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Subject: Ringworld rss

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David Forby
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So, I had an idea to do a Ringworld set up. A few changes in play are in order. Setup, Scan change, Discovery change, Ship change.

Set up
You start off with the board all set up.
The Ring: Take the Merchant NPC card. Lay out the tiles from one side to the other. Put the working gate pieces on each side to signify that they are connected into a full ring.

Set the Lost Sectors tile above in the center. Put the Sun tile above the lost Sector tile. It would help if you have many Lost Sectors tile but in essence, all of the Ring has access to the lost sector tile. You can mark a d6 on the edges that don't directly touch the Ring.

Below The Ring place the nebula tiles, asteroid tiles, and salvage tiles in a random order but still lining up the symbols normally.

The player that uses the gate first may place the broken gate anywhere and exit through that. This is the only way that the broken gate is used. Once placed it works like the base game. Observe the placement symbols normally and yes you can place it on the other side of the sun, any time a normal gate is used roll a d20, on a 1 you go to the broken gate or if you wanted to go to the broken gate purposely roll a d20 and get a 15-20 result.

Scan Change
Because all the board is placed already this makes the Scan action and the concept of "Blind Jump" to be lost. Due to this we are going to place a few extra discovery tokens down. These new discovery tokens are things like: Alien Tech kits that you can create, or sell, re-rolls (as are all X's), cargo cubes, and/or damage repair nanites (roll 1d6 to replace that many damage).

Damage Tokens
The "X" on damage tokens is simply a re-roll of any dice. Place all the tokens in a bag and put glass beads on the discovery spots, and for set up, roll 1d6 for each player, add that many glass "discovery locations" to the board, some in lost sector, some in nebula. Place them randomly. When a glass bead is removed from the board they draw a discovery token. (or you can roll on a chart if you wish).

Going to a Discovery spot is a bit dangerous (the Ring World's defenses act randomly. Roll as per a nebula for the "lost Sector" and as per Salvage below the Ring.

To avoid this roll you may stop and scan a discovery. When you do so, pull out a Discovery token and swap it out with the glass "Discovery bead" and place it face up. You may scan as far away as your "Impluse" distance.

Ship Change
Set Up: Place the tier 1 and 2 ships on the spawn locations below the Ring randomly. Decide who goes first. The first person may chose their ship, and so on. Each ship will have 1d6 damage on it, and the d6 engine and shield and missle/blaster. If all 3 fit, you get all 3. You also place a glass bead on your mat. Take this bead off as your first free repair on a planet. Energy is full and markers are all armed (that can be with the damage you place).

This represents you getting to your first ship and salvaging it. You need to get it back to a planet and fix it (for free, once at the beginning of the game).

You will notice that I did say the Tier 2 ships are there as well. They are currently derelict ships. When you wish to upgrade you may upgrade for 1k cheaper if you accept it as damaged and leave behind the special card. 1d6 damage. If you do so then you are abandoning your old ship (and outlaw status on the old ship) and do not gain the 1 FP for upgrading. If you upgrade the normal way then you have hired someone to salvage and fix it and bring it back to your planet. Put your old ship back in the box it is not available.

If you get blown up: You respawn with an available ship, keeping your money. You get a new ship and you must put the old one back in the box. If there is no Tier 1 available then you may take a Tier 2 ship. If there is no Tier 2 ship or Tier 1, you keep your ship and spawn normally, like the base game.

A few clarifications: the bounty will follow the old ship. You can attempt to remove it by visiting a good planet and rolling as if you are going through the shield but instead going through the door, failure is not bouncing off of the shield but taking 1 damage. When you meet the enforcer you may also attempt to make this roll. If successful return the bounty to the bank and remove the Outlaw status, you have convinced them you are someone that salvaged the ship and not the person that they are looking for. This ONLY works if you claim/salvage/buy a ship that has the bounty on it. You simply re-register it.

If you are salvaging a ship you simply fly up to that new ship and take if over, leaving the old, moving your color ring. Swapping out ships ends your turn as if you were done with Actions. The new ship will have full energy and full armed tokens. The old ship, for a new player, will also have full armed tokens, no damage and full endery.

Tier 3 ships, MUST be purchased normally.

Comments: I think that this is a new way to run the game. Yes it will make discovery less present in the game and make the board a bit static. With the ships it does add a bit of a flavor and almost dictate that your first action will be getting to a planet and using the one free fix or blowing another up and becoming an outlaw at the very beginning. Yes, it does take adding a few mystery tokens and adding the glass beads. Creating the alien tech outfits (one square suggested, or use the new kits from the expansion). You could easily "spawn" new discover spots through some mechanic and create an "Event" deck for this set up too.

What do you all thing? Playable, fun?
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