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Subject: Alternate custom wiz-war cards rss

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Ignas Orlovas
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So I've made an alternate custom set of Wiz-War cards that I wanted to share with you, guys:

* Alchemy, Conjuration, Druidism, Elemental, Mentalism, Mythology, Necromancy, and Thaumaturgy magic schools (30 cards each).
* Cantrips including Hexes, Summons, and Traps.
* Relics.
* Shapeshift cards (5 for each form).
* Other cards generated by various effects.

No tokens included yet.
Most of the images used from

I've played a couple of games with friends and it was awesome, but regardless, I have to warn those who are interested in trying them that testing and balancing needed. Also, may contain some wording and spelling errors.

I would appreciate any suggestions and criticism on the subject, also any ideas are welcome as well.

Below I'll try to explain how we play and what some terms mean, but it's wiz-war after all, you can play any way you want. I write this in mind that you already know the rules of eighth edition wiz-war, so I will not go in full detail.

* X on the cards is always 1, but may be changed to a value of an Energy card used with that card.
* Some cards have multiple types, like "Neutral Attack Spell", so they may be affected by both cards that affect Neutral Spells and cards that affect Attack Spells.
* Some cards have two different cards of a single card, so you may choose to play either of them.
* Some cards have a white symbol in a black background in the lower left corner instead of a regular symbol. Those cards represent different decks, therefore should always be kept separate from other decks of cards. Those cards include Relics, Potions, Shapeshift cards, etc.
* When a spell is cast, it means it's shown to all players, with targets and energy (if any), so counter spells may still be played, but when a spell is resolved - it's too late to react. (Some cards use these terms).
* There are 3 special conditions in the game. They should be represented by some kind of different tokens. For each turn the condition lasts, the wizard gets 1 token of that kind. At the start of a wizard's turn, that wizard discards 1 of each condition token and applies its effect for that turn.
1) Stunned - This turn, you may either move or attack, but not both.
2) Slowed - This turn, reduce your base speed by 2.
3) Blinded - This turn, the range of your, well... everything... becomes "reach" as you can't see further than that.

* Each player creates himself or herself a deck of 1 or 2 magic schools, plus cantrips that distributed among all players.
* The 3 phases of a turn are as follows:
1) Upkeep Phase - Essentially start of turn, where some effects of cards may apply.
2) Action Phase - Essentially where all of your stuff happens, like casting spells and moving.
3) Replenish Phase - You (re)draw up to 2 cards.
* Any card may be discarded (discard is always from hand, never from play) as an Energy card with a value of 2.
* When you shapeshift, you set aside your "main" hand, and draw 2 cards from the appropriate shapeshift deck. During Replenish Phase, if you're still shapeshifted, you may add cards to your "main" hand from your "main" deck, as long as you don't go over your hand limit (usually 7)
* When you are no longer Shapeshifted, return all cards in your hand to the appropriate deck, then your "main" hand that was set aside becomes your hand.
* It takes 2 damage to crack an object. Object's toughness is how much cracks does it take to destroy that object.

I might have forgotten something, but I've tried to word cards as clearly as possible, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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