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Subject: This game just needs to be re-marketed!!! rss

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Eric Aylward
United States
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I was thinking of how to make this game more interactive(fun for two) and here it is:

Both players share resources. Who ever has the most xp wins the game. If a player decides to retire to the tavern on their turn then that player loses two xp and BOTH players gain xp equal to the final level of the dungeon. Then final xp calculations are made to determine the winner. Here's an example play of a game having Beguiler vs. Necromancer:

The Occultist and Enchantress go into the dungeon with their party. The initial party roll is one champion, one cleric, one wizard, two thieves and two fighters.

Random determination stated that the Occultist goes first.

Level One:

Occultist rolls a Dragon.

Enchantress player could have the Occultist player re-roll on Dungeon die, but passes this option. No monster, loot or dragon phase. Necromancer goes on to Seek Glory and play passes to the Enchantress.

Level Two:

Enchantress rolls a skeleton and a potion.

Occultist player makes the Enchantress player re-roll the potion.

Potion die re-rolls into a goblin.

Enchantress now uses both thief dice to clear the monster phase and goes on to Seek Glory and pass play to the Occultist.

Level Three:

Occultist rolls Potion, Chest, Ooze.

Beguiler player makes Occultist player re-roll the Chest.

Chest re-rolls into a potion.

Occultist uses a fighter to defeat the ooze.

Occultist then uses both potions (in this variant, Potions MUST BE USED but the player using them can determine what party members are brought back).

Occultist returns one thief and one fighter back to the party, then goes on to Seek Glory.

Level Four:

Enchantress rolls: a dragon, two goblins and an ooze.

Occultist player decides not to have Enchantress player re-roll.

Enchantress uses her ability to turn the ooze into a potion.

Enchantress uses Champion die to defeat the two goblins.

Enchantress uses potion to return a thief die back to the party and goes on to Seek Glory.

Level Five:

Dice in Dragon's Lair: 1

Occultist rolls: a skeleton, a potion, two goblins and an ooze.

Enchantress has the Occultist re-roll the skeleton (wants to deny her the option of using her "turn skeleton into fighter" ability)

Occultist re-rolls skeleton die into goblin.

Occultist uses fighter die and thief die to defeat the goblins and ooze.

Occultist uses the potion to bring back a fighter and then goes on to Seek Glory.

Level Six:

Dice in Dragon's Lair: 1

Enchantress rolls: a dragon, a potion, a skeleton, an ooze and two chests.

Occultist player has Enchantress re-roll a chest.

Chest re-rolls into a potion.

Enchantress uses Cleric and Fighter dice to defeat the skeleton and ooze.

Loot Phase: Enchantress uses thief die to open chest and she gets a Vorpal Sword.

Enchantress the uses potions to bring back a fighter and cleric, then goes on to Seek Glory.

Level Seven:

Dice in Dragon's Lair: 2

Occultist rolls: two dragons, a chest, a skeleton and a goblin.

Enchantress player has the Occultist player re-roll the chest.

Chest re-rolls into an ooze.

Occultist uses her ability to turn the skeleton into a fighter.

Occultist uses the tranformed skeleton/fighter to defeat the ooze.

Occultist uses a fighter die to defeat the goblin.

There are four dice in the Dragon's lair, so during the Dragon phase the Occultist uses the last three party dice of Cleric Wizard Fighter to defeat the dragon. Occultist gains one xp and a Talisman and goes on to Seek Glory.

Level Eight:

Dice in Dragon's Lair: 0

Even though all adventurer dice are in the graveyard, the Enchantress goes on!

Enchantress rolls two dragons, two oozes, two goblins and a potion.

Occultist has Enchantress player re-roll the potion.

Potion re-rolls into a skeleton.

Enchantress just has a Vorpal Sword, not enough to defeat the monsters. The Enchantress has to flee the dungeon.

End of game.

End of game scoring:

Since party had to flee, no award for dungeon level (otherwise both players get xp equal to last level played and any player who opted to Retire to the Tavern would have received a -2 xp penalty)

Occultist: 1xp for defeating the dragon and 1xp for treasure = 2xp

Enchantress: 1 xp for treasure = 1xp

WINNER = Occultist.

Players can now go on to another two rounds and see who has the best score.

What do you guys think of this variant? It makes the game SOOOOO much more interactive and so many ways to screw (or try to screw) your opponent over. An even more brutal scoring would have an option for the player who didn't flee the dungeon still getting xp for the last level they successfully cleared.

If I could ever get the rights to this game, I'd re-market it with this variant and promote it as a VERY competitive dice game

Thanks for reading!

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Evan McKinney
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In other words the two players are playing both competitively and cooperatively at the same time? It looks like they are taking shared turns, so I'm not sure how the decision to retire works. Is it whoever rolls the dungeon dice?

I think there is something neat in this idea, but it needs more fleshing out in my opinion. Perhaps an entirely cooperative variant would work well with this as a sort of base...
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