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The ill-fated U.S.S. Reliant, inadvertent discovers of Khan again, the crew stranded on Ceti Alpha V and the Captain and Chekov taken over by those weird worm things, and eventually destroyed by Khan when he detonated the Genesis Device. Costing $15, you get the model, a base and stand, 2 token sheets, and 13 cards. A classic ship from what many people feel is the best Star Trek Movie, Wrath of Khan, does the Reliant translate into Attack Wing or will you be left screaming KHAAANNNN?

Here is a picture of the expansion thanks to capnginger

And here is a picture of the ship thanks to Norsehound

Before we get to far I am going to run this review a little differently- there are essentially 2 crews in this expansion. A Federation crew/upgrades and an Independent crew/upgrades. I am going to review each crew separately to help keep things straight.

The Reliant comes in at a low 20 points. Her ability is that she gets +1 attack die when attacking at range 1, and she is a Federation ship. She has 2 attack, 2 evade, 3 shields, and 3 hull, with a full action bar of evade, target lock, scan, and battlestations. She has 2 crew and 1 weapon upgrades, and a maneuver bar with 1-4 straight (with 1-2 green), banks at 1-3 (with 1 green), turns at 2-3, and a red backwards 2. She has a 180 degree firing arc with a rear 90 degree arc. The generic costs 18 points and loses 1 shield and 1 crew upgrade. The Reliant has a lot to like. I think it’s worth the extra 2 points to take her over the generic Miranda class. If you can get into range 1, getting +2 attack dice with the range bonus gives you the firepower of a Galaxy-class for 6 less points. Obviously, she is more fragile, but she packs a serious punch with this bonus. Her maneuver bar is solid, she can circle around anyone while using her awesome 180 degree firing arc to target them. The Reliant is a perfect escort ship for the Federation. She’s fast, can survive a few hits, can pack a punch in close range, can wield a few upgrades, and is cheap. I almost always run her in my Federation fleets to help screen my larger vessels and to give me some extra maneuverability to get behind the enemy. Don’t expect her to last long against a flagship, but expect her to be rather annoying and distract your opponent so your bigger ships can get the job done.

I’m going to review the Federation side of the expansion first in one large box. The generic captain is Federation, and there is 1 Federation captain on top of that. Clark Terrell costs 1 point and has 2 skill, making him marginally better vs. a generic captain. His ability is that any friendly ship at range 1 gets to roll +1 defense die. Not a crazy useful ability due to the range restriction, but it makes sense considering the fact that he is an escort captain and that he only costs 1 point. I usually run him on a small escort ship like the Reliant to help keep my other ships alive a little longer, and you can’t really find a better cost captain for an escort. I don’t mind his ability, it’s useful, you have to keep him close to another ship but in reality that’s what an escort should do. He works fine, and I usually run him in a Federation fleet just because I know I will want a cheap captain to run on my escort.

You get Pavel Chekov as a crew upgrade. He costs 3 points and lets you remove 1 auxiliary power token after performing a white maneuver in addition to a green maneuver. This is a great ability for a ship that is not the Reliant, like a Galaxy, Nebula, or Sovereign. It lets you use your red maneuvers and still have the possibility to do a lot of other maneuvers to remove the power token, and for 3 points he is not badly priced. I at least look at him when I am running a flagship to see if I think I have a bunch of cards/actions/maneuvers that will give me power tokens and consider him if I do. I love always-on abilities and don’t mind Chekov at all.

The other crew upgrade for the Federation is Kyle. He doesn’t get a last name and costs 2 points. For an action, if you performed a green maneuver this round, you can repair 1 shield token at the price of rolling -2 attack dice. This is a situational card that is useful in longer scenarios since you can hop away and heal for a few turns, especially if you throw some extra maneuver upgrades/actions onto your ship. I normally throw Kyle onto a flagship or secondary attack ship to keep it in the fight longer, and only use his ability if I know I won’t have the option to attack this round or am going against a mostly destroyed target. He does give you the option to keep those shields up, and that is extremely helpful, especially if the enemy is behind you and you won’t be able to get into a firing position for a couple rounds anyways. He’s a useful repair card, but comes with a downside of the -2 attack dice that needs to be carefully used as you play the game.

