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Subject: Memoramons - A Board So Never Bored Review of Gigamons rss

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Quick Word

This game came as a gift to family after the birth of our son in August (along with another Blue Orange game called Dr. Eureka). My work gave them to me saying they were hoping the games would prove as quick, fun things for my family to do in the spare moments we weren’t taking care of Baby Micah (or Baby Wookie as my two year old insists his name is). One of my teammates remembered a throw-away comment about joking (but not really) that the only game I knew I could get my wife to play was Memory, or Memory based games. He found the description for this and thought it was fitting. But did it “fit” with my family? Well let’s see…

Brief Game Synopsis

Gigamons is essentially Memory, but with special powers for each type of tile and played out on an ever changing 3x3 grid. Each match made triggers the special ability of the Elemon on the matched tile. When three Elemons of the same type are captured the player receives the Gigamon that matches the Elemon. First player with three Gigamons wins the game.

Toys With Rules

The game truly is played like Memory and the only real confusion comes from A) the silly names and B) the powers of each different Elemon type. The rules lay it out nicely but there are Reference cards included that tell you what ability each Elemon has which is great and is incredibly helpful for your first few games. Really if you can play Memory, you can play Gigamons (or Memoramons as we call it). My two year old plays the game (with some assistance for some of the special abilities).

Boards ‘N Bits

Everything in the oddly shaped box is of thick cardboard stock that seems like it will be durable enough to hold up to heavy use (we have played it at least thirty to forty times now and there is no real signs of wear and tear).

My only real complaint regarding the pieces is a minor one, and that is that the Hydromon and Aeromon look similar enough that it has caused some confusion in some of that games I have played.

My Thoughts
Gigamons is simple, fast, and surprisingly entertaining Memory game. I like that my six year old has it down pat and my two year old can play (with minor assistance), and my wife even likes it. The unique abilities keeps it fresh and the small grid of cards that is frequently refreshed prevents runaway winning for those who may have better memorization skills (I’m talking about my wife and son, they are far better at those type of games then I am). As I always do with family games, I busted this gem out with several different groups of adults anticipating derision and guffawing. But everybody liked it (save for one guy, but he doesn’t count because he makes fun of literally every single game we play with him…).

Son’s Thoughts

Here is what Judah, my six year old son and most frequent gaming partner, had to say about Gigamons:

Okay, so first off, I really do not like that Ezzie (his nickname for my two year old son, Ezra) wins a lot by getting my three Gigamons before I do. It is just sooooo cool because one of the other things that makes it great is all the special powers like some of them have ones like the water one mons lets you take a sneak peek at the tiles, and the rockamon lets you put rocks on tiles not letting others peek at until your next turn. And there is things, like what I like, is that there are Tall-imons, er, no Gigamons that have cool art. Also, mommy actually plays this so it is even better!

He may not have the names down (or the abilities 100%) yet but he gets the idea across nicely.


+ Super fast
+ Can be played with all ages
+ Scales very well, just as fun with two players as it is with five


- Oddly shapes box makes shelving it bothersome
- Cutesy art and odd names can be a bit of a turnoff
- Would like maybe two more different types of Elemon abilities

Purchase, Play, or Pass

I think Memoramons is a solid Purchase. There is a lot of quirky fun to be had in a quirky little box, so long as you know it is a filler and not a thought heavy intense Eurogame or something.
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