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Episode 64 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Wednesday, September 7th.

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Pentaquark & BATTALIA: The Stormgates.
(Some projects don't have a BGG page yet at the start of the campaign.)

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Miniature Related Projects:

Draconian Team [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
There’s a new willy miniatures Fantasy Football team! It’s the Draconians. They look great as all the teams that came before it, so fantasy football fans: draw your wallets! The team is 75 EUR.
Ends Tuesday 09-20

Dragonlock 2 - Fantasy Village Terrain [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
The new series of the Dragonlock terrain system is here! The 3d printable terrain range is getting a full blown, modular fantasy village! Print whatever pieces you need and create yourself the village of your dreams! A lot of different pledge combinations are available so check it out for yourself.
Ends Wednesday 10-12 Pre

Board Games:

Guardian’s Chronicles - Clash of Heroes [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Guardian’s Chronicles - Clash of Heroes is a miniature board game set in Metro City, a place that seems to just attract crime. Join the Liberty Patrol as one of the six heroes and take on all the villains in different scenarios on a modular tile-based gameboard. The Game is 60 EUR or 80 if you want the non-retail expansion as well.
Ends Wednesday 09-28 After

Tides of Fate [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Next, Tides of Fate. A nautical fantasy strategy game where it’s all about battling ships, conquer islands and siege capitals. Battle as a team or in a free for all Great War! It’s 80 USD.
Ends Monday 10-10 Pre

Card Games:

In Pentaquark you are trying to give science a helping hand by collecting the 5 quarks that form this particle at the detector of a massive particle collider. Quote, because I would not be able to make that up. It’s a single-player game designed by Mike Mullins and published by Button Shy Games so you know you’ll get a proper little card game that will entertain you. It’s 3 USD for a PnP or 10 for the physical copy.
Ends Saturday 09-17
B&W PnP will be available.

Race to Space [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Race to space is a game for kids who wish learning was fun! Because apparently, with Race to Space it is! Complete missions in various school subjects and propel your school skills into the vast unknown! Race to Space is 39 USD.
Ends Tuesday 10-11

Party / Miscellaneous Games:

Vanishing Questions [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Vanishing Questions is a Party card game celebrating the hilarious stories and ridiculous moments in life. Answer the questions truthfully and just hope the stories won’t haunt you for the rest of your life. Vanishing Questions is 25 USD but only available in the States.
Ends Monday 10-03 Pre

Oh God No [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Oh God No is a hilariously twisted satire game that will test all your morals and standards. Avoid getting killed by God by playing all kinds of action cards and hope you’ll have a Miracle card left when Judgement Day comes! Oh God No is 25 EUR or 30 for a deluxe version.
Ends Sunday 10-16

RPG Related Projects:

Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom:
Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom is a systemless art and lore book inspired by the Dark Souls video game. 17 USD for Digital and 50 for Print.
Ends Saturday 10-15

Ultimate Bestiary - Revenge of the Horde (Pathfinder):
The Ultimate Bestiary - Revenge of the Horde, which was on kickstarter not so long ago is back in a new campaign, but now for Pathfinder! It’s 15 for the PDF and 40 for print.
Ends Monday 09-26 Pre

Double Spiral War (Expanded Edition):
And finally, Battlefield Press’ Premier Science Fiction setting is back with an extended edition in versions for your favorite system. 10 USD for any PDF and 5 extra for a print on demand ticket.
Ends Thursday 10-06

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades:

BATTALIA: The Stormgates
Battalia - the Creation is getting an expansion called the Stormgates. The medium weight strategy game with very good-looking minis is getting a lot of new stuff including the possibility to play it with up to six players. The stormgates expansion is 45 USD, the base game is 65 and a combination of the two is 100
Ends Thursday 10-06

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