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Hello folks!

I thought I would do a little post here to spell out the differences between the original PnP game and the new version to be published by Simple Design Publishing. Those of you who are familiar with or have played the original PnP may not be aware of how the game has changed (for the better). So...what are the differences?

1) The game has moved from round discs to hex tiles. This has made a huge improvement on how the pieces of the game interact with one another.

2) There is now a start tile. This is a neutral tile that aids in placement balance in the game. The original did not have a start tile.

3) There are more germ tiles! Players now start with ten double sided germ tiles with higher values and three special tiles. The original had only nine germ tiles special tiles with an uneven range of values.

4) The way that the actions are accomplished in the game is much more streamlined. Instead of placing a disc and moving two, placing two discs and moving one, or playing a special tile you have three actions per turn and can choose from these actions: place, flip, move, or play a special tile.

5) There are now nine unique single sided special tiles. Each player is dealt three of these tiles and they are kept secret until played. Replay is increased because the players start with three different tiles every game. This also adds a nice level of tension to the game because players do not know what special tiles their opponents have. The original had identical sets of three double sided special tiles that were kept out in the open. Not only was it harder to keep track of six special abilities at once but your opponent knew what tiles you had left to play.

6) The end game trigger has changed. Now the game ends immediately after a player places their last germ tile regardless if it is the first or second player. This adds yet another layer of tension and strategy to the game. The original ended when the second player placed their last disc.

7) The art has been updated. The original used basic vector art whereas the new version has digitally hand drawn and color filled images.

Just thought I would share!

Happy gaming!

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