Bob miller
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I have never played LOTR TCG except for once time last night and I loved it. I played it on tabletop simulator with a mod my friend made. It has every card included in it. (Mod will be available to the public shortly).

We are going to start a league in tabletop with 6 people in it. The way we will go about this is by each having individual decks. We build our decks with a cost system we have made. We each start with 15 credits and have the ability to purchase "booster packs" (7 random common, 3 random uncommon, and 1 random Rare) from different sets.

The sets cost differ:
Costing 1 Credit
Fellowship of The Ring
Two Towers
Return of The King
The Hunters

Costing 2 Credits

Mines of Moria
Battle of Helms Deep
Siege of Gondor
Black Rider
Mount Doom
Realms of the Elf-Lords
Ents of Fangorn
Rise of Sauramon
Treachery and Deceit

*Cost 3 and 4 sets have a little different rules for what you get when you purchase that "booster"*

Costing 3 Credits

For cost 3 you get 2 random cards from the set and 14 random cards from the cost 1 and 2 collection.

Ages End
(you get the option to roll a six sided dice and if you land on six you replace 1 of your Rare cards gained from buying this set with a Rare +)

Costing 4 Credits

when you purchase this set you get 1 random card from the set and 15 random cards from cost 1 and 2 sets

Promo Cards
Wraith Collection
Elvish Language
Expanded Middle Earth

Also we each will get to choose a Starter deck from this link free of cost.

I know this is a lot of information to throw at you guys but I am just looking for suggestions on what Starter deck I should choose and what sets I should look to spend my credits on for the best possible deck.
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Sebastian Blanco
United States
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Are the packs you'll be buying randomly generated online somewhere? If you e only played one game, then I'd focus on packs/starters from sets 1-3, to learn the basic game, then move chronologically through the game.
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Bob miller
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Yes they are randomly generated, through tabletop simulator. The starter I decided on in the link provided was the Shadows Gandalf set.
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