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Subject: Q: Monster Movement as a group and no Movement during a turn rss

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Michail Giannis
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From the rulebook:
Monsters move differently. At the start of a monster’s turn, roll a number of dice equal
to its Speed. The result is the number of spaces that monster can move that turn. For
groups of the same type of monster (Bats or Zombies, for instance), just roll once for the
whole group. Each monster of that type can move that many spaces that turn.

My questions is what a group is? Is it ALL the monster of the same kind in the house where ever they are
is all the monster of the same kind but are still in the same tile?

Example - Zombies have a speed of 2
I have 5 zombies and a vampire in the house. Let's say 2 zombies in the upper floor in the same tile, 2 in the ground and 3 in the basement.
During the monster's turn i roll 2 dice for the zombies and get a 4 total. Now all the zombies in the house can move up to 4 tiles (following all the rules) ONE at a time.

I roll for each tile separately to see their movement.

No movement point DURING a turn.

rulebook wrote:
No matter how many penalties you have on a turn, you can always move at least 1 space.

I have a character will 3 speed. He is in a tile with 2 opponents(zombies). The tile next to this one is another tile with 1 zombie.
I want to move from my tile and that costs me 3 speed (1 for the move and +2 for the 2 opponents) and i land in the next tile with the one zombie. Now i have 0 speed. Can i move for free one more tile further? I think the same applies if i ad 4 speed and what at the last tile with the 1 zombie and 1 movement left but unable to move any more.

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Lars Wagner Hansen
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First: You would roll once (2 dice) for all the zombies, and each zombie can move that many spaces (minimum one), no matter where they start their turn. If a zombie is stunned, then it can't move.


No once you don't have enough movement left to exit a tile, then you stop.

In your example (speed 3), you would leave the first room with the 2 zombies, and then stop in the next room.

Even if you had a speed of 4 you would have to stop in the next room, since you do not have enough movement left to leave the room.

The "move at least 1 space" would be relevant if you had a speed of 3 and started in a room with 3 zombies. It would cost you 1+3 movement points to leave the room, but since you only have speed 3 you would no be able to leave, except that you can always move at lest 1 space, so you do end up moving in any case.
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