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Subject: Understanding the Falcon rss

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Hello fellow Andor enthusiasts!

The Falcon is a key element in the game, and arguably one of the most powerful "objects" that can be purchased from a merchant. Yet it seems to me that players often misunderstand the Falcon rules and that a certain amount of confusion surrounds its use (a free action).

The Falcon enables two players occupying 2 different spots to exchange objects. The limitations are:
- 1 use per day
- one of the two heroes involved in the exchange must be the owner of the Falcon
- exchangeable items include: small objects (in the 3 small spots on the player board), 1 helmet, and/or money and gemstones

As to its use, many Andoreans on the Geek claim:

Wolfram wrote:
I beg to differ.

As there is no limit on dropping and picking up on one hero and no limit given to the falcon IMO the falcon can transport more than 3 stones. You just have to drop a stone and pick it up afterwards.

navajas wrote:
I think it's easiest just note that there's no difference at all in using a falcon than in trading with the other hero if he was in the same space. None at all. (At least according to the English market card.) Just pretend you're both in the same space and trade away (excepting shields and bows of course).

Excess goes in whatever space you want.

Fatty wrote:
Yes. When you use the falcon it's just like the two heroes involved were standing on the same space, so you can exchange as many items as you like (as long as they are not big items).

Yet, as a ruling on this subject by the game designer himself makes clear (see below), the exchange when using the Falcon is not quite like exchanging objects as a free action when heroes are occupying the same spot, it is not unlimited.

Players may use the Falcon to execute 1 exchange. This point is clear in the original German rules.

Although free actions are unlimited, the important point is that: they must complete the Falcon action (the exchange) before they perform any other free actions on their turn. This means that what they can exchange is limited to what is in their possession (up to the limit of what they can hold on their player mat) at the time of the exchange (i.e. at the time they use the Falcon).
For example, if hero A used his Falcon to send hero B gold coins, and hero B were standing on a Merchant spot, the latter could not use this gold to purchase a helm before sending it back to Hero A as part of the same Falcon exchange. Purchasing the helm from the Merchant would amount to "interrupting" the Falcon action.

Similarly, if a hero were carrying 3 Runestones, but also wanted to send a herb located on the same spot with his Falcon, it would not be legal to do so on the same day. If he sent the 3 stones, he could not then pick up the herb and send it as part of the same Falcon exchange. Using the Falcon and "picking up/dropping" stuff are 2 separate free actions. The one must be completed before (or after) taking the other. You can do the latter as many times as you wish on a turn, but you can only do the former once.

As Mr. Menzel himself says:

Michael Menzel wrote:

The falcon is very easy to explain:

To use an item, in this case the falcon, it's one of those free actions, wihch are explained at the beginnig of legend 2 or the beginning of the booklet. They can be done anytime you like, allthough it's not your turn.
If one hero uses the falcon it's, just like he stands in the same field with another hero. So they can exchange as much items or gold as they want.

But I'm sorry, the third example doesn't work. It's because you use falcon "1 time in a day". So the dwarf uses the falcon to send the gold. Items that the other hero already has, could be send back. But after the second hero starts to buy things, the exchanging of the falcon has ended.

To be honest, I didn't think about this possibilty and it took me a moment to think about and find the right answer. But I read the function of the falcon again, it says "one time a day".

kind regards

My 2 cents

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Wolfram Troeder
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Boardgaming is not a matter of life or death...
...it's much more important than that!
+1 (cent)

Concur with you and edited the quoted forum entry.
As one can not, by Micha Menzel, intermingle free actions, you are right.
Thanks for the effort!

I would, though, rate the spyglass higher in the first days of the legends.
It is rare when we do not buy one with the starting gold. Falcon not so.
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Yes, the spyglass is up there with he Falcon, and may well be even higher as you say!
Andor is really a great game and it's nice to see that it continues to have a healthy following out there. I find that although the game system is very clever and well calibrated and the rules clearly written, they are also very "open".
I would say this is part of the charm of the game, but at the same time, many uncertainties may arise as to how to apply the rules in specific situations. I, for one, had to spend a few hours browsing the Rules folder on BGG to find answers to my questions, and suspect that many players out there unknowingly play the game by committing (minor?) errors.

But then again, in the end, what does it matter? They are having fun and enjoying Andor!

I for one don't regret having made this effort, Andor is really a great game!
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