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Episode 53 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Friday, September 9th - 7PM CET to Monday, September 12th - 7PM CET

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Some but None with a BGG Profile.

Sad Kickstarter Story: Sharknado: The Board Game!
RPG Spotlight: I Love the Corps.

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Card Games:

Wet Blanket [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Wet Blanket is a card game where it’s your goal to split up a horrible party that’s going on and try to get the people to go to your party. Play cards that will drag people from one party to another and try to get the biggest festivities on the table. Wet Blanket is 25 USD.

Himaya [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Himaya is a history based Empire building card game where you strife to develop the most vast and cultured kingdom in history. Historic Artists, Scientists, Merchants and Generals can all be used to build up your empire and break competing cities down in this card based game of Civilisation. Himaya will set you back 22 USD.

Sad Kickstarter Story - Sharknado: The Board Game!
The Sad Kickstarter story is Sharknado - the Board Game. Even though the game has raised over 26K, that was only halfway the funding target. Even though I like the idea of this IP being translated to a board game, the value for money when it comes to production might be a bit high at 60 USD MSRP and 54 as the special kickstarter price. I love the Sharknado miniature though and I would really like to have seen this game come into fruition, but for now no Sharknados soaring over the table… and that’s Sad.

RPG Spotlight: I Love the Corps [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
The RPG spotlight this time is about ‘I Love the Corps’ by Christopher Dean. An Action, Horror and Military Sci-fi RPG which feels like you’re playing a movie. Take on the role of a marine in space trying to overcome next to insurmountable odds. Wow, I actually picked that term without looking at the text, but there are indeed insurmountable odds. The I Love the Corps game system integrates tension-building narrative scenes and streamlined action scenes, blending psychological horror with high-octane battles. Ok, that I did take of the page. I Love the Corps is 20 GBP for a print on demand ticket, which comes with a free PDF copy, 40 if you want the Classified Materials Book as well or if you want all three books (which also includes the Mission Dossier) you will have to pay 55.

RPG Related Projects:

The Buried Zikurat [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
The Buried Zikurat is a 5th Edition Adventure for three to seven characters between levels six and eight. A story about entering a mystical pyramid (or zikurat) to salvage the artifacts and secrets within. It’s 10 USD digital or 25 for a physical copy.

Legendary Adventures - Volume 2 [No BGG Link at Time of Release]
Finally, Deep Dark Design Ltd is bringing the second volume of Legendary Adventures. It’s still a little short on funding but there’s 70 hours left as I write this episode, so I hope they’ll be fine. The legendary adventures are an accessible, inexpensive and versatile resource for game masters on a budget. There’s a lot of possibilities when pledges are concerned so check it out for yourself.
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