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Subject: Avalon at London on Board: 04 Sep 2016 rss

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Rob Rundle
United Kingdom
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One of the games we played at LoB last Sunday was unusual, and I thought it would be worth sharing. Note that the first part of the story is fairly standard, but just wait.

We were playing a 9-player with Merlin, Percival, Guinevere, Good Lancelot and two LSoAs vs Bad Lancelot, Mordred & Morgana.

Players were Rob (Me), Liz, Matt, Martin, Mike, Tom, Cathy, Geoff and Gergana.

I was Bad Lancelot and fifth pick on m1 and so, knowing nothing, I picked two random people (Martin and Geoff) and threw in my fail. 1-0 to the baddies.

Slightly to my surprise I wasn't immediately condemned by all as a probable spy. Unusual.

M2 and the choice as usual goes to fifth pick, who is Tom. He picks himself, Geoff, Gergana and Mike. Four successes! 1-1.

First time to see if the Lancelots will flip. Card is turned - no flip!

General consensus is that even Mordred might've failed m2 to take the baddies 2-0 up, so when the choice for m3 gets to Geoff he chooses the same team and it is voted up, with only three votes against (myself, Gergana and Mike).

Four successes again! 2-1 to the good guys!

This game looks like a good guy win to me, so I pray for a Lancelot 'flip' card to turn and bingo! It is a flip. I am now good. I come out of the closet at slightly less than the speed of light. Nobody challenges my assertion that I am Bad (now Good) Lancelot, that I failed m1 but can now guarantee a win on m4.

Yes, guarantee. Taking the natural assumption that Mike, Tom, Geoff and Gergana are all good (having succeeded two missions), it merely needs to add me to the mix for m4 and we have a certain success - even though it is highly probable that one of the four is Good Lancelot turned bad, as their one fail will not prevent the good team winning.

Everyone is convinced, so Gergana's choice of everyone from m2&3 plus me is voted up.

To our horror, two fails hit the table.

What the hell? Did someone accidentally pull the wrong card?

Assuming that nobody screwed up, I hypothesise that Mordred was hiding on both m2 and m3, then threw the fail on m4 hoping that Good (now Bad) Lance was on there too, and hit pay dirt (I have actually done that very thing myself when Mordred in a Lancelot game before now - with great success).

However, an alternative theory is proposed. Mike says that it is possible that Mordred and Morgana might've both been on m2 and m3, and failed to co-ordinate. Hmm, in our group? We almost never get co-ordination failures unless there are newbies involved, so I am highly sceptical of this idea and begin to worry that Mike might be Good (now Bad) Lance.

Meanwhile, another Lancelot card is turned, and there is no second flip. My status as Good Lance is not looking so fortunate now. How are we going to win this one?

Myself, Liz, Matt and Martin each take our turn at trying to choose a decent team. Despite my worry about Mike, I decide that Geoff and Tom are the most suspicious candidates for membership of the baddies club. Most of the players seated after me agree, and pick more-or-less the same people for their proposed teams.

Finally, we reach Mike who is fifth pick and I hold my breath: is he good? Whew! Yes he is. He chooses the same five people I chose: himself, Me, Gergana, Liz and Martin.

Five successes! Whew! That was lucky!

And then comes the reveal: Tom is Mordred, Matt is Good Lance gone bad, and Geoff is Morgana. So Mike's theory about both Mordred and Morgana being on the two successful missions 2 and 3 was right! But, while Tom played success expecting Geoff to play fail, Geoff decided to try something different - well that turned out pretty good even if we did manage to overcome it at the end.

Merlin assassination time. Baddies know I am Bad Lancelot and Cathy and Liz clearly knew nothing. Martin is just possible but they focus on the vote on m3, when Mike and Gergana voted against the team even though it had passed m2.

Bang! the finger is quite quickly pointed at Gergana - Mike has been too vocal and the baddies think he is Percival.

They're right, and we've lost. Despite our efforts at overcoming the shock double fail on m4 to get a success on m5, it was all for nothing. The things we said and did in response to what was happening were just too revealing.

Cleverly played, baddies - especially Geoff!
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