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Subject: I know I have said it before... rss

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Kevin Jonas

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... but I will say it again, this is a great game. I played it with a friend tonight. I haven't played games with him for a while. I introduced him to this game. He decided to pitch. We played the base set. He started with the rookie and ended with Lesley (4 seam fastball). I was able to wear out the rookie fast and got my first three batters on base. Bases loaded, K.C. up to bat. But he struck out. Pitcher switch. Anvil up and strikes out.

My final batter was King Launius, the contact is a guaranteed run guy. Count gets to 1-2 and my friend rolls a C-4. Ugh, my one roll determines the winner. I had a -/+1 so the whole game comes down to a coin flip. I rolled a 2. Struck out.

So someone asked recently what is the strategy in the game since there is so much dice rolling and a lot of luck. While that is true and you only adjust odds slightly with correct pitch guesses, there is a strategy in player and order selection.

In this game my friend picked the rookie pitcher first because of his changeup ability. It meant it would be more difficult for me to get a quick lucky home run win. Then he followed up with Lesley because she is better at striking out players, to try and finish off the inning faster.

My line up was:

Ethan Roberto, Rookie, Good base runner. He has the ability to get to second base if open. I like taking this chance of getting someone on second quickly.

Verheerend Staab, his trait and special fatigues the pitcher. I am hoping to force a pitcher to be relieved early.

Dan Martini. He get one unopposed run roll. Another character good at getting on base.

So the first half of my line up was designed to fatique the pitchers and get runners on base. The next half is designed to bring them home.

Anvil McIver. Straight up power hitter, +1 on swings. I think this is a good spot for him. If the first three get on base he has a good chance of bringing them home. He is more likely to get on base with the +1 swing so that helps if there is an out before this point in time. At this point I am not sure if the pitcher will have been replaced or not. Against a fatigued starter his crushed ability is good at this time. Otherwise against a fresh relief pitcher hopefully he can fatigue the pitcher enough for the rest of the lineup.

K.C. Petty, Another power hitter against hopefully a fatigued pitcher at this point. If you can guess the pitch and you have strikes your chances of a hit are high. I put him in the 5th spot for theme since he was the 5th batter in the poem, though he also works well in this position. If you haven't read it look up Casey At The Bat.

King Launius. A hit is an automatic run for MVP ability. At this point the pitcher is probably completely fatigued. As the 6th batter someone has to be on third base at this point so let's try to get that high chance of bringing that player home. You only get to the 6th batter with 2 outs and 3 hits.

I keep this lineup setup in the box for quick plays and teaching. I must have mixed up the order when I played, those keeping track will note K.C. hit before Anvil in my gameplay description above.
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What?!? No Ty Cobb?
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