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Norbert Chan
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Wow, so this is what you get for 100 pieces of gold.
Craig, Don, Trevor and Tim had started a game, and I watched the last 2 rounds to learn the rules. Ken showed up after me, and since Trevor had to leave early, he paired up with Ken. The scoring tiles were A: 5 VP for most barrels, B: 1 VP for complete areas, C: 1 VP for each road tile, D: 5 VP for most money.

Player order was Craig, Tim, Ken/Trevor, Don and myself. I managed to grab two barrels in the first round and I whisked out to an early lead after round 1. Craig was second in barrels and was behind me. I got up to 5 barrels to hold a good lead heading into the 4th round. I even had the most money in the third round to earn 5 VP for that. But since I was in the lead, the charity evened things out.

I knew I could no longer compete in the money, since the last player was getting $12. So all I could do was hope I could hang on. I might have made one or two mistakes – I priced a tile for $1, but it was worth a VP to Craig, so he snapped up quick, so I should have priced it higher.

Don had slowly collected three scoring tiles for brochs. At game end, he had 6 brochs, to score 18 VPs for brochs!

In the last round, Craig overtook me for good. He had put $9 on a tile, and Tim bought it off him. Craig ended the game with $41, good for first in the money. I think Ken/Trevor were second in the money.

Craig 64 ($41),
Norbert 62 ($12),
Don 60 ($20),
Ken/Trevor 43,
Tim 37.

Craig’s winning tableau is on the right. Mine is the perfect rectangle, but they don’t reward points for looks. Don’s tableau is on the left, and he almost won with around 24 end game scoring points.

Game 2: This time the scoring tiles were A: set of broch/lighthouse/settlement for 5 VP, B: 1VP for each road tile, C: 2VP for each tile in the largest completed late, D: 1 VP for each completed area. Player order was the same as last game.

The first round, no one got a set, so the opening scores were 1 VP. But Ken separated himself from the pack to take an early lead. Craig was sitting third, with a 5 tile lake, needing a 6th tile to complete it to make it a 6 lake tile (and worth 12 VPs). He closed the lake on the 4th round, just in time for scoring. But his lake was impressive - 2 tiles worth 1 VP for each broch, and a tile for 1 VP per lighthouse.
So all of us were trying to play defence by throwing away broch tiles.

Again Don was close. He had scored 10 VPs for 2 sets of the broch/lighthouse/settlement. Everyone thought Don might win with his end scoring tiles again. But in the last round, Craig had 2 broch tiles to sell, and he priced them at $10 each, which meant no one really wanted them, and that allowed Craig to score 4 VP for each of those tiles and that allowed him to squeak out another win, this time over Don, by 1 point!

Craig 66,
Don 65,
Ken 62,
Norbert 59,
Tim 45.

Craig's winning tableau is on the right. You can see the 6 tile lake and the end game scoring tiles. He just got the 2 brochs on the last round from his draw of three tiles. My 4th place tableau is on the top. I was surprised I was only 7 pts behind. I didn't get Don's tableau into the picture.

We all agreed this was a good game, and we’re excited about this one. It’s going to be played a lot more times.

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