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Episode 51 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Monday, September 5th - 7PM CET to Wednesday, September 7th - 7PM CET

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Island Hopper

Sad Kickstarter Story: Tattoo! The Game of Ink
RPG Spotlight: None

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Introduction Overview
* Hopefully the permanent return of the Final and First Roll Podcasts and Blogs. Times have been rough and unorganised, but I hope I can keep up this time. I do have to finish my Bachelor’s degree so I will not let this interfere, so maybe some episodes will be skipped.

Miniature Related Projects:

The Secret of Innsmouth - Act II [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Blind Beggar Miniatures is bringing the second range of Citizens of Innsmouth miniatures. A complete new line of mutant / hybrid civilians, but also police and a series of kids. The whole new series consisting of 15 mini’s is 25 GBP. If you want the first range as well add another 25.

Board Games:

Island Hopper
Scott Almes’ New game ‘Island Hopper’ is getting funded! A light strategy game where you’ll have to deliver goods to the most remote islands of the archipelago with a plane that’s held together with duct-tape and sheer hope alone. A game of cargo and distrust awaits you! Island Hopper is 40 USD.

Sad Kickstarter Story: Tattoo! The Game of Ink
The Sad Kickstarter Story is about Tattoo - the Game. It was cancelled a while ago already, but I really had hoped this would make it. I might be a bit biased because I had plenty of Ink-covered needles stuck into my body lately, but other than that I also wouldn’t see why the game shouldn’t fund. Except well… If 142 backers raised 6.5K, then the goal of 35 thousand would’ve needed about 900 backers and that’s a lot! I also read that Shipping costs were extreme, but that I just got from reading the closing update on the project page. I hope this returns somewhere soon, but for now No new tattoos… Well, for you. I’m heading back to the shop soon.. Anyway.. It’s sad!

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches and Upgrades:

Soloman Temple Squares (Relaunch) [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
The Relaunch of the Soloman Temple Squares is making it this time. A whole bunch of gridded squares for you to help you design good-looking dungeons for your RPG sessions. It’s basically all you need for your designs ever! There’s a lot of pledge-combinations possible so check it out for yourself!
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