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Subject: Balancing the game; abominations, necromancers and skills rss

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King Benno
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Here is a summary of what I have found to be a better balancing system so far and how I play the game now:

-Necromancers and abominations can open/destroy doors if it is shortest path. It takes one action, and occurs after all other units have had all their first activation. New Zombies spawn in rooms but must wait until next turn to activate. (This or prevents build-ups and is more realistic since necromancers are supposed to be smart and abominations huge)

-food can heal one hit point OR provide one experience point. Can also be used with rat swarms (see my other post)

-all magical weapons are mixed in with artifacts. This makes the artifact deck larger and harder for heroes to find the best weapons and spells. Draw random artifact when one is gained. (Change heavy crossbow to 5+ to hit, take out vampire crossbow to be used later in game)

-change skills of super strength and +1 damage(type) to be used with only 1 action per turn. Must be announced before roll start. (Skills were way over powered, brings them down without complications but also lets them be beneficial)

-I found the difficulty level drastically increasing from green to yellow, and then no real big differences to orange and red. This made all games strange, making me careful not to get to yellow as long as possible, and then advancing to red as fast as possible... Pretty goofy. I wanted a bigger challenge after each difficulty level is reached. I added in 3 abomination spawns/activations (crossing out the normal spawns) on red with three cards, 2 on orange and 1 on yellow. These are in addition to normal spawns, so only add them in to cards that don't already spawn abominations. This will drastically increase game difficultly as more abominations are added and get extra activations. This also decreases the total units on board, making it more manageable.

-I made big changes to the rat, minotaur, troll and blob abominations

Troll- 2 actions per turn (no extra if see heroes)
- requires 2 damage 3 hits IN SAME ROUND to kill

Rat- 1 action per turn
- spawns next to loudest zone like normal
- spawns 1 rat swarm at each active spawn location when placed on board
- requires 2 damage 3 hits anytime to kill

Minotaur- 1 action per turn (3 actions if sees a hero at beginning of turn)
- smashes walls like normal
- requires 2 damage 3 hits anytime to kill

Blob- 1 action per turn
- long arm attack like normal
- requires 1 damage 3 hit to kill. However, after it takes a 3 damage hit, roll the dice, on a 4+ the hit is absorbed and it remains alive.

*****dragon fire kills all abominations automatically, still making it highly valuable and good trap to set**********

I personally play that dragon fire stays in square till round is over, acting like a temporary blockade as well

That is all I can think of at the moment, if you have any questions, fell free to ask, I will try and get back with you when I can.

Now go kill some zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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