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Hey everyone!

It's been a while since the project and there has been a lot of work going on in the background, so I thought I would check in and let everyone know what's happening with Into the Black!


The game's name has been updated to Into the Black: Boarding Party.

This better reflects its position in the trilogy of games that are in the works, all of which come under the banner of "A Game of Space Piracy"!


There were a lot of concerns about the artwork on the room and corridors, and as such there has been a serious overhaul of the art.

The corridors now have that lived in, almost derelict look to them, much more thematic if you ask me. Complete with lighting effects and some radioactive waste oozing out of pipes.

Rooms have been updated to provide a variety of looks dependent on the room itself.


While we feel the game is great as is, it has been made even better with some small rules adjustments, taking advice from many of our fans and backers. Some of the adjustments being made and tested are;

Dice - While rolling dice is fun, we've added custom dice to the mix and adjusted the character abilities accordingly. No more do you simply roll 5+ to succeed. You now have a chance of success or failure at multiple tasks depending on your characters level of skill, AND the chance of Critical Successes (double damage, extra loot, and more)!

Wandering Enemies - More variety and greater risk from enemy defenders wandering the halls seeking out your valiant pirate crew. Enemy movement will also be simplified; less time rolling and figuring things out, more time getting to the game!

Special Abilities updates - Characters have several abilities they can use - choose wisely!

Reputation - Gaining and spending reputation comes with it's benefits AND drawbacks.

Looting Rooms - Loot is no longer quite so limited, and you get a choice each time you succesfully loot a room. However, don't spend too long in one place as your risk of being discovered increases as time goes on!

Leadership Priority - A way to break leadership ties is being worked on.

Corridor Priority - Prioritizing new corridor tile placements is being worked on.


More varied events - More variety and greater danger added by a variety of new events, including the potential destruction of nearby compartments (and even continued destruction of portions of the ship)!
More scenarios - While "Board the ship and take the bridge" is great fun, we have added a dozen new scenarios including "Escape the Derelict", "Loot and Pillage", "Rescue the Prisoner", and more. Now you don't know what your primary goal will be until set up!

More loot - More things to loot is always fun! We've added more weapons and defensive items, more ways to alter the results and more ways to complete your objectives!

That's a lot to take in, but things are definitely moving forward!

This game WILL see the light of day. Our current goal is to relaunch early in the new year, possibly January/February, assuming all goes as planned.
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