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The U.S.S. Phoenix, Nebula-class starship with a captain who went vigilante after a peace between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. His whole family was killed in the border war between their forces, and he knew that the Cardassian’s were preparing for another war. He went rogue and started to destroy Cardassian ships and outposts before finally quitting after the Enterprise-D and Miles O’Brien convinced him to stop. She was a tough ship in the show, defeating an enemy even though her shields were taken down by them, and was a heavily-armed Nebula-class starship. Costing $15 bucks and having 1 ship model, 1 base and stand, 4 token sheets, and 15 cards, is the Phoenix going to rise from the ashes or will she fail to deliver?

Here is a picture of the ship thanks to EduSun Trebor

The Phoenix costs 26 points and lets you take an auxiliary power token before you move to change your maneuver to another maneuver on your dial with the same speed. She has 4 attack, 1 evade, 4 hull, and 4 shields, with a full action bar (evade, target lock, scan, and battlestations). She also has 2 crew, 2 weapons, and 1 tech upgrade, with an interesting maneuver dial. It has straights at 1-4 (1-2 green), banks at 1-3 (1 green), turns at 2-3 (with 3 as a red), and a backwards red 1. The generic costs 24 points and loses 1 shield and 1 weapon upgrade. The Phoenix is an interesting ship. She has a limited maneuver bar, but a really useful ability. Your opponent uses a sensor echo to get around you? BAM try again. Or you have a maneuver left and your opponent moves right? Boom I’m still here. I miss the ability to comeabout, but she has some quick turns and will get right back at you. A wee bit fragile with only 4 shields vs. a Galaxy, she does cost 2 less points and dishes out the same amount of damage. She’s a good ship that I really like. She can deal damage, take some hits, and has the turning capability of an escort, all mixed with the firepower of a Galaxy. And she needs that turning radius with her 90-degree firing arc to stay on top of the enemy and keep firing at them. All in all this is a solid ship that makes a pricey escort vs. a Miranda or something similar, but packs a lot more firepower and also makes an amazingly effectively torpedo boat.

The Phoenix comes with 1 captain and 1 Admiral. The Admiral is Haden, who costs 1 point and gives your captain +1 skill. His action lets you target a ship within range 1-2 of your ship that does not have you in its forward firing arc and lets you roll 1 extra attack dice against them but you roll 1 less defense die that round. His ability is garbage, but if you have 1 extra point the +1 to your captain skill is totally worth it if you aren’t running an Admiral already. He’s great in that regards, and I use him in point strapped fleets to field an Admiral and give my weaker captain that extra boost they will need to get ahead of the 4-5 skill point mosh pit that seems to exist. That’s all I use him for, and he works great at that. The captain gives him his ready room and never sees him again.

Besides the generic captain, you get Benjamin Maxwell. He costs 4 points and has a skill value of 6 and has an elite talent. When you attack with one of your secondary weapons he lets your reroll one of your attack dice. He’s obviously a situational captain, and one that I don’t use that often. He costs a lot for what you get (4 points for 6 skill? I’d like 7) and he only works on a torpedo boat or something similar. Even if I was running a torpedo boat, I’d rather use someone who gives me free actions or other action economy instead of him since I know I will be using the target lock action frequently. I leave him in the box since his ability is ok at best.

There are 2 crew upgrades. Terry costs 4 points and an action to disable this card and 2 of your active shields to repair 1 damage to your hull. While hull repair is useful, the steep cost of this card means he will stay in the box. It’s not worth it to repair 1 damage to your hull to drop your shields and get rocked during the attack phase. Unless you plan on spending half the game hiding and dodging, this card is just not worth the cost.

Elizabeth Lense costs 1 point and lets you discard her at any time to remove a disabled token from one of your crew or tech upgrades and replace it with 2 time tokens. This ability is great for action economy, and the at any time lets you use it right before your turn to trigger a faster recharge. She has a great place on a disable-heavy ship and can provide great action economy. If you have a place for her, use her, but she’s only a support character.

