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Subject: Whats in the new Gangsters deck? rss

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Paul Long
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Overall feel of the Gangsters deck
The Gangsters overview card rates the deck as
Blueprints: 3 stars
Money: 5 stars
Ride size: 2 star
Unfair: 4 stars

Money! That’s what the Gangsters are all about. (First you get the money, then you get the power). From the City events to the Event cards and the Park card abilities, they all focus on money. The Unfair cards focus on taking money from you. The Event cards gain money or take money from your opponents. And then there is the Offshore Account – compounding interest in action. This deck makes a very strong money strategy.

The Gangsters deck includes a new attraction type – Hotels. They are almost Super Attractions, as they have 3 stars and cost 20. Instead of including an ability, they have in-built upgrades (Restrooms and air conditioning). Starting with 3 icons they are easy to upgrade for big points. There are upgrades that can be built “Only on hotels”, including the often fought over Casino.

Showcase Cards
The Gangster Super attractions earn you money fast or earn you money slowly. But they earn you money.
The Shakedown. A Gangsters themed Thrill Ride. When the City Event is revealed, gain 2 coins from everyone else for every Gangster theme in your park. Otherwise close one of their attractions. This ability can’t be blocked! So get those Gangster themes – including the in-built ones (Car Chase and Cabaret). And send the gang out to collect your protection fees - every round, from everyone.
Printshop . A Gangsters themed Sideshow. Gain 25 coins at the start of the Park step, then lose 25 coins at the end of the Park step. So spend, spend, spend. Build the hotels and Super Attractions, Splashdowns and Premium Quality. Build tall, tall attractions to score points. The downside is you can’t use the Offshore Account, which is one of the biggest money makers in the game. Stock up on Efficiency Event cards before building the Printshop.

Event cards
Building Contractor / Family Connections : Building Contractor lets your opponents build attractions and upgrades at half price – if they pay you the money. So you gain more coins, they gain half price upgrades. Hotels are often played when this card comes out. Family Connections is an all purpose defense, blocking any attacking event. You know a guy...
Waste Management / Safe Cracking . Waste Management allows you to turn Park cards into cash – draw a Park card and then discard Park cards for 3 coins each. Don't forget you can always Dumpster Dive to get a card back. Safe Cracking is a wonderful money leveller – take half the coins from an opponent. If you have a large pile of cash, you had better increase your security! Beware using Safe cracking on opponents with less coins. An Instant Karma (or another Safe Cracking) will see them with more of your money. Often a very funny card.

Park Cards
The Gangsters deck really adds variety to the Park deck. The Hotels and hotel upgrades offer a different way to spend all of the money you accumulate.
Gangsters Theme. Obviously the Gangster theme gains you money. 5 coins per Gangster theme is a good return if you can build several. Get your attractions with in-built Gangster themes down first for a higher return. (And who doesn’t love a good Car Chase?)
Offshore Account. You have to move at least 25 coins into the Offshore Account and it can’t be removed until the end of the game. But when you do, then you gain 20% each round! It doesn’t sound like much, but this is why the game comes with 125 coin chips. If you put 25 coins in then that money will have doubled in 3 rounds and nearly tripled in 5 rounds: 30 coins (at the end of the round it is deposited), 36 coins, 43 coins, 51 coins, 61 coins, 73 coins. The magic of compounding interest. The Casino upgrade earns a random amount of money each round, but is doubled if placed in the offshore account. Better make sure you can keep it though!
Staff. The ice cream vendor gets extra coins and is an awesome picture. The cleaner is a star or a defense against an attack. Having an obvious defense card often makes opponents target each other, even though the cleaner would be discarded after blocking one event. The Concierge allows you to get a card you need from the deck but you need to have a hotel. Want another Gangster theme? Need another quality upgrade or thrill ride feature. Desperate for the Offshore Account? Here’s a way past the randomness of the Market and the nastiness of your opponents.

The Gangsters deck has big money combos waiting to be earned. It is my favourite deck to play! It goes well with Robots or Pirates as you can make massive rides. The deck really ups the ante on the strategies to play as you can lose even with a big park and blueprints. You need to make lots of money and stop your opponents as well. Gangsters have less take that than the Ninjas deck, but there is still more opposition than the initial 4 decks.
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