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Subject: Solo Runs - Recovery, Easy, Alien Crash Site rss

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G. Uitz
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Hi community,

today I tried the easy recovery mission on the Alien Crash Site Board. I chose Lilla, the stunning beauty who makes alien soldiers forget to move (ignore 5 alien symbols per round).
I drew two weapons as usual, as I consider the risk of getting no good weapon with a useless item too high in single player mode:
*Projectile Gun (1 weapon symbol to fire, hits on a 4+ with one die) and
*The Judge (1 weapon or use symbole to swing, hits on a 6+ with 3 dice)

Run 1)
Round 1: Runners spawning on the right end, biters on the left.
Oh, this time i am going to be so clever, so I sacrifice one search die to get more weapon options... and draw the Shredders (2 use symbols to swing and hit on 4+ with 2 dice) and the Rocket Launcher (1 locked weapon symbol to blow a single target to pieces on a 3+ with 4 dice)... Nice for bosses, not good for the daily use.
I keep the Projectile Gun and the Shredders... both are range 1 so I have to enter close combat to wreak havoc among my enemies.
The mission objective is on the far left side... too bad that the runners come from the right side. I have to deal with them, because they are so fast and will reach the starting area in the next 2 rounds. Altough I manage to kill them off, I could not gain a single yard towards my mission goa

Round 2) 5 + 3 runners spawn in the middle spawn area, damn... so many, so fast... they look like a tidal wave coming towards me... even the rocket launcher couldn't save me now. I slash through the horde in the middle and somehow forget about the biters on the left side who sneaked up on me due to alien symbols... Lilla's special ability? Well, it's nice as long as it lasts... which is about 20 to 30 seconds... the next 10 to 15 symbols hurt you nonetheless.

... my action phase ends and I am drenched in alien blood... just to see in the corner of my eye one biter enter the starting area. Lost!

No, no, I don't give up easily, so I restart the mission with exactly the same setup.

The two weapons I start with are:
* Exo-Shotgun (fires with 2 weapon symbols, hits on 2+ with 1 die)
* The Judge (see run 1 for stats, this time I am going to keep it)

I like those weapons, so I enter the mission right away.

Round 1: Shooters to the left, runners in the middle.
That starts much smoother, so I move out a bit and finish the fastest runner in the middle and head to the left border where some shooters and my mission objective are waiting. I can even kill 2 shooters who dared to advance too far from the flock (thanks you alien symbols!).

Round 2: more aliens in the left and middle section.
I manage to kill one alien and start moving the recon tile.. 3 times. There is time left, so I risk to get back into the middle again for some deadly swings with The Judge. One more alien is shred to pieces (man I like this baby).

Round 3: Ductar appears in the right spawning area and some runners on the right side as well as some shooters to the left.
Although the board starts to fill up, the enemy is not close enough to put me in danger. I kill off some guys in the middle and manage to move the objective tile close (2 spaces apart) to the starting area.

Round 4: Thanks to Ductar I have to spawn 3 alien cards... the board is pretty full now save for a small perimeter around the starting area... it feels like in a sci-fi movie where the heroes barely reach their ship with an endless flood of critters on their heels... my palms sweat, but I think I will succeed.

Round 5: I focus on rolling the last two use symbols, which come up after a few rolls and not too many alien symbols. I use the remaining three dice to face my enemy and manage to kill the only two guys who are able to reach the starting are in the next alien movement phase... then I run back home.
VICTORY at last.

Bottom Line: I somehow like Lilla, she is a fine lady. Like in my previous two runs (read my other solo run thread) it is the mix of right weapons and the location of the first 1-2 spawns who make the difference between victory and defeat.
I don't think that in solo mode it is ever possible to keep the numbers of enemies under control. They will always fill the board by round 6 latest (that is an estimation... I never lasted that long).
The recovery tile for solo on the crash site is on the left edge of the map... if runners keep spawning on the right side, you cannot just head left and ignore them... unless you have a long range weapon and a steady aim in order to pick them off from the other side of the map.. but that's a high risk manoever.
I will play some more and see if I can manage to win with an unfavorable first spawn.
On the other hand, it will get easier with two players as you can guard more space and combine character and weapon abilities..

Sorry, I gotta go out on the streets and find someone to play with.. NOW!


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