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Erik Miller
United States
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The Koranak, a Cardassian Keldon-class cruiser heavily modified to take the fight to the Founders during Deep Space Nine. She was destroyed, along with an obsidian order and Tal-Shiar taskforce, in one of the major events leading up to the Dominion War. Costing $15, she has a model, a base and stand, 3 token sheets, and 12 cards. Is she worth it, or is she better off left as the atoms in space?

Here is a picture of what you get thanks to gladpanda

There is a reprint version of this ship. It has a different paint job but all the cards etc are the same.

Here is a close-up of the ship: Gotta love the Cardassians yellow and brown paint schemes!

Coming in at 26 points, the Koranak has a full action bar (evade, target lock, scan, battlestations) and lets you spend a scan token instead of making a normal attack to attack 2 different ships with your primary weapon at -2 attack dice each. She has 5 attack, 1 evade, 4 hull, and 3 shields, and 1 crew, 2 weapons, and 2 tech upgrades. She has a 180 degree firing arc (drool) and straights at 1-5 (with 1-2 green), banks at 2-4 (with 2 green), and red turns at 2-3. The generic comes in at 24 points with -1 shield and -1 weapons upgrade. Ok, let’s get real here for a minute- this ship has TONS going for it. It has decent survivability with 7 between shields/hull, the named ability is really useful if you have a small swarm/attack fighter fleet, or an enemy that is almost dead you can destroy and hit someone else. Also, that upgrade bar is LEGIT! 2 weapons and 2 tech are great, and while the 1 crew is a downer, you can still do some crazy stuff with this ship. The only downside is that it has limited maneuver options without going into crazy auxiliary power land, but this ship is amazing. Also, I really like how it looks and how much damage you can deal with it. This ship is truly amazing, and is easily the backbone of any Dominion fleet, especially when mixed with some Galors. There is just nothing to not like besides the fact that she turns like a boat.

There are 3 captains in this expansion. The generic, Gul Dukat, and Gul Evek. Gul Dukat costs 5 points, has 7 skill, and an elite talent slot. His ability is that you get to perform a battlestations or evade action as a free action each turn. This is just great. It’s a cheaper, less skilled version of Picard, but he needs to be in every Dominion fleet. Getting free actions is amazing, and he completely rocks. I love Gul Dukat, and always put him on my flagship. He’s that good. Free actions are the best!

Gul Evek costs 2 points and has 4 skill. His ability is that each time you defend you may reroll each of your blank results one time. A useful ability, but seemingly wasted in the Dominion. It’s really useful if you have 2 or 3 dice to reroll, not just one, but that fact that it is always on is nice. If you want to mix him with the Tetyron Emissions upgrade from this back he is more useful, but he is someone you’d want to build a ship around, not someone you can add to almost any ship. Since his ability is always on that’s a perk, but he’s an ok captain that needs a dedicated ship to command.

There is one 1 crew upgrade in this expansion. Boheeka costs 2 points and if you have a battlestations token next to your ship you can convert 1 blank result into a normal hit. Not a crazy ability, but a useful ability. He adds that extra umph to your attacks, and it’s always great to get 1 extra hit. He usually finds a place in my fleet, especially if he’s on a ship with Gul Dukat, and is a great addition to any Dominion ship. He’s an example of the solid crew available to the Cardissian side of the Dominion alliance.

There are 2 weapons upgrades in this pack. You have enhanced weaponry which costs 5 points and costs you spending your target lock to attack a ship at range 2-3. If fired from a Keldon you get +1 attack die. This is like torpedoes, but the Cardassian version. I don’t find this terribly useful since you have to do the whole target lock thing, but throwing it on a ship with Gul Dukat isn’t the worst thing ever. However, there is a better weapons upgrade in this pack.

Dorsal Weapons Arrray costs 3 points and has 3 attack dice. It has range 1-3 and you disable it to attack in any direction. You can add this to any ship! AHHH amazing possibilities and amazing card! This card is great, and while it is a little action heavy to resuse, the ability to attack in any direction is waaaay too good to pass up on. This always sees play in my Dominion fleets, normally on my flagship, and helps make up for the fact that the Cardissian ships turn like a pregnant whale. Seriously. They are all about the initial pass, and this helps keep them alive while they turn around to make another forward pass.

There are 1 elite talent and 2 tech upgrades as well. Captured Intelligence is an elite talent that costs 3 points and is only usable if you don’t have an evade token by your ship. You discard the card to gain an evade token and roll +1 defense die each time you are attacked this round. How great is this? Seriously. Low cost, can keep you alive, and is really useful in that initial rush when everyone passes each other the first time. This card is amazing, and is one of my favorite if not my favorite Dominion elite talents.

The first tech upgrade is a cloaking device. It costs 4 pints, and costs +5 points to put on any non-Keldon class ship. You can disable the card instead of performing an action and lets you perform the sensor echo action while cloaked. There is tons of uses here. Getting the +4 defense dice while cloaked, letting you perform a sensor echo to move around more, and giving you a full action bar of all 6 actions? This card is amazing, and I almost always put it on my Keldon. There’s no reason not too. A Keldon can easily be your flagship with this and last throughout the entire fight. This card is amazing, and gives the Dominion some abilities. You can do all sorts of crazy things with your cloaked Keldon, and all of them are amazing.

The other tech upgrade is Tetryon Emissions. It costs 3 points and you disable it as an action to roll +3 defense dice each time you defend this round. This has a great place on any Dominion ship and is a great upgrade. You can mix this while cloaked to roll a whooping 8 defense dice, and if you throw Evek on the ship you can reroll all your blanks once. This keeps you alive when you need it, and is an amazing tech upgrade. This sees frequent play in my Dominion fleets as well.

Final Thoughts:
If you cannot tell, I love this expansion. There is basically nothing to dislike here, though some things are less useful (like Enhanced Weaponry). However, this is exactly what the Dominion needed, and you can make a seriously painful Cardassian only fleet with a Keldon flagship and 2 Galor-class cruisers. A serious fleet. The 180 firing arc is just amazing, and the fact that you can cloak, shoot in any direction, and get a free action every turn is just way too amazing. Get this pack, right now, and don’t look back. Seriously. It is that amazing, and will bring you great fun to play!

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