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Subject: Risk: Command (a card drafting, simultaneous selection variant) rss

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Dash Justice
United States
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Risk: Command
3-5 players

Here I go again, trying to reinvent the wheel for no reason. I present Risk: Command, which brings drafting, simultaneous selection, programming, and new victory conditions to the game. Is it still Risk? Of course, I'm not pretending this turns it into something super strategic.(I also realize that Risk: Europe uses some of these elements, but I learned about that game after I'd already written this) If you don't want to play something drastically different, try the drafting mechanic for territory selection, it's a blast!

Setup Phase:
Roll a die to select a starting player. Count out troops according to the following chart: [3 Players: 30 Troops, 4 Players: 25 Troops, 5 Players: 20 Troops]

To set up the game shuffle the territory cards and deal them out equally among all players. Set aside any leftover cards. Each player then looks at their cards and selects 1 card to keep, passing the remaining cards to their right. Players continue selecting cards in this manner until there are no cards left to pass. If there were any leftover cards, distribute them counter clockwise starting with the player to the left of the starting player.
Note: This setup variant can be used with the classic Risk rules, independent the following rules.

Each player then places 1 troop in each territory that matches their cards. Then, beginning with the starting player, each player places 3 troops into any territories they control. Continue until all troops have been placed. Then each player selects one of the territories that they currently occupy to be their Secret Base, they do this by selecting the territory card for that territory and placing it face down in front of them.

The game is played over multiple rounds where all players simultaneously go through three phases: Draft, Attack and Reinforce. Players repeat these phases in this order until one player wins.

Draft Phase:
Each round, all players will receive 3 troops regardless of the number of territories or continents they control. All players simultaneously select a up to 3 cards and place them face down in front of them, then all simultaneously reveal their cards. The starting player must place 1 of their 3 troops into the territories on the cards they selected. Any remaining troops can be placed in any of their chosen cards. Continue until all players have placed their 3 troops.
Ex: Player A selects Venezuela and Brazil, Player B selects Central America and Player C selects Southern Europe. Player A then places 2 troops on Venezuela and 1 on Brazil, Player B places 3 on Central America and Player C places 3 on Southern Europe.

Attack Phase:
All players simultaneously select 1 card and place it face down in front of them, then players reveal their cards. The starting player must then attack from the territory on the card they selected. They may attack any adjacent opponent’s territory as many times as they would like. However, if two or more of the cards revealed are adjacent territories, those territories can only attack each other. Players must attack at least once. If a player conquers a territory they take the territory card from the player who previously controlled it and add it to theirs. In the event that this leaves a player without a territory to attack from, that player must select another card immediately. Continue until all players have made an attack.
Ex: Player A selects North Africa, Player B selects Alaska and Player C selects Southern Europe. Player A is now forced to attack Southern Europe, and attacks several times before stopping. Player B attacks Kamtchatka and conquers it, taking the territory card from Player C. Player C is forced to attack North Africa, but has already suffered losses so they stop after one attack.

Continent Bonuses are awarded immediately after a player conquers an entire continent. The player places the additional troops into any territories they control and their Attack Phase ends immediately. Continent Bonuses are not given at any other time. If a Secret Base is conquered, that player reveals the card and the player that conquered it places it face up next to any other Base cards they control. Once revealed, Base cards can continue to change possession throughout the game.

Reinforce Troops:
All players simultaneously select 1 card and place it face down in front of them, then players reveal their cards. The starting player then either makes a reinforcement into the territory on their chosen card from an adjacent territory or to a territory adjacent to it. This reinforcement can be up any number of troops, but at least one troop must be moved and no territory can be left empty. Continue until all players have made their reinforcement.

The game is won when, at the start of their, turn one player either: 1) Has continent bonus of 10 or more, or 2) Controls all of the Bases.

Hmmm... don't think I used the word simultaneously enough.
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