There are 3 weapons upgrades in this expansion. Photon Torpedoes and Quantum Torpedoes both have the time token mechanic. Photons cost 5 points and let you change 1 battlestations result to a critical hit, and Quantums cost 6 points and give you +1 normal hit if you hit your opponent. Both fire at range 2-3. The other weapons upgrade is arsenal, costing 4 points. It gives you 2 additional weapons upgrades, is limited to one per ship, and lets you place 1 time token on it when placing time tokens on a weapons upgrade. Speeding up your firing rate for torpedoes actually makes them useful since you can fire a quantum torpedo, add 2 time tokens to it and 1 to arsenal, remove the one from arsenal at the start of your next turn and 1 from quantums, fire a normal torpedo, add 2 time tokens to it and 1 to arsenal, remove the one from arsenal (for 0), the one from quantum (for 0), and the one from photons (for 1) next turn, fire the quantums, repeat. This card actually makes it an viable option for the Federation to bring a torpedo boat out, and really makes it fun. Seriously- smacking your opponent for 5 attack dice each turn is great, especially from the Phoenix. This is a great option, made even better with an upgrade below.

There is one elite talent, one tech, and one ? upgrade in this expansion as well. The elite talent is prefix code. This has a picture of the Reliant (remember Wrath?) and costs 5 points and an action. You discard this card to choose a ship at range 1-2, disable up to 2 shields on it, and gain an auxiliary power token. What a bargain! OR not… This card is really not helpful unless you have a ship you know you can kill that round if it wasn’t for the shields. Other than that, I don’t see any use for it. This card stays in the box.

High Energy Sensor Sweep costs 5 points and is a tech upgrade. It’s limited to one per ship but after you move you can disable 1 shield to gain a scan token. This is a useful tech upgrade that I use sometimes depending on the ships, captains, etc. I have for my fleet. Gaining a scan token is great, and the fact that you disable your shield basically means you can do this forever since you move before you get attacked, but it does put you at a -1 shield total for your ship. The great news is you can always not use it if you are low on shields/hull, and it is a great card, but it is pricey at 5 points. Definitely worth it, but expensive. If you have room in your fleet, this card is amazing and gives you a free action for not much cost.

Aft Torpedo Launcher is the ? upgrade and takes up a crew, weapons, or tech upgrade slot. It costs 3 points and lets you disable it when attacking with photon torpedoes to target a ship that is not in your forward firing arc. It can only be equipped to a ship that has 4 or more hull and does not have a rear firing arc and costs +5 points for any non-Federation ship, but the launchers give you some serious firepower from any direction at range 2-3, something that the Federation can use. This is a must on a torpedo boat and makes torpedoes a viable option in the game.

Final Thoughts:
The Phoenix is a decent expansion pack that can be amazing or awful depending on what you want. If you want to build a torpedo boat, the Phoenix is a must have. If you hate torpedoes and don’t ever use them and see no desire to every change that, there’s really nothing here for you unless you want the Admiral for his costs or the 2 crew upgrades. That being said, I really love the Phoenix and love her as a torpedo boat. She gives you some serious firepower, and the generic works fine with that as well. I like to put her in my Federation fleets as my heavier hitter.

My typical fleet with her looks like this:

Generic Nebula, 24 points
Capt. Varley from Venture pack, 3 points
Admiral Haden, 1 point
Aft Torpedo Launcher (filling tech slot), 3 points
Arsenal, 4 points
Photon Torpedoes from this pack, 5 points
Quantum Torpedoes from this pack, 6 points
Geordi from base set, 4 points

Total= 50 points

Generic Sovereign, 30 points
Capt. Picard from base set,6 points
Dorsal Phaser Array, 6 points

Total= 42 points

U.S.S. Reliant, 20 points
Capt. Terral from Reliant, 1 point
Kyle from Reliant, 2 points

Total= 23 points

Total= 115 points, leaving you some room to upgrade the Captain from the Reliant, or add High Capacity Shields from the Venture expansion to the Sovereign, or some mines to the Reliant. You have options. This fleet works pretty well, with the Reliant screening the Nebula and staying at range 1 so it gets the +1 defense die, and the Sovereign running on the side of the Reliant closest to the enemy fleet at range 1 and getting the +1 defense die. You can easily split the Sovereign off and have it fly on its own, while the Nebula uses a target lock every turn and gets a free scan action, giving it a higher chance to hit. If the enemy moves out of your firing arc, the aft torpedo launcher still makes them a target, and while it takes slows down your attacks since you have to spend an action to remove the disabled token, it is still a great fleet. I usually split the Sovereign off after the initial run and have the Reliant run circles around the Nebula, letting it attack targets of opportunity or rush in and finish off critically damaged attackers. There’s a lot you can do with this fleet, and I really like it.

You can also trade out the Reliant for a Fighter Wing, upgraded with whatever you want.

As stated, I really like the Phoenix. It’s a tough torpedo boat that is a ton of fun to play and dishes out some major damage to your enemies. She’ll need a screen but she’s definitely worth it.

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