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Subject: Creating games answers the community about Day Night Z. rss

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Pako FuNkyBoY
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Here are some questions that the community sent to Creating Games about their Game, Day Night Z.

There will be EB?
There will be about 500 early birds, but until we receive a couple of things by suppliers you will not be confirmed that number to 100%, but yes there will be. Both pledges (EB and normal) will include all the unlocked SG.

Number of decks and cards in the game.
There are decks of 50 cards, others of 75 and others of 10. We have taken into account the use of each deck and the least used decks have fewer cards to not burn the game. Also, there are decks used if X conditions are met, as the threat deck, or decks that have double information, like the city exploration deck, which on one side is the street exploration and on the other the alley exploration, or decks that each card is divided into 3 parts, which would be 3 cards 1. We have maximized the game space in order not to increase the price. Otherwise, the game would have more than 600 cards.
There will be two sizes of cards: poker and mini.
There are many types of events in the game (Threat deck, exploration buildings deck, city exploration deck, surprise deck, travel deck, event refuge deck), in total more than 200 cards.

How does the “stress” work in the game?
Stress is covered in the character sheet. Also, there are other penalties in the game: loosing health cripples your character (they act and fight worse than normal); or infection, which can cause unforeseen problems; or threatening events. It is a deadly game of survival where you have to think before taking each step.

About the box contents.
• A double-sided game board 52x56cm, ie two maps of the city, and about 10 to 18 locations tiles (to play inside the buildings and streets of the city),
• more than 300 cards (divided into 12 different decks),
• more than 150 tokens,
• a travel map to move between the different cities and shelter,
• a map of the shelter to manage / improve / defend,
• character sheets,
• backpacks,
• 35 minis,
• 5 custom dice.

KS date?
Unfortunately it will go to early October, we are waiting reviews and gameplays both foreign and domestic.

Funding goal for the Kickstarter Campaign?

To which game of zombies do you compare with?
With none of zombies, because it has more semblance to the descent, sob or wq, than with the zombicide, lnoe style. Our idea was to have a videogame on the table.

About the survival aspect in the game.
We wanted a game like that, a game where it is hard to find objects, ammunition vanishes fast, the protections and arms often breaks: you will have to flee more often than fight.

How many minis will be in the base game? They are used in the whole game?
35 minis. The minis are used in all the environments: city map, locations, tile street, travel map, shelter …

What kind of SG will be?
90% of the rewards will be to expand the gameplay. For example, personal and specific missions for each character.
We will try not to make a big gap between SG.

Do you already have the minis?
We have printed all the basic game miniatures and right now they are in painting process; as soon as we receive them we will post the photos

There will be some kind of special zombies?
The hunter is a unique miniature in the game and for the particular case of the game. He acts only at night and in the streets. It is a way to encourage survivors to not wander the streets late at night and hide / defend themselves in one of the buildings until the sun rises.
Anyway we thought more enemies to act by surprise, but we will be revealing them throughout the campaign.

In the images of the proto, the general map seemed to be very dark, will it be changed or so?
We've seen comments that the general map looks very dark and the character tokens are small, but it’s only caused by the photos. The map looks perfectly and character sheets are great, people who come to the LES can check it out. Besides, we wanted a dark and oppressive game, thus we have followed that style of illustration.

Have you sent the proto to youtube reviewers?
We have already contacted them, we are waiting for their answer.
We will release a P&P demo version of the game, that we will publish with the rules a couple of weeks before the campaign.

I guess you have already tested the game over and over again, can you tell me the average time per game? You have commented that solo mode is 45 '+ 30' for each survivor to join. But that's the average 2,15h?
That time is the mission, but depends on your playstyle: you can play very passive and safe to avoid surprises (thus, the game will take longer to play) or take more risks to go faster. It also depends on the mission you play, but that's the average time, yes.

Then there will be a solo mode?
For us, this is an axiom when developing a game: it has to be able to play solo. The difficulty of the game is scaled by the number of survivors, not by number of players to be more or less equally difficult to play with one survivor than with 4, obviously more survivors will give you more skills in the group to help you avoid the dangers if you go alone, but you can play with only 1 survivor.
As we said before, the campaign can be played with only 1 survivor, and the great thing about the campaign is that it branches depending on the decisions you make, taking you through different ways and scenarios. The story has 3 different endings. A skirmish mode is being developed to include it as a SG.

There will be many add-ons?
There will be some but not a lot; besides, the add-ons will not be necessary to play, as we do not want to force you to buy them in order to enjoy the game. There are there to add variety, nothing more.

About some kind of dashboards like zombicide.
That will be complicated, because the DNZ character sheets are much more complete than zombicide, so moving them will be difficult, but if we need to provide a blank template sheet for you to forge a character from the start, it can be done. We are studying and designing them, and will depend on the collection, because the game is already tight in cost / content ratio.

About the infection in the game.
The infection exists in the game and can be cured or die because of it. The funny thing about infection is that it has different degrees of severity, and at certain times of the day, you have to draw a card from the deck of infection and suffer the effects of the state you are. That can annoy the other survivors because you may suffer a splitting headache that makes you scream (making noise – BAD), or suffer hallucinations that causes you to waste ammo shooting at shadows or even attack your closest companions! There is no traitor in the game, but an infected character can mess with the group during specific times.

How many pages will the rulebook have?
The rules are ready and will be made public a few weeks before the campaign.
They will not be short, especially the campaign book, as it has a branched history with many ways and options to contemplate.

Backstabbing in the game.
As I mentioned, there are no direct actions against buddies, but you can act indirectly against them: abandoning them among a horde of zombies, hiding in the middle of a fight and leaving someone alone ...

About the mechanics of the day and night.
The day and night are essential in the game. They affect survivors and zombies in one way or another. Each of the character’s stats have a different night and day number value. So, at night things are harder to do.

Will we have the option to search houses, car wrecks etc where to find variety of weapons, ammunition (no excess)?
All this is included in the game, also, when you generate a tile street or location, there are parts that will be variable, for example, you may see a container on a site, the next time a car somewhere else, in another a part can be flooded or on fire, etc. We've added variable elements to give you the widest possible variety to the game.
PS: The ammunition is scarce, like batteries and food, and hard to find, get used very quickly, so better save them up!

There will be crafted items? (bat + nails = stick with spikes)
Yes there will be crafting in the game, it is now limited to a few objects and elaboration of traps, but it exists. During the campaign unlocks, we expect some more.

Can you explain the mechanism of the leader in the game?
Before the start of each mission the group leader is decided among those with the most points of leadership, depending on the allies you have, some of them adds points and others subtracts; if there is equality, the survival points decide. Maybe you are not interested in buying a new skill or spend on other stuff in order to accumulate leadership points and be the leader in the next mission. The leader decides the order of performance of each turn and resolves a tied vote.

Allies during the game.
Each player will have its own allies, represented by cards. But do not expect to find many and they are going to die often (you can sacrifice them in order to survive). They give leadership points and bonuses to attributes, but those who remain will check for loyalty, and if they fail they can steal you, attack you, etc.

The limit of players is 4, can it be played with 5 or 6 players?
It's easy to add more players, but we set to 4 the maximum because more players adds more downtime.

There will be more locations a part from the city?
In this first game the story focuses on four cities nearby, but if the game gets funded there will be more and more. It is a very long story and impossible to cover in a single game history.

Other things.
There are many advanced rules that slowed the pace, increasing the difficulty and have been omitted, but will be added in a document for the most advanced rules masochists.
This game will be exclusive to kickstarter, so we don’t have plans for a retailer release. But if we end up better than expected and it reaches retail, many of the rewards will be unique and exclusive KS.
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