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Erik Miller
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The Reklar was a Galor-class cruiser that was the flagship of the thwarted Cardassian invasion of the Federation during The Next Generation and from the Chain of Command 1 and 2 episodes famous for the “There are 4 lights!” line from Picard. Costing $15 and having the model, base and stand, 3 token sheets, and 14 cards, is the Reklar worth it or is she going to have to eject her phaser coils like she did in the show?

Here is a picture of what you get in the expansion thanks to dc0nklin

And here is a picture of the ship thanks to quantumsheep

The Reklar costs 26 points and has the action ability of placing a battlestations token by your ship and letting you roll +1 defense die each time you defend this round. It has 4 attack, 1 evade, 4 hull, and 4 shields, with the evade, target lock, and scan actions. It has a 180 degree firing arc, 2 crew upgrades, 1 weapon upgrade, and 1 tech upgrade, and a maneuver dial with 1-5 straights (with 1-2 green), banks at 1-3 (with 1 green), and red turns at 2-3. The generic loses 1 shield and 1 crew upgrade and costs 24 points. While the generic Galor is a heavy hitter and a worthy ship in any Dominion fleet, or as a total terror in a fleet of 3 or 4 Galors, the Reklar is a great named vessel that I always use over the generic. The ability to get a battlestations token and roll +1 defense against each attach that round is quite amazing, and adding in Captain Dukat from the Koranak means you can do this every round and still get an evade or scan token. This is an amazing combo, and the Reklar is an amazing ship. Anything that gives you access to an action you don’t have and lets you get a bonus when using that action is solid gold, and I love the Reklar for this reason alone. She always has a place in my Dominion fleets, and works well as the flagship in a all-Galor fleet, as the secondary hitter in a Cardassian or Dominion fleet, or as a solo ship. She is that good and that worthwhile, and is almost a paragon that I wish all Attack Wing ships could live up too. Then, we’d be loaded with crazy good ships though, and that would cause use to be nitpicky about other things instead!

There is 1 Admiral and 2 captains in this set. The Admiral is Gul Madred. He costs 5 points and gives you +2 to your captain skill. He also has an elite talent slot. His action is target a captain on a ship at range 1-3. If that captain has a skill level of 6 or less, discard that ship’s captain and Gul Madred. If it is 7 or more, roll 2 dice. If you roll at least 1 battlestations result, do not discard that captain and Gul Madred. If you don’t roll at least 1 battlestations result, discard that Captain and Gul Madred. This is an amazing Admiral that has serious potential. You want Jean Luc? I’ll give you Jean Luc and replace him with this crappy generic captain! Take that! There are so many different options with Gul Madred, and even though he only works once a game you can seriously derail your opponents by using him early. I love him, and even having the threat of him on the board has caused my opponents to change tactics. Just be warned that any ship he is on becomes a priority target until he is gone, so you probably want to throw him on a support ship and not your main flagship. Still, he is amazing, and is just… I mean wow. Amazing.

Gul Lemac costs 3 points and has 4 skill and an elite talent slot. When you attack a captain with a lower skill value, you get +1 attack dice. While his skill value of 4 is lower to begin with, you can easily team him up with Gul Madred to get +2 to 6, or use one of the crew available in this expansion to give him +3. I like using him because he is a low cost captain with a decent ability, you can easily boost his skill value, and he works great in combination with Gul Madred either with the +2 or after you remove the enemy captain and replace it with a generic. Also, he works great against a cheap swarm fleet. There are a lot of options here and I really like what he brings to the table.

Gul Ocett costs 2 points and has 3 skill. When you damage an opponent with a critical hit you can search the damage deck for a Power Disruption or Minor Damage card instead of drawing. Shuffle the deck when done. I personally am not a fan of the search for x card unless it would be the amazingly powerful search for a warp core breach card. I leave him in the box since I don’t really see much use for his ability and I’d rather gamble with the deck and hopefully get something that is more annoying that cripples the captain, ability to turn, etc.

There are 2 crew upgrades in this expansion. Glinn Tajor costs 3 points and when attacking at range 3 you can discard him to cause your opponent to roll -1 defense die. While this does negate the +1 die you get from attacking someone at range 3, I don’t find this card really useful. I’d rather save the 3 points and get something better instead of a one-time use card to maybe get an extra damage in. Also, after the initial rush/maneuvering, how often are you shooting at someone from range 3 anyways? Basically not at all.

Corak costs 2 points and has the action to give your captain +3 skill until the end of the round. Always great to get additional skill, he works insanely well with Gul Lemac or with a higher skill captain to ensure that you are going first. He regularly sees play with my Cardassian/Dominion fleets and is always worth the action if you can get extra attack dice or go first at a critical moment to either keep yourself alive longer or get that last hit in to blow up a flagship.

There is one weapons upgrade. Aft Weapons Array costs 4 points and lets you roll 4 attack dice at range 1-3 to attack a ship that is not in your forward firing arc. It makes you disable it and it can only be used from a Dominion ship with 4 or greater hull, but this card is an easy auto include on all Dominion ships that cost 4 or greater, especially the Jem’Hadar cruiser. It’s a great weapons upgrade, and I really, really, really, really love it. The options are unlimited, and this card is just insanely good. You need this, multiple copies if you are going to run a Dominion/Cardassian fleet in organized play.

There are 2 elite talents and 1 tech upgrade. The first elite talent is Coded Messages which costs 5 points. For an action discard you choose a friendly Dominion ship that is not within range 1-3 of your ship. That ship performs a maneuver on its dial with speed of 3 or less and you and that ship immediately gain a battlestations token. You can only purchase this for a Dominion ship. While unfortunately a bit restrictive since you can’t be within range 1-3 of the ship, this is still a great elite talent that lets you split up your fleet after the initial contact and loop around faster to get back into firing range. I at least consider this with my Cardassian fleets and usually end up taking it because it helps to get everyone back together faster while not creating a clump of ships that are easy to avoid/maneuver around.

The other elite talent is Standard Attack Formation. Costing 4 points, if you are within range 1 of 2 other friendly ships and all 3 of you have a ship in your forward firing arcs you may discard this card to roll +2 attack dice when your ship attacks that ship this turn. While there are a lot of conditional rules here, the fact that you have a 180 degree firing arc on the Galor’s and Keldon’s means that this card isn’t too bad. You can dump it early during the initial contact and hopefully blow through someone’s shields a bit earlier, or take out an escort ship in one move. The options here are pretty endless, and it is best used early to take out something since there is no guarantee that you will have all 3 ships left after that initial scrum is over.

The tech upgrade is Subspace Carrier Wave that costs 4 points. For an action you can discard this card to target a ship at range 3 and roll 4 attack dice. For each normal or critical hit result you disable the captain or 1 crew on that ship. Not crazy, not awful, it is worthwhile against a crew heavy opponent like the Federation but is only useful when used early. Hang this ship back, ping the flagship, and jump on it with everyone else in your fleet that turn. I don’t use this that often, but it can definitely screw with your opponent and make the game a lot more… interesting for them.

Final Thoughts:
Buy this pack. If you want to run this in organized play, buy 2 or 3 or 4 or however many you want for Aft Weapons Array alone. The named Reklar is an amazing ship, and generic Galor is an amazing ship, Gul Madred is amazing, and everything else is at least decent in this expansion. Buy it now. You will not regret it!

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