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Subject: (WIP) Bounty Hunter rss

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Anders Petersen
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Howdy all.

As far as character wise, this game already has its fair share of archetypes to play. However I do think that we could add another not yet introduced (though very thematic character)

Bounty Hunter

This character focuses on collecting bounties from...well killing enemies. I think he could be a fun addition to the game and so far the only character I see as a bit similar is the prospector (although his focus is gaining gold/darkstones from collecting loot/scavenging).

I am no expert on Artwork sadly, so if anyone wants to give it a go with a fitting character background and a FFP upgrade Chart background be my guest. Hope you guys like him and will share your thoughts.


Headhunter – Anytime The Bounty Hunter kills a Small/Medium Enemy, gain $25. If any Large or bigger Enemies are killed by the Bounty Hunter, gain $50.

Hunter's luck – Starts any Mine Adventure with 1 additional Grit


Agility – 2
Cunning - 3
Spirit – 1
Strenght – 3
Lore – 2
Luck – 4

Initiative 4


Frontier, Showman

Combat: 2
Max Grit: 2

To Hit:

Range 4+
Melee 5+

Health 12
Sanity 10

Defense 4+
Willpower 5+

Starting Item: Pistol.

Starting upgrades:

Trigger Happy – Gains +1 Shot for each Pistol equipped.

Darkstone Hunter – Anytime the Bounty Hunter kills a Large Enemy gain 1 Darkstone. Anytime an XL or Legendary Enemy is killed by the Bounty Hunter gain D3 Darkstone. This is in addition to the Headhunter Ability.

Hunter of Plentiful – Starts the Adventure with $500, Peril Die Darkstones and 1 Mine Artifact

Upgrade bonus 2D6 Roll

2 There's a warrant on you! - During each adventure choose a specific Enemy type (Hellbats, Stranglers etc.) From now on you collect $10 from each of those Enemy type killed by the Bounty Hunter.

3 +1 Move

4 +D6 Health

5 +1 Lore or +1 Luck. Also gain +D6 Sanity

6 +1 Agility and +D6 Health

7 +3 Health and +3 Sanity

8 +D6 Health/Sanity (Any Mix)

9 Draw 1 Gear Card, gain +D3 Health and +D3 Sanity

10 +1 Max Grit

11 +1 Initiative

12 Luck of the Mines - Draw D3 Mine Artifact Cards

Bounty Hunter Upgrade Chart


Snakeskin Boots
The Bounty Hunter may roll 2 dice for Movement and choose which to use. +1 Agility

I know these Roads!
The Bounty Hunter is +1 Grit when Traveling/in Town. Once per travel, may re-roll a Single Travel Hazard roll.

I've seen worse!
Once per adventure, heal 2D6 Health. +3 Health

This is not my first gunfight!
Use 1 Grit to gain +1 Shot for your attack (max +3 Shots for one attack). +2 Max Grit

Bounty Hunting

You're going down!
Name any XL, XXL or Legendary Enemy. If the Enemy is killed by the Bounty Hunter, gain Peril Die x $100 (may not be used on fixed Enemy Missions). +1 Strength

Trophy Hunter
All Rewards for the Headhunter Ability is doubled. +1 Max Grit

Artifact Hunter
Anytime an XL, XXL or Legendary Enemy is killed by the Bounty Hunter, gain 1 Mine Artifact Card (in addition to Loot).

More Kills, More Bounties!
Range to Hit 3+

Otherworld Hunter

Otherworld Reward
Choose any Otherworld and Draw 3 Artifact Cards. Keep 1 and discard the rest.

Otherworld Luck
Starts any otherworld adventure with 1 additional Grit. +1 Max Grit

The Target is here!
The Bounty Hunter is +1 Damage to Enemies encountered in any Otherworld. +1 Strength

Grizzled by the void
Choose any skill test to be +1. You are +6 health/sanity (any mix)

Collected My Share

It will do...for now!
Starts any adventure with a Bandage or Whiskey Token. +1 Cunning

Well if you insist
Gold/Darkstones collected by the end of a mission is doubled.

Now we're talking
Gain a Gear Card anytime an adventure is completed successfully. +1 Luck

A Special kind of reward
Choose any Animal - Transport to gain for free. This Animal may not be traded, sold or discarded in any way.
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Max Caine
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Does "not discarded in any way" mean that if my transport animal got et by a mimic beast as a travel hazard, it wouldn't in fact, be eaten?
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Anders Petersen
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Yes. It's meant as a special kind of bounty but aften choosing you cannot part with it in any way.
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MT Dav

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What if you modified the headhunter rule to something like the Frontier Doc and how he collects enemies encountered. What if the bounty hunter collected bounties and could take advantage of those for several missions, or continuous, rather then just having the passive bonus with all monsters. It makes things a bit more variable and gives the bountyhunter a reason to seek out bounties.
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Bill Gates
United States
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Thank you! I asked for a Bounty Hunter character during the Kickstarter campaign.
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