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Episode 54 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Monday, September 12th - 7PM CET to Wednesday, September 14th - 7PM CET

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Carrotia, Mint Works, Naturally Disastrous, Herbaceous, Merchants of Araby, Complicated Board Game the Card Game, Zombie Death Force, Go!, War Co.: Expandable Card Game & Braggart.

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Miniatures Related Projects:

Darklands - Savage Hordes III:
Mierce Miniatures is back with a new campaign for the Darklands Savage Hordes. In this third campaign it was all about the ‘Mounted Starter Hosts’ which are four sets of 11 horsemen made out of a Mounted commander, Banner Mount and several warriors. As usual they all look very, very good. The sets are 100 GBP each for metal and 140 for resin but as per usual there’s all kinds of add-ons available as well!

Board Games:

Boardgames then, First: Carrotia! A Co-op tile-laying game where you and your friends race against the clock to build paths through a maze, find carrots and try to escape said maze. Pick your rabbit (which can be a vampire, Clown and several other unorthodox rabbit variations) and build the mazes. Carrotia is 25 USD and that includes the Carroting expansion.

Mint Works
Next, Mint Works. A pocket sized worker placement game that has raised close to 70K with 40 hours left to go. Use your mints wisely to gather even more mints, build plans that will get you victory points and advantages and become the King of the Mints (I don’t know where that came from). It comes in a very cool, portable mint tin so you can take it everywhere! Mint Works is 10 USD for a standard edition and 45 for a limited handmade Deluxe version and a standard one.

Naturally Disastrous
The final boardgame is Naturally Disastrous… that’s its name, not my opinion. You and your team are aliens trying to escape a ruined earth but the nasty humans are trying to get your extraterrestrial brain in a jar. If you get caught, you’ll be transformed into a mutant that is set out to destroy your friends. Naturally Disastrous is only 20 USD and all the add-ons are 5 USD or less!

Card Games:

Card Games! Starting of with Herbaceous, the game where you’re in charge of growing the best herb collection. The game brings a lot of well-known names together to collaborate on what is looking to be a stunning looking game. Herbaceous is 19 USD.

Merchants of Araby
Next, Merchants of Araby. Become the greatest salesman in the old Persian Kingdom. Establish an entourage of merchants, invoke virtues, summon Djinni and negotiate your position in this card game by Daily Magic Games. It’s 8 USD for a PnP or 35 for the boxed set.

Complicated Board Game the Card Game
The Final Card game is called ‘Complicated Board Game - The Card Game’. It emulates the playing a really intricate board game, but with cards. PLace pieces, discover new rules and sometimes just realize that you’re playing an entirely different game altogether. I really like the concept of this and the way it looks, Complicated Board Game - The Card game is 5 USD for a PnP or 20 for a physical copy.

Party / Miscellaneous Games:

The Sock Game:
Party & Miscellaneous Time! The Sock Game is a great way to spend enjoyable time together (without the use of wi-fi). Two socks are filled with small objects, one for each team, when an arrow is spun. Once the arrow stops at an object, try to get it out of the sock as soon as possible with one hand and without looking. If you’re the first to get it out, your team scores a point. The Sock game is 15 GBP.

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches and Upgrades:

Zombie Death Force, Go!
The Relaunch of the card game Zombie Death Force is successful! A fast paced card game where you have to recruit and equip your team in preparation of the Zombie Apocalypse. Zombie Death Force is 16 USD.

War Co.: Expandable Card Game
Another successful relaunch is War Co. An expandable card game about the aftermath of the Great War of 2620. The game comes in 6 different start decks which are 25 USD for each two.

The Final game is the second edition of Braggart. A game of False boasts, revealed truths and unfortunate trout though I’m not quite sure what all that means. The second edition brings a few tweaks to the gameplay and all new cards! Braggart, 2nd edition is 15 GBP.
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