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Subject: Champion Tier List rss

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John Doe
United States
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My partner and I are attempting to determine if there are any particularly powerful champions or teams. We have not yet played expansion champions, but I own the expansion, so we will eventually. I would love some outside input. I will update this thread as we play more games and experience more teams. This is a work in progress.

Champion List (Copy/paste if needed for your responses)


Feral Ravager | Swift | Rip and Tear, Charge, Shadow
The Swarm | Winged | Sweep, Blight, Shroud
Toxic Lurker | Defender | Execute, Lash, Sunder
Brain Leech | Skirmisher | Disarm, Drag, Provoke
The Dracolich | Defender | Maul, Throw, Prime
Rabid Slime | Burning | Boils and Sores, Slow, Summon
Deep Stalker | Winged | Sweep, Rapid Fire, Vigil
Parasitic Mimic | Swift | Maul, Shift, Blight
Horde Overmind | Defender | Advance, Animate, Multiply

-Crew of the Returner-

Captain Waverly | Skirmisher | Disarm, Slow, Shadow
Walks on Waves | Marksman | Snipe, Vaporize, Shroud
Rigger Tangle | Skirmisher | Lash, Drag, Whiplash
Cole Ironwolf | Defender | Charge, Throw, Hamstring
Cassandra Redblade | Swift | Backstab, Vanish, Flurry
Boss Blackpowder | Marksman | Barrage, Preparation, Covering Fire
Duelist Valentine | Swift | Slice and Dice, Teleport, Quickdraw
Gunslinger Faust | Marksman | Snipe, Strafe, Rapid Fire
Bosun Donavan | Defender | Bash, Nuke, Concussion


Chronomancer Tosh | Swift | Slow, Flurry, Undo
Snowblight | Burning | Stagger, Drag, Summon
Blademaster Roshi | Skirmisher | Leafcutter, Charge, Flurry
The Nameless | Skirmisher | Path of Sand, Shift, Summon
Kinetic Pugilist Lea | Defender | Bash, Teleport, Guard
Magus Bronzemane | Swift | Disarm, Preparation, Lock
Geomancer Quinn | Defender | Throw, Animate, Summon
Marksman Jasper | Skirmisher | Volley, Concussion, Bullseye
Chronomancer Faye | Skirmisher | Prevenge, Haste, Rush

-Crucible of Order-

Archangel Sloan | Winged | Execute, Snipe, Vigil
Wargolem Maximus | Defender | Retribution, Charge, Prime
Void Priest Leopold | Winged | Lash, Teleport, Undo
Paladin Riley Stone | Defender | Stagger, Provoke, Guard
The Blessed Flame | Burning | Barrage, Flurry, Summon
Inquisitor Thorn | Marksman | Nuke, Shield, Shroud
High Priest Samael | Winged | Disarm, Slow, Shield
Marshal Nero | Defender | Boils and Sores, Advance, Lock
Herald of Death | Defender | Slice and Dice, Drag, Blight

-Black Brigade-

Nimbus Tank | Defender | Sweep, Drag, Hamstring
Railgunner Dresden | Defender | Barrage, Slow, Covering Fire
Commander Slate | Marksman | Snipe, Preparation, Shroud
Ghost Sniper Reeves | Marksman | Snipe, Vanish, Prime
Reaper Aerial Drone | Winged | Snipe, Strafe, Prime
Field Engineer Jones | Swift | Nuke, Teleport, Rangefinder
Demo Captain Ward | Defender | Sweep, Volley, Sunder
Artillerist Miller | Marksman | Barrage, Rangefinder, Quickdraw
MXV Command Drone | Winged | Leafcutter, Preparation, Rush

Notes on the Relative Strength of Champions (Work in progress)

Cassandra Redblade - Able to deal 7 damage in a single activation with one black and one red or deal 4 damage and draw 4 cards with one black. Requires a simple set up of engaging her target with another friendly champion. Vanish gives incredible mobility. My current pick for strongest damage champion.

Duelist Valentine - If your team lacks mobility this guy will singlehandedly solve that problem. He also does good damage against teams heavy on defenders or skirmishers without suffering any ill effects due to quickdraw. My current pick for strongest team mobility champion.

Cole Ironwolf - A great tank/control champion. His push combo of charge, hamstring, throw can get him to a vulnerable low mobility champion and remove them from the fight entirely. If the enemy has enough mobility skills hamstring becomes useless, but the charge and throw might be enough to keep him around anyway.

Rigger Tangle - A good replacement for Cole when you need some added mobility and they have some way of nullifying a defender tank. If whiplash is used properly it can move rigger up to 7 spaces in one action. that allows him to engage problem champions at will.

Feral Ravager - Able to deal 7 damage in a single activation using one yellow and three red. Does not require any special setup other than being within short range of his target. He is a soft target, but charge allows him to subtly adjust his positioning without provoking breakaways.

The Nameless - Let me just say...holy crap. He can swap with anyone on the board regardless of distance, shroud, faction, or engagement. That is absolutely bonkers and completely destroys many teams with low mobility or soft targets without a way to break engagement. He can place any enemy champion into double engagement if his team starts adjacent to him. Oh my lord! How is that even legal! He should be in jail.

Magus Bronzemane - Prepare to lose one full turn every round to disarm, disarm, disarm. Preparation and Lock are just icing on the cake. My current pick for strongest control champion.

Wargolem Maximus - Incredibly strong defender. Able to stick to targets and move about in melee without break away attacks with Charge. Can do devastating damage with Retribution and Prime. My current pick for strongest tank.

No big stand outs yet from Black Brigade. I used to think Reaper Aerial Drone was strong, but then I found out that champions like Cassandra can do twice the damage with half the number of cards.

Much more play-testing will be required to begin getting a grasp on the full strategy of the game.

Tier List by Faction (Will populate when tournament results become available)


-Crew of the Returner-


-Crucible of Order-

-Black Brigade-
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