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Episode 65 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Monday, September 12th.

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Featuring (Amongst Others): Tales from the Taverns: Legends of Goblins Past & Techno Bowl: Arcade Football Unplugged.
(Some projects don't have a BGG page yet at the start of the campaign.)

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Miniatures Related Projects:

Female Fantasy Miniatures:
Hasslefree Miniatures brings a line of female fantasy figures, drawn by Matt Dixon and translated to sculpt by Kev White. The Main campaign is about 4 “Main” females (though others are already unlocked) which all come in three versions: Pin-Up, Winter and something what they call ‘Skyclad’... You’ll figure it out. The miniatures are 27GBP for any six or 50 for 12 for metal, If you want them in resin that’s also possible, then it’ll be 80 for six or 140 for 12.
Ends 10-02

Hungry Troll Teams:
Hungry Troll is bringing 3 new fantasy football teams: A Norse team, a Dinolizard one and the Last one is a Chaos Dwarfs team. Not everything was rendered yet, but the ones that were look very good. The campaign has infinite possibilities so check it out for yourself.
Ends 10-27

WW2 Cavalry:
And finally Turncoat Games brings a 28mm scaled line of WW2 cavalry miniatures from various armies. It’s 5 GBP for one, 18 for a squad of 5 and 34 for a squad of 10.
Ends 10-12 Pre

Card Games:

Donner Party:
In Donner Party you must survive the horrors the 81 people in the Donner Reed party endured when they got snowed in in 1846. There is an easy way out, but that will cost you the game. Do as many unsavory things you must to stay alive but make sure your Shame level isn’t the highest, or you’ll lose. Donner Party is 10 USD for a PnP or 25 for the boxed game.
Ends 10-12 Pre

Party / Miscellaneous Games:

Partee Cards:
Partee Cards (with two e’s on the end) is an easy-to-learn & strategic game where you’ll have to build up a party (made out of five cards) made out of different cards. Of course, there’s other players continuously trying to mess with your festivities. Partee Cards is 5 USD for a PnP, 20 for a NSFW core set for up to four players or 25 for a mega game than you can play with 6 players.
Ends 10-14 After

Flexigames are a couple of very small microgames (They fit in your wallet). Astro, Boardroom Bingo and Casino can be played anywhere with just a few coins (that also fit in your wallet, how convenient). The games are made from credit card like material to be durable as well. The games are 1 GBP for a PnP of all three or 3 GBP each with worldwide shipping.
Ends 09-26

RPG related Projects:

Summoner’s Compendium:
Gamers of the Great Lakes is bringing the Black and White Summoner’s Compendium, a title that’s pretty self-explanatory if you play RPGs. 240 Modified Creatures, Conjuration Spells and Beneficial Summoning Material for 3.5 (d20) or Pathfinder. It’s 12 USD for the PDF or 35 for a softcover version.
Ends 10-21 Pre

The March of the Warden:
The March of the Warden is an adventure for 5th edition, set in Norse mythological Worlds taking 4 to 6 players through level 1 through 6. A World compendium, Campaign book and several maps can be yours for 15 EUR.
Ends 10-11

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches and Upgrades:

Isle of the Ancients:
The Isle of the Ancients RPG is back with a second campaign having the game transformed into 5th edition standards. The story of the island not many come back from is 15USD digital and 20 for a printed copy.
Ends 10-12 Pre

Tales from the Taverns: Legends of Goblins Past (Relaunch):
Tales from the Taverns is back! The quick, light storytelling game about all the Great (and probably untrue) tales goblins come back with after a long day of running around like mad creatures. Create the best Old Goblin’s Wife Tales and win this game! Tales from the Taverns is 27 USD for a standard version or 40 for teh deluxe version.
Ends 10-12 Pre

Techno Bowl: Arcade Football Unplugged (Relaunch):
Tech?No! Bowl is also Back, which delights me! The board game translation of the well known American Football videogame (with awesome pixel art to boot) is back on Kickstarter and I sure hope it works out for them this time. I like both (the concept behind) American Football and the almost cult around the classic video game so I suggest you all bring this game to life! It’s 10 USD for a PnP or 49 for the Boxed version.
Ends 10-12 Pre

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