Quick Word

I know, I know, I know – the actual quote was about a knife, not a gun. I don’t care.

Brief Game Synopsis

If you are reading this review then I am going to assume you know how to play the base game, if not, read the review I already wrote up for that. The rules are not much changed for this. More bling and more bang as you get new guns and new abilities are introduced to spice up the game without changing the core flavor.

Toys With Rules

Again, Repos does a fine job with a clear little rules add-on guide that walks you nicely through the new contents. There is not a whole lot to absorb but enough that it might be a good idea to give the rules summary another once-over just before playing.

Boards ‘N Bits

The expansion supplies more of the same great quality bits as the base game (but this time, I noticed no smell on the guns).

My Thoughts

While it can be true to say that More Ca$h ‘N More Guns simply adds more cash and guns, it is not entirely accurate. The appeal of the new powers and variety of gun types offered draws in a lot more playability without adding more complexity or setup/rules explanation time. Although I enjoyed the base game quite a bit, it was not until this expansion that the game really took off for me and became one of my favorite party games.

Son’s Thoughts

Again, my six year old son has not played the game (officially), but insisted on going on the record as saying:

Dad, I think that while the big gun is cooler, I like the smallest one, the – what’d you call it? Oh yeah, a ladies gun (he means derringer…and I think I called it a 'purse gun”) because – yeah, I mean I’m no girl, but you would never see it, and I would be able to sneak up and shoot you and you’d be surprised and scream and die and stuff. It’d be hilarious.

He then rejected my instance that he didn’t understand the rules by explaining to me that if I didn’t play it that way, then I was the one who was mistaken. But someday, when I’m older, I will understand.


+ Cool new guns
+ Not complicated


- The cool new guns only come into play if certain powers are used, so you either have to rig the draw deck or skip out on them
- Barely all crams into main box

Purchase, Play, or Pass

If you like the base game then it is almost a required Purchase. If the base game was not to your taste this will not be either (which is only logical).
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