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Subject: Skeleton Hero. Custom Hero. record 4W-2L rss

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Sonja Reznikov
saint petersburg
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Last week my gaming group was hosting 2 nights of Graxia games.
Battle for graxia, Guardians of Graxia and my favourite among graxia realm the Heroes of graxia.

With regards to Heroes of Graxia Card game:
My Gaming group originally had six players competing for crown of Graxia
and I proposed to bring to this event the seventh hero.
my skeleton Hero:

Obviously we have multiple copies of HOG and starting the custom hero with the usual 12 starting player deck was no problem.

If you do not have time to read stuff below just escape it to the part that say Event.

To ensure the custom hero is somewhat balanced compare to other Heroes I proposed the following:

The Celethreal Hero`s has 18 Health and 5 Attack, 5 Defense.
The Orc Hero has 18 health and 6 Attack, 5 Defense.
The Dwarf Hero has 17 Health and 4 Attack and 8 Defense.
The Boneshadow has 15 Health and 10 Attack and 3 Defense.
The Elf Hero has 15 Health and 9 Attack and 4 Defense.
The Human Hero has 14 Health and 8 Attack and 7 Defense.

No hero among the above had 16 Health. So I decided to try 16 Health.
I also went with 7 Attack and 6 Defense.

Among the original 6 Hero`s three of them were allowed to Equip. 2 Weapon.
One Hero could Equip. 2 Aura and another Hero Equip. 1 Armor.

So I decided to use one ability Equip.2 Armor.

Since Skeletons are all about offense I decided to give the second ability as {Draw +1 card when attacking}

I can always modify the abilities or Attack/Defense values.

The event:

Event rules- Heroes go against each other the winner gets 3 points.
Also Defeating Monsters the player gets 1 Point.

I do not want to waste your time by going thru every single game details and card plays, so here are the results of the Event;

1} Boneshadow 4W-2L + killed 3 Monsters. Total Points: 15
2} Skeleton 4W-2L + killed 1 Monster. Total Points: 13
3} Elf 4W-2L + killed 0 Monsters. Total Points: 12
4} Human 3W-3L + killed 1 Monsters. Total Points: 10
5} Dwarf 3W-3L + killed 0 Monsters. Total Points: 9
6} Celethreal 2W-4L + killed 1 Monsters. Total Points: 7
7} Orc 1W-5L + killed 3 Monsters. Total Points: 6

I lost against Dwarf player and the Orc ! player.shake
I actually defeated the top Hero in the standings as well as
wins against Elf, Human and Celethreal.
So we will play again next week and we will see if my Skeleton is
too strong. From what I see it was very nice addition.

My goal is to have 8 heroes. I like to add another custom hero to these bunch. What type of Hero would you like to see in this competition
as long as it fits the Graxia theme


Edit#1- If anyone feels I over stepped the rules of copyright by making my own custom Hero please let me know and i can remove the session, image.
Otherwise I can upload the image in the HOG page. It is for home/fun use only and there is no money involved.

Edit#3-Insert Guardians of Graxia Board Game BGG link

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