Quick Word

I have very fond memories of Loopin’ Louie from when I was younger. When I heard they were doing another run of it. I got my wife and family excited. What I did not expect however, or even know that it was a thing, was unwrapping Loopin’ Chewie for my birthday. Surprised and very intrigued, I sat down to play an old friend in a new skin.

Note: I did not have a stroke while typing the title into my keyboard. According to wookietranslator.com, “Fear the Wookie” in Shyriiwook (which is Wookie-speak according to the internets) is Aarrragghuuhw Uughguughhhghghghhhgh Huurh.

Brief Game Synopsis

In case you didn’t catch it, Loopin’ Chewie is based on an old game called Loopin’ Louie – which for those of you who tragically missed out on that part of your childhood was an incredibly addicting real-time electronic dexterity game. Essentially, up to three players try to protect their team of Stormtroopers by “bumping” the Chewbacca piloted Millennium Falcon into the other players Stormtroopers. Last person with a Stormtrooper standing wins.

Toys With Rules

The rulebook is simple and direct, which works out as the game is also extremely simple and direct. It is really more of a toy/gimmick then a game, despite the fact that it can be tense and engaging.

Boards ‘N Bits

Let’s start with the box. It is that shoddy style cardboard box for cheap, mass-produced Hasbro games. I have plenty of games I play with my children, but this box broke after only a few plays. The flippers themselves are cheap plastic and I have to hold the base with one hand and flip with the other to prevent it from snapping off when I hit it (or when my sons hit it). I have tested this with adults and the issue still persists. In addition, your Stormtroopers are prone to fall if someone else hits their flipper too enthusiastically. At first I thought it was just because I was playing with my children and would continuously yell at them to play gently but then I found this issue occurred when I played with adults who were playing gently. I do not recall these issues with Loopin’ Louie, but that may be nostalgia.

That being said, they do function for what they need to do and there is something so fun about seeing the goofy looking Chewie coming to take out a Stormtrooper with the Falcon.

My Thoughts

This game is fun for a quick laugh with the kids or a quick filler with your mates before you get down to serious gaming (or more serious fillers like Stacki-mals…which is what my people call Animal Upon Animal).Production issues aside, the game is fun and inviting. I will say I dislike the 3 player limit because I rarely only have 3 people wanting to play, and this is one of the few games my wife will actually play so it would have been nice to have the 4th player option (maybe someday my wife will let me spring for Loopin’ Louie so we can all play…right?).

Son’s Thoughts

Here is what my six year old, Judah had to say:

So, I actually liked Loopin’ Chewie cause it has, like, umm, a Millennium Falcon that spins around with Chewie hanging out of it. Basically, he is just really fun because he shoots everybody, or at least I pretend he shoots everyone, as he hits them. And I really like that. He wobbles and it makes me laugh. I also like it because at Loopin’ Chewie I have figured out how to hit it just right to make him spin and go up and come down right on your base and hit your go but because of how Chewie lands you don’t have time to hit him back off your guys.

My two year old, Ezra, wanted to get in on the reviewing action:

I like knocking all the Stormtroopers down! Mine too! I also likes it that Cheiwie goes up and down and <some two year old-foreign language I did not follow> and most of all eating. Eating pizza is fun.


+ Very quick
+ Children can play
+ Wife will actually play


- Only plays 3
- Cheap components make it somewhat unstable
- Chewie does not growl as he attacks the Stormtroopers

Purchase, Play, or Pass

If you have kids who are into Star Wars, Purchase. If they don’t really care about Star Wars then A) you are doing something wrong and B) Purchase Loopin’ Louie. If you don’t have kids I would suggest that you Play Loopin’ Louie and go from there.
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