, DS-3, Class-K-5)
Not too bad. We've got enough in hand to take this cube and challenge the adjacent BS-1 on CS8-2. I'll give you a moment to figure out a workable solution.
Times up.
Attack Reb Borg Cube and challenge BS-1. We deal with the space combat first.
Our enemies have a total defense of 9 + 7 + 7 + 4 = 27 (with various resistances).
Advanced Scan w/ G(I) -> Ignore all Enemy resistances this turn. All enemies Def - 1. Total enemy defense is now 23.
Advanced Research w/ B(I) -> Play stronger effect of two other actions for free.
L&B w/ Free w/ Inventiveness + Swift Action w/ Free + Isolytic Burst + Gowron w/ R(I) + Donatra + Movar w/ R(I) -> LRA 25.
All space enemies dead. Proceed to Away Mission.
No Diplomacy. Technical Advance -> +B(I) + G(T).
Unknown Weapon w/ G(T) & D(S) -> LRA 6. Dead planet token.
+32 XP (111). +2 Rep (BS) - 1 Rep (Isolytic Burst) -> +1 Rep (+2 minus). Auto-move to Red Borg Cube. D(D)->G(S)

Level up: New command token (and hand limit of 7)
Level up: Increase Speed (from Common Skill Offer over Recovery & Blackmail) + Innovative Weaponry

None of the skills really helped at this point, but I figured I'd grab some movement in case we want to head out on our last turn.

New Hand: Innovative Weaponry, Synthesize Data, Ingenuity, Intimidate, Explore, Engage, Battle Stations, Picard Maneuver, Penetrate Shields, Advanced Range
New Data Inventory: B
New Source: GGG
New Advanced Action Offer: Persistence, Engineering Breakthrough, Honor
Martok: Hangs his head in shame (9 cards left).

4) This is our last turn, and via a process of elimination I think we have just enough power to take on the Distressed Class -K planet down on CS1-4.
Manipulation -> +B(I) + R(T). Secret Craft -> +B(I) + D(T).
Increase Speed + Explore + Engage + 1 SW (Battle Stations) -> Move 7. SE, SE. SE.
Away Mission to Distressed Class-K Planet -> Enemies Class-K-1 & Class-K-6.
Total enemy defense is 5 + 7 = 12.
Ingenuity -> +W(T). Penetrate Shields w/ W(T) & D(T) -> All enemies Def -3.
Total enemy defense is now 6.
Innovative Weaponry w/ B(I) -> LRA 3. Advanced Range w/ G(S) -> Double LRA -> LRA 6.
Dead planet tokens. Synthesize w/ R(T) -> +R(I)
+10 XP (121)

Reward: Stasis Field (revealing Justice) + Justice (revealing Call to Arms)

New Data Inventory: BBR

That was a good end to the game. Let's total things up and see how we ended up.

Current XP: 121
Knowledge: 11 x 2 + 7 + 3/2 = 30
Leadership: 7
Conquerer: 2 x 2 = 4
Adventurer: 4 x 2 = 8
Disaster: 0
Cubes: 2 x 10 = 20
All cubes: 15
Rounds: 1 x 30 = 30
Dummy cards: 9
Not End of Round: 5

Total: 249

That's my second highest score on Star Trek: Frontiers, and I'm pretty sure this one is mistake free (but please pick this report apart to see if there are any). I was particularly concerned during Round 2, but things took a turn for the better afterwards. I've had a lot of fun playing the Bird of Prey, but I think next time I'll switch gears a bit. Let me know if there is a specific ship/captain you'd like me to use. Also, let me know whether you prefer this longer more detailed format or the shorter ones I've posted previously.

Happy Adventuring!
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Mark K.
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Thanks for posting - really enjoyed reading it! I like the long format and regarding captains: Have you tried Sisko/Defiant yet?
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Charles Rankin
United States
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der_mandarin wrote:
Thanks for posting - really enjoyed reading it! I like the long format and regarding captains: Have you tried Sisko/Defiant yet?

Thanks for the feedback! I haven't tried Sisko/Defiant yet. Thus far, I've only played Picard/Enterprise and Lursa & B'Etor/Bird of Prey. I've been a little skittish of Sisko and Martok, but I'll wait to see the responses from this thread before making a decision for my next session. Thanks again for reading!
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Robert Leonhard
United States
West Virginia
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Your scores make me feel like an idiot. Highest I got so far was 220, I think.
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Charles Rankin
United States
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Robert Leonhard wrote:
Your scores make me feel like an idiot. Highest I got so far was 220, I think.

220 is a good score. Are you generally hovering in that range? Are there places where you think you are missing out on points? Sometimes the map configurations just don't lend themselves well to getting large scores. Have any of your wins been earlier than the 6th round? Again, depending on the board layout, the 30 point bonus for each unused round can be more than you'd have gotten during the round itself. Is there anything from my session reports that jumps out at you with respect to where you might be missing out on a few points?
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Robert Leonhard
United States
West Virginia
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I want to study your play so I can see where you're out-performing me. I have ended on Round 5 and agree that that is a good way to score high. I try to orchestrate away team missions with a high-diplomacy hand, and that usually pays off big.

I suspect that my shortfalls come with card selection (Advanced Actions and Undiscovered Cards). Perhaps I'm not putting together the optimal combinations. I also tend to avoid taking significant damage to the ship, and perhaps that's holding me back.

I'll keep at it!
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