The only other Federation upgrade is Photon Torpedoes. 4 attack, costs 4, range 2-3, turns a battlestations into a critical. Can stay in box and no one will care.

The Independent Upgrades are next. Khan is the captain here, costing 5 points with 8 skill and an elite talent slot. You can use upgrades from any faction without paying a faction penalty and if you spend a battlestations result when you attack the results become critical hits not normal hits. There’s a lot to like here, including putting him in charge of whatever ship you want and tricking it out with all the stuff you want from across the galaxy (assuming you can depending on the rules of the scenario/organized play) and his other ability is great too. I like Khan, and while I don’t want to use him too much since I just feel that it’s cheating to throw him onto any ship, there are basically endless possibilities of what you can do with him commanding your ship.

The first crew upgrade for the Independent faction is Joachim, his poor first officer who just had crap yelled at him, tried to convince him to leave the Enterprise alone, and eventually died for Khan’s burning desire for revenge. He costs 4 points and each time you inflict a critical hit on an enemy’s hull you get to draw 2 damage card and pick the one you want while discarding the other. This ability works well with Khan and can easily turn the tide of a battle into your favor. However, this is not a great ability on a small ship like the Reliant. Khan and Joachim work great on a flagship as a combo together, and definitely should be considered as an option depending on the rules of the scenario. Imagine the fun of picking what happens to your enemy instead of drawing the top card and hoping it is annoying. I don’t mind Joachim, and throwing him with Khan on a 28 point ship is a nice, deadly combo.

Follower of Khan is the other crew upgrade for the Independents. She costs 1 point and for an action you discard her (f your ship is not cloaked), disable all your active ships, target a ship at range 1-2 that is not cloaked and has no active shields, and discard her and 1 crew upgrade from that ship. I mean wow- talk about conditional modifiers. Talk about awful. I just leave her in the box. She’s not worth the cost of getting her to work, and that is that.

There are also 2 elite talents in this expansion. Superior Intellect costs 5 points and for an action you discard it to target a ship at range 1-2 with no active shields/is not cloaked to steal 1 face up upgrade from that ship, even if it exceeds your upgrade limit. There are all sorts of fun things you can do with this talent, and it is really worth it. Steal whatever you want, and watch as your enemies sigh as their equipment is used against them. I love this talent, and it just works. It’s a great talent, and I usually at least consider it in all of my fleets, even with the +1 point cost to assign it to a non-Independent ship.

The other elite talent is I Stab At Thee. Costing 3 points, if your ship is destroyed you roll 3 attack dice and inflict damage like normal against all ships within range 1 of your ship. They do not roll defense dice. Another fun elite talent, it is almost wasted on slower ships or on captains that have an elite talent slot since many of them are more expensive anyways, but it works great if you can throw a low cost captain onto something like the Reliant and fly it right into the middle of the enemy fleet. A bit of a gamble, it is still fun, thematic, and a valid threat for your opponent to deal with.

Final Thoughts:
The Reliant has a lot going for it. It’s a cheap escort for the Federation with a cheap captain (who works great on an escort) and Chekov who is useful on a ship that has heavy power token actions/abilities. The Reliant can hit hard if you get close, which also makes thematic ship, and 6 hull/shields for 20 points is nothing to sneer at. Khan and Jocahim make a great team, not on the Reliant but on a heavy hitter, and they can really dish out the damage. I really like the Reliant. It’s a great ship that is cheap, can pack a punch, and can survive. Also, this pack oozes theme, which is a great side bonus as well. I would definitely pick up one copy of the Reliant. I use it frequently in my fleets and it has served me well!

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