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Subject: First Play - Quick thoughts rss

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Jerry Tresman
United Kingdom
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First Thank's Rob for letting me switch to Metal. It arrived Thursday - Finished work at 13:00 on friday.

First pass painting completed, more detail to add by 6PM on Saturday , as a text from middle son looking for a free Meal , Rugby on Box and a Games night. Timing impeccable

We played for 3 hours 17 turns first Chapter - Sam had 3 pistol rounds and 1 stink left. 3 Objectives and Sam in room with the last one. Kat had survived from stage 4 (Med Kit) once but no med kit or a second time.

Victor and Cole paired up but were on the defencemost of the game. We picked up medkit and shotgun + serch reveled another shotgun, medkit, Zombie and enough canned goods to open supermarkit.

Narrative moments :- Zombie turning up in Search from under th pool table and took two turns to die 6 misses of Katana , Kat out of ammo , stage 2. Spawning 4 roamers two turns running. Cole couldn't hit a barn door even on full auto , about 30% kill rate and even on aimed fire rolled snake eyes twice. Kat out of ammo needed more sword practice.

Lessons Learnt: Go for high odds e.g. Execution rather than quick fire.
Seperate to draw infected but be aware that the gap can become to big. Watch for roamrs so if you do seperate keep in parallell corridors.
Go for objectives and don't be tempted to serch unless you are desperate or feel comfortable. Oh and Knock activation is always a wise strategy.
All Spawn tests roll two die White die1 , red die 2 , save time and wristage.

Only rules question :- When Prone does the Quick Fire include Quick Melee - we played it does.

Imortant rules to remember : Range unless for movement / Melee combat includes Diagonals and ignores doors of inactivated areas.
Execution and Dive - they are sometimes worth the cost.

The bookeeping did not get in the way - laminated all three (A5 double sided , single for Agen Z) multiple copies ) used dry wipe , ended up using only one and it worked a dream. Pre playing I was toying with making some sort of ammo trcker or using dice but to my delight absolutely no need.

Turn announce seemed a strange phase but it isn't it is so easy to forget to increment turn and also cn be used to briefly plan- Should be renamed Turn ananounce and pre-turn plan could be enforced by deciding order of heroes (Obviously you have to but ruling on it helps focus on this important element as its great for engagement and table talk)

Not impacting the experience and maybe nitpicking but for blance the only negatives:-
Scale issues Victor and Cole vs other Heroes vs zombies.
Guide on best way to assemble Felice's Crossbow.
Detailed contents - to check.
Reference on search cards for Issue 2 as Director cards.
Perhaps , bigger box to hold assembled doors and minis and expnsions. Say more Mage Knight / Xia

Nice to have :- Perk Aids (mini card size or counters , P&P would be great) - Also Plerk Chart should be seperate "liviing download" with ref for which issue introduces perk.

We had a great time it was fun and challenging but not bogged down with rules. Great escapism from life's issues.

Some thoughts - extra ammo but realise would impact play balance. A token for noise guns and bombs placed on square used then if roamer rolled it focuses on hero nearest that square. If no zombies rolled treat as 1 roamer if noise.

We rolled a lot of roamers and I was thinking it tipped the luck a lot - Use above rule and if rolled only 1 Zombie then reroll on spawn chart - same again.

In Summary - the game is great and in its League :-
Rules / System - thumbsup:thumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsup
Easy to Lean - thumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsup
Quality - thumbsup:thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup
Fun thumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsup
Challenge / Balance - thumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsup
Replayaility - thumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsupthumbsup

I normally like more meat on my skirmish/dungeon crawl games think Earth Reborn actully Rob should contact its designer because this system could bring that game to a much wider audience and soem of its mechanisms may be usefull for future Z War One games. BTW but considering the rules are lighter than Star Wars: Imperial Assault or MERCS: Recon – Counter Threat the game experience is as good .

There is nothing new in this game but Z War One is more than the sum of its parts.
The above is only due to the Development and playtesting that DiceSports
must have put into it - so thanks guys.

Looking forward to development and see the RAC Team in action although why they are loaded to the gills with equipment but ca't use reloads seems weird.

Played the First RAC mission and ammo reload + knives would be good for all. Maybe that would make it too easy. Also knife kill is only 25% seems low.
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Jerry Tresman
United Kingdom
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Designer has answered the questions :-

dicesports wrote:

1. You can only quick fire / aimed fire from prone position, not melee. you can only melee in a grapple.

2. From the rule book: "A roamer is a single class 2 “zombie” infected" so yeah, you're making it harder for yourself, a roamer is just 1

blush 1. is in the rules so my bad.

2. I read that to but it could be just taken as a description for placing a single roamer. SO if you roll 2-4 on the outcome you do that for all.

Great news because Roamer results mean a) no Outcome roll and b) only 1 roamer. Apart from the time saved it definitely changes the balance. Which shows that it really has been well play tested or they are lucky in which case they can lead the way against the infected hordes.
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