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Subject: Few questions rss

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nice to see some people are still playing this wonderful game. I have few questions - although I am almost sure I know the answers (strictly regarding the rules), I´d like to hear some opinions if you really need to stick with it

1) Opponent attacking with Ultralisk and Zergling. I have Battlecruiser and Siege tank and defensive module. He make two skirmishes Ultra - Siege and Zergling - Cruiser).

Can I use the module to switch the units ? (I know in rules is -- A player may only switch a unit
into the front-line of a skirmish if the opponent’s front-line
unit has the ability to attack it. BUT opponent is not able to attack cruiser with that zergling even now... what you think ?

2) I am attacking with two Valkyries, opponent has Two Guardians and Two Mutalisk. Of course I make pairing Valkyrie-Guardian Valkyrie-Guardian, use two Air splash combat cards and kill all the units, lost no one. Question is - are those supporting mutalisk somehow able to attack my frontline units ? Or they just stupidly dies because rules say so ?

3) Nuke should have collateral dmg !

4) I know this is in rules, but what you think about allowing build more bases on one planet, not just one ?

thanks for your opinions

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1) Nope, cannot switch, as you said, unit you switch must have ability to be attacked, no exception is given.

2) You have it right, the Zerg loses everything and the Terran loses nothing. Nice micro! Defensive module would have helped here.

3) Yeah it really should

4) Would not be a fan of this theoretical rule, it can already be hard enough to pin down someone's base with them rebuilding it, and Orbital defense + multiple bases would be REALLY annoying (not to mention pretty much broken when someone eventually covers an entire planet)
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