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Subject: 3 dice, 2 dice, 1 bunny and lots of money - a quick review rss

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Royce Banuelos
United States
St. Louis
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So quick set up:

I played Flea Market at a BG MeetUp at the end of a good night of gaming. I tend to enjoy light dice games and lighter-medium weight games in general. Oh and I enjoy flea markets.


Flea Market pits players against each other to outbid, under buy and hopefully use percentages in an attempt to make it to $45 first. The basic idea is buy values (3-18) for a low amount in hopes that they get rolled (3 dice are rolled each turn) and you may make some profits off of them. The longer you have an item the more profitable it will become.

That's the idea any way.


Generally speaking the most interesting decision you will be making on a turn is "what die should I reroll?" So 3 dice (d6's) are rolled and this is the numbered item that goes up for auction. Each player will secretly roll 2 of their own dice to set how much they will pay for the item if they want to pay for the item. You get to re roll one of these dice though.

The highest rolled number gets the first chance to buy an item, they can pass and then second highest and so on. If the item is previously owned then the player who owns it will collect the money on the item and "sell" it to the player who chose to buy it.

This may sound interesting but it isn't. In fact the interesting part of bidding games is missing here. In most bidding games it's important what you CHOOSE to place a bid at, while in Flea Market it's a random dice roll.

I'm not sure why player's shouldn't be able to set their own price? It changes the game into a much more random event of rolling dice hoping for a number twice in a round.

I've played plenty of simplistic dice rolling games but this is by far the most "just see what happens" of them. I can't honestly think of how many decisions are made that honestly impact the outcome of the game.

If the decisions get removed from the game then it's just a longer version of the single die game "first to roll a 6 wins!" Sure we CAN play it and see what happens OR we CAN play a game with at some impactful decisions.


The theme just doesn't work for me. The mechanisms are a random assortment of dice rolls where some how the longer an item is at a flea market the more money it will give you. Also if I were to bid at an auction (if the flea market has an auction, and in order to bid I'd be assigned a random value between $12-$2. At no point does any of the dice rolling, see what happens nature of the game feels like a flea market. If anything it feels like the opposite of being at a flea market. Maybe a stock market theme? Still doesn't account for random bids but at least stock paying off or not makes thematic sense.

The good aspects and who might like this game:

All components/art are good and the rules are easy to pick up. I would say this is a good pick for families BUT with so many more interesting dice chuckers available I don't think this would hold a lot of attention. However for fans of oddball pub style games Flea Market may be delightful as a fun excuse to roll dice and laugh at your friend when an 8-10 is never rolled.

The basic idea is not too shabby, rolling 3 dice and playing the odds but with no way to set the price you want to spend the game just becomes nothing but rolling dice and seeing what happens.

Final thoughts:

Flea Market just doesn't offer any impactful decisions to make. The game is purely rolling dice and hoping something happens. This might be great as a last game of the night, we just need something to do situation but otherwise it's really not worth playing.
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