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Subject: My verson of VS Mode using both expansions! Rules inside rss

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Jack Noyb
United States
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Hello. Let me start by saying that I have never posted anything like this before. While the rules all make sense in my head, I'm not that great at putting them into words. If you are interested in my variant and want clarification on anything, do not hesitate to ask. If you think my variant is horrible and then please offer constructive advice.

Anyway... I made this variant up as a way to use everything at once. This severely increases playing time. I spent a lot of time coming up with everything and it works great for me.

Set all buildings and props in any order around the table with the following exceptions: 1 barrel is placed under the noose of the Gallows with clean water on it, all of the poison water tiles are placed on barrels, the blue citizen meeple is placed on the map. The Indian
team box, the player cards, and all Indian characters are placed to the side (off the map). The following buildings get the specified tiles, face-down and random (unless stated otherwise.

- Bank - put the 11 sacks of gold, face-up. 2 document face-up on the other side.
- Sheriff / Outlaw's Hideout - 2 no entry, 1 identity on each building.
- Undetaker - 1 no entry blocking entrance.
- General Store - 5 Colt Pistols, 2 Rifles, 1 Dynamite (all tiles face-up)
- Town Hall - 2 no entry, 1 hostage. Place the pink citizen meeple here.
- Stable - 10 Lasso, 2 Horse. Place the 2 blue horse meeples behind the
- Tipi - 3 no entry, 5 pelt

All normal rules for the game apply. The winner is the first to eliminate the opposing team. Decide how many characters will get their special ability and turn those cards to the correct side. Turn the same amount of Indian character cards over. Whenever something is exchanged, remove the exchanged item from play.

The tiles/ buildings / props have the following effects:

- Bank - take a sack of gold. Gold goes by your team box and can be used by anyone on your team. Take a document (1 max per team).
- Barrels - a character within 1 movement of a barrel with poisoned water may pick up the water. Water may be dropped off at a burning building to put the fire out. Barrels may be shot. If they are tipped over, remove the water token from the game.
- Saloon - poisoned water may be brought here to convert it to clean water. Clean water may be drunk (for an action) at any time to heal 1 life of the person carrying it (does not heal Indians).
- Undertaker - Once the first character dies, remove the no entry to the building. Whenever a character dies all of the items/ weapons they were holding go inside the building. A document may be dropped off here to take all items currently in the building. They may be distributed among the team in any manner seen fit.
- General Store - exchange gold for items. The prices are as follows: pistol 1 gold, rifle 2 gold, dynamite 3 gold
- Town Hall - If the hostage tile is revealed, place the pink citizen next to the character that found her. Escort her to the corresponding base (Sheriff or Outlaw) to exchange her for 2 dynamite.
- Sheriff / Outlaw's Hideout - Reveal an identity tile (once per team) to recruit the correct cowgirl. She starts in the building and takes her first turn on the following turn. She may only be recruited if a player has already lost a cowboy.
- Stable - If a lasso is revealed, the character holding it may now attempt to catch a wild horse. If a horse token is revealed, take ownership of a tamed blue horse.
- Gallows - Any character injured within 2 movement of the Gallows is placed on the barrel at the end of the round. A character on the barrel may not take any action except to pass. If his teammate knocks him off the barrel he is considered free and may continue as normal. If the opposing team knocks him off, he is hung and removed from the game like any other dead character (regardless of how much life was remaining).
- Tipi - A cowboy may persuade an Indian to fight for his team. Switch the Indian character card with the Cowboy card who persuaded him. The Indian meeple is placed in the Tipi and may take turns as normal the following round. Move all items on the Cowboys inventory to the selected Indian's inventory. Do the same for the Indian. The Cowboy is not used while the Indian is being played. If the Indian is switched back on a future turn it will retain all items and hit points. Since both players may persuade the Indians, the Indian box will usually have Cowboy character cards from both teams on it. Duels are prohibited here.
- Tipi (part 2) - If a pelt is revealed, it may be exchanged at any time to heal 1 wound on an Indian. Cowboys may not carry pelts.
- Burning buildings - When a building first ignites, all characters inside lose 1 health and are flicked out. An Indian within 1 movement of a burning building may shoot fire arrows. Any character may enter a burning building at the cost of 1 health. The character is then flicked out at the end of the round by the opposing team.
- Blue meeple - If escorted to the Bank, the Saloon, and the Town Hall (in order), he will award the character with a Gattling Gun. If the opposing team takes control of him, all progress will be lost and he will have to be scorted to all 3 buildings again.
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Mikkel Ninn
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I am still playing through the initial scenarios - however, this goes very slow as my boy prefers to set up his own town layouts and agendas. I really like the idea on the building effects and think it can add a lot to our ad-hoc gaming. Thank for the inspiration
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