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Shawn Dempsey

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Battle Gnomes is a competitive game where each person controls a yard, recruits fierce, little garden gnomes and duke it out over who has the best yard. To help along the way to victory, are several different kinds of cards that a player can choose. These cards include attachment items that could boost the lethality of an individual gnome, yard items, and action cards that can sway a battle. Additionally, all the gnomes have unique abilities. Battle Gnomes is a 2-6 player game with a broad appeal to people of all ages.

The setup consists of dealing each player a hand of five cards from the Player Deck. From the Gnome Deck, place three gnomes in the center of the table to form a lineup. In keeping with the theme of the game, the shortest player goes first. With that established, the next phase is the recruitment phase. Starting with the shortest, each person picks one gnome from the lineup, going clockwise. As a gnome is picked, replace the empty spot with a gnome from the Gnome deck. The last person to pick then picks again, this time going counterclockwise and ending with the shortest player. You may then equip one item and place down a single yard item. Now let the game begin!

During your turn, you normally have one of three options: Recruit, Organize, or Battle. However, before all that, you can choose to discard any number of cards from your hand. You always draw up to your hand limit at the start of your turn. During the Recruitment phase, you select one gnome from the lineup. Organize is when you can attach items and place yard items. Last, there is Battle, which is when you send one or two of your gnomes into battle against another player’s gnomes. During each other these options, you can play action cards. Some will turn the tide of a battle, or allow you to do other things like steal gnomes or draw extra cards.

During the Battle phase, when all is said and done, total up the power rating of the gnomes, attachments, yard items, and battle items. Tie goes to the attacker. The loser selects one of their gnomes they sent off to battle and hands it over to the other player as a trophy. Other players can form an alliance and participate in a fight by using action cards that are usable in battles. The game ends when someone manages to get three gnome trophies. Better to pay attention not only to how close you are to victory but your rivals as well.

Underneath the cute exterior of these gnomes lies a fierce heart and a cunning mind. Each gnome is fun and unique in many aspects. All of their names are thematically appropriate, such as Rose, named for the flower you might keep in your garden. The appearance of each one is rather diverse and the gnomes seem to come equipped with different personalities. Several have special abilities that open up new opportunities for players, while others have a higher power rating. The fun thing about Battle Gnomes is that it is a refreshing game with unique artwork and a fun concept.
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