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Subject: Early initiative shift spells trouble for the Axis. 3-39 to 2-40 rss

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juerg haeberli
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So here is the beiginning of our next and last ( for this year ) try of the campaign game.
As always our house rule with 1 factory build/year/country is in effect.

I play the Axis.

Poland was set up with a unit in Cracov.

I used the standard German opening set up with stucka in the West and Guderian, Me109, panzers and 4d2's in the center.


Blitzkrieg ( bomber ) / hunt for Graf Spee

Good everything ready for all out west opening.

Axis attacks Holland and Belgium with standard moves and takes them with zero losses except for Guderian to blitz.

Allies SR BEF to Pic and destroy German sub covering the attack into Belgium.

During diplo phase Hungary declines to join Axis and Norway joins Allies as usual. ( not good )


Attack by U-47 / Saar offensive !!!!!!!

Great.... found another way how to get into big trouble with the Axis. This could be another short game.

Allies pin Belgium and and SR 2 colonial troops to France.

Since the bottom has fallen out of the Axis West attack they attack Warsaw with 3xd2 agains 4d1 and 3d2 and strat. bomb Glasgow.

Factory Glasgow is turned into rubble while loosing 1 bomber step.

The attack on Warsaw misfires catastrophically.
After generating 4 hits and taking 6 hits !!!!!! the German remenant forces limp out of Poland.

During diplo phase Hungary joins the Axis and Greece the Allies.

The Axis is in biiig trouble now. Almost time to conceed.
2 things keep me going.
There is still a chance of a lucky punch in the West and the Soviets started the game with building a factory in the Urals so they are not ready to attack the Axis.


4 ops card / Their finest hour

Another bad turn of events. This makes the lucky punch even less likely if the BEF is in Champagne.

The Germans throw everything against Chamagne.
3c2, 4d3, 4d1, Guderian and Paras. Since it is winter they all fight in the 1 category. I forget that Paras fly and dont send Me109 since they usually loose against the spitfires ( sigh )

Champagne defends with 4d2, 4d2 brit. ( they will fire in the 2 category because of the event ), 3d1 and spitfires.

This time luck is on my side in spades.
Spitfire shoots down 1 para and then the Germans destroy the defenders taking only 3 combat losses and zeroing Guderian!!!!

Allies strat bomb Munich for no effect loosing a bomber step.
Soviets declare war on Romania but attack on Cluj misfires.

During diplo phase Romaia joins Axis ( nedded a 1 ) and Finnland joins Allies ( needing an 8 and rolling an 8 )

Hey the Axis is almost back in the game.


the Blitz / Russian diplo. card

Axis takes Den with one step loss.
Axis attacks Paris with 4d3, 3c2, Paras, Guderian ( 1 step ) and Me109 against 3d1, 2x2d2 and 3b2AF.

Axis wins with minimal losses. France falls.
Very big sigh of relief in German HQ.

Allies attack German fleet at sea, 4 sub steps and 4 cruiser steps, with 3c3, 3c2, 4c1 and 2 step spitfires.
They generate 5 hits loosing 0.
A brit unit is SR'ed to Near East.

During diplo phase Vichy declines to join the Axis and Bulgaria joins the Soviets.

The Axis is still in the game but it is not looking good.
It is far behind in construction and it is loosing heavyly in the diplomatic game.

So what do you think should be the strategic Axis goals until end of 41 ?



Axis diplo card/Sitzkrieg

The decicive mistake.
If you want to play Sitzkrieg after fall of France play it during Fall.

Axis moves subs into channel and adjacent to England in the 2 Nort Sea areas.
( I knew there was no ship in London )
The 4d3, paras, Me109, Graf Spee and Guderian were moved into position to invade London.

Allies could just look and wait for the sword to fall.


Happy time/4CP card

The subs mass in front of London and the invasion forces move to London.
Aliies reinforce London with what meager reserves they have and the cream of the Britisch home fleet ( luckyly without carrier ) attacks the subs.
Its not a happy time for the subs but 2 steps survive.
The invasion of London is anticlimatic.
The defenders ( 3 step BEF and 3 step spitfire ) are destroyed
or routed.
The arriving reinforcememts were the attackers now and had no chance to save London.

The Allied player conceeded.

This game ended a lot faster than we thought with the first ever Axis win after 12+ games.
Obviously a big mistake was needed to let it end that way.

So we started another last game which now has advanced to 4-41.
Session report will follow but I can already say it is a very unusual and interesting game in which the Axis will probabely loose again in 1945. sigh

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