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Subject: My Eldritch Horror investigator tier list rss

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dante miraglia
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So i was bored and decided to make a tier list of all the eldritch investigators, this is the first edition so it is subject to change if i change my mind, you are welcome to tell me why i'm wrong. I played with most of them and seen them being played all multiple times, i've put a small comment on all of why i think they are where they are, but you are welcome to ask about someone and i can explain further.

Tier 1: The god tier
-Skids O’Toole: His passive ability is definitely the best in the game. Get him a blessing and you get a power house. You have to make sure you arm him correctly, so Skids + Charlie is one of the best pairs of the game.
-Jenny Barnes: Charlie was the king of buying stuff, until jenny came, there isn’t much more to say. she is the best at buying stuff.

Tier 2: The great
-Charlie Kane: move him to Istanbul and leave him there to improve influence, buy and use action until everyone is loaded up. Boring but very effective.
-Silas Marsh: Moving along ship paths is the most effective way to travel, and he does it for free
-Agnes Baker: One of my favorite spellcasters, casting spells means you are probably losing sanity, i don’t mind spending 1 health for 2 more dice, since resting gets me back both.
-Marie Lambeau: Never underestimate the ability to buy twice per turn. She is the glamour spell queen, since her passive is not once per turn, it’s pretty damn good.
-Zoey Samaras: She is one of the best combat character, arm her with a weapon or a wither spell and she is good to go, her ability to take tasks is also really good.
-Hank Samson: He is right up there with Zoey.
-Mandy Thompson: Now this is a good researcher, Trish and Jaqueline should learn from Mandy.
-Monterey Jack: He has aged since arkham horror, now he has his deserved spot as the globetrotting, artifact hunting, relic gathering investigator in the game, Leo and Ursula be dammed, Monterey Jack is here(Note: when playing Monterey Jack remember eldritch horror is a cooperative game, the goal is to defeat the ancient one, it’s not a race to see who can get the most cool artifacts.)
-Wendy Adams: she is almost game-breaking when playing against condition driven ancients, like ithaqua or hastur, but she is also great against most bad stuff.

Tier 3: The good
-Diana Stanley: not bad, but not great either, try to improve will so you never get horror, her action almost never comes up.
-Jim Culver: Feels like a really well designed support character, can handle himself just fine but shines when playing with other investigators.
-Leo Anderson: pretty good all around.
-Mark Harrigan: there are better fighting characters, his stats and his action is his saving grace, both are pretty damn good.
-Daisy Walker: i like her unique way to handle spellcasting, with a focus on tomes and ritual, very fun to play with her, even if she is not that good.
-Patrice Hathaway: good all around, her abilities have synergy and the starter banishment helps a lot on her gate hunting quest.
-Ursula Downs: At first i thought that moving through uncharted would be better that moving through sea, and that she was better than silas, but the fact is that there are few good uncharted paths to go to that it’s only good to send her to the expedition, her passive is pretty good though, and she definitely jumps a tier when playing with Antarctica.
-Wilson Richards: Very good option for your team if you lack fighting power, also pairs very well with one of the buyers like Charlie, for his ability to cycle the reserve(recently seen it work very well with wendy, since she can get back trinkets you discard).
-Minh Thi Phan: she is supposed to be the default support character, and she does that well.
-Michael McGlen: His ability to steal stuff is really good, and he is supposed to be a fighting type like Mark Harrigan, but his 4 sanity and 3 will means he is going to be insane in most games, if you can improve his will fast he is really good.

Tier 4: The situationally good but not really
-Norman Withers: his passive ability makes him not suck, also a couple of feed the mind at the start of the game always help.
-Akachi onyele: good for closing gates, but doesn’t do anything else interesting, action is pretty bad.
-Jacqueline Fine: She gets clues for you and looking at conditions is a plus, nothing else much though.
-Lily Chen: Jack of all trades, master of none, her action is bad imo.
-Finn edwards: he’s not particularly bad, but he doesn’t excel at anything.
-George Barnaby: i like his focus ability, but the fact that he doesn’t have an innate way to get more focus hurts him, also, he has 4 influence himself but cannot get rid of his own debt, thats weird.
-Joe Diamond: feels like Lily Chen 2.0, don’t get me wrong, improving skill is really good, but it can be very random at times.
-Harvey Walters: He is great when the mystery doesn’t ask you to get clues, so it depends of the situation.
-Sister Mary: She is great as long as she can retain her blessing, then she becomes a trash character(until you can get her a blessing back)
-Dexter Drake: he is supposed to be the default spellcaster, but he falls behind the like of agnes and daisy, his saving grace is his ability to rack up spells, goes to tier 1-2 when fighting against yog-sothoth

Tier 5: The trash tier
-Lola Hayes: her action should make her flexible, but always seems like you are wasting your time.
-Trish Scarborough: Not much to say about her, she’s pretty bad.
-Tommy Muldoon: poor Tommy, he sucks.
-Tony Morgan: he has terrible stats to be a fighter, if the monster has 3 or more toughness he is screwed, and has to pass an influence test to do his ability, it’s just too many things going against him.

Special tier:
- Rex Murphy: he has his own special tier because i don’t know where to put him, he ends the game as a walking armory, still the permanent curse is too much of a disadvantage. Aside from his power level, he is one of the most fun characters to play with, and does a great pair with sister mary.
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Kenneth H
United States
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I'll bite. I'll call out a few characters that I think you've got terribly wrong.

Mark Harrigan is my favorite character because his passive ability is hilarious when he ignores stuff. He should probably be lower, though. His stats are terrible except for combat, where his Sanity is a liability. His action isn't great, either. Tier 4

Daisy has never failed to be almost broken for me. Handing out clues while resting, to start out, is pretty sick, and her capabilities can expand exponentially as the game goes. Tier 1

I think Patrice is not great unless she's doing the gate thing, and Akachi just does it better, so I would have Patrice under Akachi. Also, I'm not sure what would compel me to pay for Patrice's action. Tier 3/4

I would have Jacqueline at the top as well. Free clue generation is fantastic, and her ability to stack clues on one person makes her a fantastic mystery and rumor savior. Tier 1

Lola is the best investigator in a clutch situation. Her suite of abilities and skill distribution ensures that she can pass almost any check, and she can always buy something to patch up her flaws. I would definitely have her higher. Tier 2

Tommy is fine. He has the best combat bonus out of the gate, and he's not a slouch at Will or Sanity like some people I could name. We always call him in to deal with the damn Wind Walker. Tier 3

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Isaque Lazaro
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Well, I like to see other people's impressions. I can't really say anything against them, because not all expansions have been released in my country... but we will see soon enough
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Sean Geraghty
United States
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Put a Forced Learning on Lola, and she's unstoppable!
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